Coming Food Crisis 2020 (Be Informed, Prepare And Survive!)

October 12, 2020

Food. It is one of the basic necessities of everyone. Every week, all of us take a tour in the grocery stores to be sure that we have enough food for the family. However, most of us do not bother to think about where these food come from.

How were they produced? What are the processes? And most importantly, are there enough food to sustain every single human being in the world? If you are not wondering about these questions, then I have to break it up to you.

We are on the verge of a food crisis and should prepare yourself so that when that happens, you and your family are secured. You can do this by learning a thing or two from intelligent investors who take advantage of the current status of the market, specifically, the agricultural sector.

Instead of wondering and worrying about the supply of food, these investors spend time to study and analyze the dynamics and what's happening in the market.

The agricultural sector is somehow destined to be in a bullish trend. That means that the agricultural products' prices will soon rise. Here are some factors that indicate and support this.

  1. The rapid change of global weather conditions
  2. The dismantling of supply chains because of the pandemic shutdowns
  3. Government policies that alter the free market causing food shortages
  4. Monetary debasement due to the fact that Central Banks are helping recover the economies of countries that are greatly affected by the COVID-19.

The current situation we are in right now is brought about by the various actions made by the governments in the efforts to save the world from the crisis that is heavily affected different industries.

However, it is unfortunate that all, if not, most of these actions are just increasing the long-term effects of the crisis. It is best to prepare yourself and take actions wherein you can benefit from it.

Over the years, the speculation of the agricultural supply has proven to be challenging due some factors such as floods, forest fires, droughts, etc. The decrease of supply results to the fluctuation of the prices in the market.

However, with the application of investment strategies, you can predict the situation of the market in a way that you can profit from it.

Coming Food Crisis agriculture

Technology's role in the situation

Technology has been argued about as being one of the major cause of the bearish trend of the agricultural sector. However, it has a solution to the problem which is by introducing agricultural trends to globalization. In fact, technology helped us with:

  • The decrease of the cost of farm materials such as fertilization
  • The increase of free trade

Basically, technology has undoubtedly helped the global supply chain of the agricultural sector.

This is why a lot of investors insist that investing in that sector can turn out to be very profitable. And yes, technology can vouch for that, however, it also gives us the thought that anything can go wrong. There are risks involved that we need to be aware of before seeing agriculture as a money-making approach.

The hidden image behind the pandemic

You probably know that most countries today are on lockdown to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, did it do a lot of good stuff? Or did the lockdowns actually make things worse?

Most people would say that it is actually helping a lot to mitigate the virus. However, if you think carefully, it may be helping us with the virus, on the other hand, it is affecting other factors. In fact, it is making our situation a lot worse.

There is an emerging food crisis. Yes, we do have the advanced technology to produce food, but the actions made by the government to face the pandemic is affecting the global supply chain.

Coming Food Crisis pandemic

A lot of workers are losing the opportunity to be in the work force in the food production process, making a lot of food out there unharvested. Countries like France, India, Spain, Germany, Egypt and Myanmar have restricted the food supply due to the actions of their government.

The export of the food products are put to stop because of the shortage of people to work on it. This will then result to a coming food crisis that can be a lot worse than this pandemic.

If you didn't know, there are actually some farmers who just perform euthanasia to pregnant pigs to get rid of the sows that will never make it to the market. Furthermore, dairy farmers have no choice but to spill milk that will not be sold to processors.

And let's not forget large hectares of land that contain rotting vegetables and fruits, just because of the disruption of supply chains, which is a result of the government actions.

With this, I hope you are finally realizing the danger and crisis we are about to face in the near future.

So be sure to stay updated in the following articles in my website to prepare yourself through investing in gold, bitcoin and other assets. When in doubt, always remember that it is better safe than be sorry.

Thank you so much for reading my Coming Food Crisis article! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

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