The 4 Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers (Updated March 2024!)

Last updated on March 4, 2024

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One of the wisest strategies an investor can use to protect their investments is diversification.

Although there are several ways to do this, investing in precious metals has proven effective, especially during economic crises such as inflation.

It is a must that one must find a trustworthy and excellent precious metals company to provide them with their needs.

However, finding these companies takes a lot of work, considering you can choose from many options.

But don’t worry.

To save time, I have listed the best online gold bullion dealers that offer great products and services!

With thorough research, I have provided the necessary details you need to finally decide to choose the right company to start investing in precious metals.

 Let’s get started.

Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Goldco

 A renowned precious metals company in the industry also puts value on educating customers, ensuring they make the wisest decisions for their portfolios.

Has been featured in publications like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Investor's Business Daily for their excellent wide selection of precious metals

Trust Rating
Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Augusta Precious Metals

An Award-Winning precious metals and IRA company with an excellent reputation with thousands of positive ratings and reviews online and endorsements by hall-of-fame quarterback and conservative talk show host Joe Montana.

Augusta has various informational materials, including a one-on-one web conference made by a Harvard-trained economic analyst and specialist.

Trust Rating
Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured

A private-owned precious metals company that protects investors' assets with premium products at competitive pricing, education, and excellent customer service.

Trust Rating
Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group has been in the precious metals industry for a long time.

They Offer premium precious metal products at great prices.

Trust Rating

1. Goldco

Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Goldco

Best customer support

Customer Support

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The first placer on our list is Goldco

This company comprises specialists who will do anything to ensure that their customers are well-provided and, most importantly, well-educated about the precious metals industry and their investments.

That is why, in this list, Goldco has the best customer support among the other companies.

Its founder, Trevor Gerszt, a self-made man, was among the people who acknowledged the importance of precious metals, especially during economic crises.

Moreover, he noticed the unethical practices that most companies did on their customers, often leading them to make unnecessary purchases and pay for hidden fees.

With this, Trevor took it into his own hands to start a company that wouldn’t deceive their customers and help them gather knowledge about the industry and how to invest wisely.

That is why Goldco excels in customer support. 

Goldco has a “white-glove service” where customers gain access to specialists who will always guide them, making it perfect for beginners.

Furthermore, Goldco has a lot of educational materials on its website, including a blog that tackles a wide range of topics in the precious metals industry and the investments niche. 

Of course, it also has videos and E-books available for the customers.

Like Augusta Precious Metals, you must contact Goldco about their transaction fees, storage, custodian, and processes.

Goldco is partnered with Equity Trust Company for its IRA services and Delaware Depository for its storage services.

Because of its strong focus on customer support, Goldco received outstanding ratings and reviews on various websites, such as BBB and BCA.

Goldco Ratings and Reviews

  • BBB - A+ rating, 4.83 out of 5 rating based on 552 reviews and 26 complaints, BBB accredited since 2011
  • BCA - AAA rating, 5 out of 5 rating based on 1 review
  • Trustpilot - 4.8 out of 5 rating based on 1188 reviews
  • Trustlink - 5 out of 5 rating based on 254 reviews and complaints
  • ConsumerAffairs - 4.8 out of 5 rating based on 1489 reviews


  • A+ and AAA rating in BBB and BCA 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers a lot of educational materials
  • No fees
  • FREE storage for non-IRA precious metals
  • FREE IRA rollover
  • Positive customer ratings and reviews
  • Has special offers for new customers


2. Augusta Precious Metals

Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Augusta Precious Metals

Best for investing in gold

Customer Support
  • Best Gold IRA Services
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Excellent reputation
  • FREE GOLD when opening an IRA
  • ZERO fees for up to 10 years

Let’s jump straight to the number 2 on the spot, Augusta Precious Metals. 

This company has an excellent reputation, proven by thousands of reviews and perfect customer ratings.

It was founded in 2012 by Isaac Nuriani, an accomplished economics degree holder and a member of and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).

Moreover, Augusta Precious Metals emphasizes its transparent pricing, one thing that most precious metal companies rarely do.

With this, customers not only enjoy the low costs of the services that Augusta offers but are also well aware of what they are paying for and the exact costs.

Most companies market themselves as offering low-cost products and services but fail to disclose the complete breakdown of the fees and costs.

Since its establishment, Augusta Precious Metals has always been transparent and honest with its customers.

Besides the transparent fees, the company also offers fair pricing for its products and services, including 7-day protection for the premium coins, and customers enjoy zero fees for up to 10 years.

Augusta Precious Metals also offers an exceptional buy-back program.

So, if you wish to liquidate your precious metals, you can sell them to the company, and they will pay you a fair amount of cash for it!

Besides providing precious metal products, Augusta Precious Metals is known for its gold IRA services.

Augusta is partnered with Equity Trust, a renowned IRA custodian in the industry.

The IRA offered is self-directed, which is good because there will be no hidden fees.

The process of opening an IRA account, funding it, storage, and many more are designed to be quick and straightforward.

You only need to contact the company; a representative will assist you.

As for its storage services, Augusta Precious Metals is partnered up with Delaware Depository, another excellent company known for its great storage services in the industry, with state-of-the-art vaults located in various places around the U.S.

Overall, Augusta Precious Metals boasts of its excellent customer service, backed by thousands of ratings and reviews from past customers.

Moreover, the products and services are top-notch, with the company’s transparency and honesty.

Augusta Precious Metals is also equipped with capable representatives and employees who are always ready to assist customers.

However, customers cannot make purchases from its website.

They need to contact the company to make transactions.

Furthermore, the minimum investment is $50,000, which is expensive for some customers.

Lastly, Augusta Precious Metals only focuses on gold and silver coins and bullion.

Other precious metals, such as platinum and palladium, are not available.

Nevertheless, Augusta Precious Metals is outstanding due to its transparent, fair pricing, fee schedule, excellent reputation, and easy processes.

Augusta Precious Metals Ratings and Reviews (March 2024)

  • BBB - Rated 4.96 out of 5 with an A+ rating based on 121 reviews, ZERO complaints
  • BCA - 5 out of 5 rating with an AAA rating based on 96 reviews
  • Trustlink - 5 out of 5 rating based on 284 reviews
  • Google My Business - 4.9 rating based on 301 reviews
  • Facebook - 4.8 rating based on 125 reviews
  • member since 2016
  • Consumer Affairs - 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 132 reviews



3. Red Rock Secured

Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Red Rock Secured

Best in flexible investment options

Customer Care
  • Great customer care
  • Does not charge management fees
  • Good buyback program
  • Offers $5k worth of free silver for qualifying accounts

In our 3rd place, Red Rock Secured is good at continually ensuring their customers are well-informed. The company's customers understand how to manage various investment risks and diversifications in a precious metals IRA.

Red Rock Secured possesses integrity and transparency that will always prioritize the customers' needs, and with that, the company is dedicated to meeting guarantees that they will meet their goals. It provides the means and the knowledge necessary to make the wisest decisions in this industry.

Red Rock Secured offers a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, which allows diversity in a precious metals IRA.

Moreover, it partners with the leading depositories to provide storage services, ensuring the customers' assets are well-protected and safe.

 In terms of customer service, Red Rock Secured takes time to fully understand each client's unique needs and then provide them with the best solutions to meet their financial goals.

Furthermore, several flexible investment options are offered at competitive and fair prices, which makes them different from other precious metals companies.

And don't worry if you are a beginner because Red Rock Secured has specialists who will help you along the way. Four principles drive Red Rock Secured to always apply to their customers and services: Protection, client care, diversification, and knowledge.

Red Rock Secured Ratings and Reviews

  • BBB - 4.74 out of 5 rating, A+ rating based on 91 reviews
  • BCA - AAA rating based on 144 reviews
  • Trustpilot - 4,8 out of 5 rating based on 166 reviews


  • For qualified accounts, they can receive up to $5k worth of free silver
  • Has been in business for a long time
  • Values the education of customers
  • Offers a one on one customer support and video support from a Precious Metals Educator
  • 100% Free shipping and insurance


  • Cannot make purchases online

4. Birch Gold Group

Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Birch Gold Group

Best in pricing


For two decades, Birch Gold Group has established itself as a reputable enterprise specializing in precious metals. 

Throughout its operations, the organization has established an excellent standing for its proficiency and dependability within this particular domain.

Birch Gold Group possesses the expertise and proficiency required to assist individuals in making well-informed decisions and maneuvering through the intricate realm of investing in precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Furthermore, they make an effort to streamline the processing of your IRA, ensuring effortless and quick work.

The company has implemented an extensive list of criteria to deliver exceptional service to its clientele.

The criteria above encompass a variety of significant elements, such as transparency, education, customer empowerment, empathy, ethics, and efficiency.

Moreover, Birch Gold Group comprehends the fast-paced business world, prioritizing responsiveness.

Indeed, this has constituted a pivotal element in achieving their success. 

Whether it's responding to emails, phone calls, or urgent complaints, the Birch team is always ready to come up with a solution.

In addition, they help you connect with a reliable expert in precious metals who can assist you in making well-informed investment choices.

With the professional knowledge and skills possessed by the experts, one can have a sense of assurance in their decision-making and be confident that their investments are effectively managed. 

It's no wonder how Birch Gold has established a strong reputation.

A multitude of online reviews supports the quality of their service.

Their clientele has lauded them for their unwavering dedication to fulfilling their requirements and for surpassing expectations by offering suitable assistance. 

Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention their exceptional rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

They got an A+ rating, which suggests that the company has exhibited a noteworthy dedication toward ethical and conscientious commercial conduct and has a history of providing superior products and services to its clientele.

Birch Gold Group Ratings and Reviews

  • BBB - 4.69 out of 5 rating, A+ rating based on 85 reviews and 8 complaints
  • BCA - AAA rating based on 8 reviews
  • Trustpilot - 4.6 out of 5 rating based on 128 reviews
  • Trustlink - 5 out of 5 rating based on 134 reviews
  • Consumer Affairs - 4.8 out of 5 rating based on 114 reviews



  • Fee schedule is not fully listed on the website

Reasons Why Gold Is MONEY

Although we are already in the 21st century and gold is no longer used as a primary currency like the old days, it still has its benefits and can still be considered money.

First, gold is durable. Yes, I get it that money is not meant to be indestructible.

A considerable percentage of money in the world is made through paper currency, which is fragile.

However, they can still last long.

Gold is even more durable than these paper currencies. 

Moreover, money is divisible, allowing it to be broken down into smaller forms without losing value.

This is also true for gold since it has various forms, such as bars and coins, which still retain value.

Another factor of money is its consistency in design.

It must have the same design so that it is recognizable.

You don’t see a $10 bill with various designs. All $10 bills have similar designs.

This is also true for money, which has the same designs and looks, depending on their mints.

This can qualify gold as money.

Gold is also convenient, especially in its small forms.

 Moreover, it provides portability because some gold products still hold tremendous value regardless of their size.

 This would make it easier for you to transact.

And lastly, gold is inherently valuable, just like money.

People need them every day since we often experience financial exchanges to achieve goods and services.

Buy Gold and Precious Metals with a trusted Dealer >> 

Why you should own Gold today

Since we have already determined the best online gold bullion dealers, let's discuss why you should own gold today.

What are its benefits?

Investment Diversification

Wise investors today continuously diversify their investments so that when one investment suffers a decline, they are still safe since the other investments are unaffected.

The risks of investing in more than one investment are just too high.

For example, if you invested in stocks and bonds, you can also invest in cryptocurrency.

However, these three investments are still considered to be highly volatile.

But precious metals are not, which makes them perfect for investment diversification.

Inflation Hedge

Inflation happens when people spend more money on something that would have cost less years ago.

For example, you are paying $5 for eggs today, which only cost around $0.50 before during your parent's time.

Since the value of goods increases during inflation, it also decreases the value of investors' money.
Gold, however, is indirectly affected by inflation.

Gold has an excellent historical record of being a good inflation hedge fund, especially during the 1973 to 1979 inflation, in which gold generated a 35% annual return.


People usually want tangible assets because it gives them a sense of ownership.

Unlike bonds, ETFs, and electronic cryptocurrencies, they can see and touch what they own.

They only exist as numbers in your online accounts.

Gold, however, is a tangible asset, and investors can hold it in their hands.

Low Long-term Volatility

Most investments today, such as cryptocurrency, stocks, and bonds, can experience massive value increases, but at the same time, they can also lose substantial value in the long term.

That is why they hold such a risk; they have high volatility.

However, gold has a low long-term volatility, which makes it a good investment, especially for investors who prefer not to have risks in their investments and want to play safe.

Safe Haven Asset

Gold has been around for a long time already. 

It was used as a currency back in the old age and for decorative purposes.

This long historical significance has made gold a valuable commodity for many investors.

Moreover, gold has always maintained its value over time, while other investments lost value.

They are considered a haven asset by thousands of investors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Considering that gold has maintained its value, will the value of gold coins increase in the near future?

For those who have invested in gold coins, rejoice because their value will increase as long as the value of gold increases.

In case you did not know, the face value of the coin, or what is printed on it, is not actually its real value. The value of the coin is based on the current gold price.

How can I invest in gold and precious metals?

There are several ways for you to invest in gold and precious metals. One way is to purchase gold and hold them until you are happy with its current gold price.

You can check their spot price online which is always updated. Once you are good with the price, you can liquidate them by selling them.

Another way of investing in gold is to set up an Individual Retirement Account or an IRA. Gold IRA is a type of self-directed IRA in which funds in the account are held in gold. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about taxes when you invest in gold through an IRA.

The listed companies above offer IRA services which are the best of the best in the industry.

When is the best time to BUY AND OWN GOLD?

To the beginners out there, the best time for you to purchase gold is when its price is low. Usually, the price of gold is lower when the stock market is performing well.

Also, remember that the price of gold may experience a decline, especially during the months of January, March and April.

How much gold should my investment portfolio hold?

There is no distinct answer for this since it all depends on the investor’s age, personal preferences and of course, financial position. If you are already retiring then you don’t need to take up a lot of investment risks. In other words, you don’t have to allocate a significant amount of gold in your investments.

However, if you are still young, you can be more aggressive on your investments. Take risks and you may invest a lot in gold and precious metals if you want to.

If you are not sure, then you can always consult a financial advisor or experts. They know the best solutions for your investment portfolios, as well as your financial goals.

Overall Best Gold and Silver IRA Company

Best Online Gold Bullion Dealers Goldco

Goldco and its specialists will do everything to guide and help investors make the best decisions for their portfolios and future.

This company is your best choice for IRA services, investments, and precious metals.

Goldco's reputation exceeds your expectations, garnering thousands of positive ratings and reviews online.

With Goldco, you will enjoy LOW fees and a WIDE selection of precious metal products.

So, if you wish to open an IRA account and purchase the best precious metals, such as gold, check Goldco!

  1. Augusta may not be trusted blindly. When I called them and asked about their bullion prices, They told you would not know until you open the account and fund it. This not fair. What if they have large margin over the spot. They are not transparent.

    In general, this sites analysis and ratings of gold dealers is flawed. There is no consideration of margin over spot cost for these dealers. Please do not mislead the investors.

    1. Thanks for your comments, we are not trying to mislead investors here, if you have a suggestion we would love to add it, but we do the best to bring you the most honest precious metals companies here and we are always open for suggestions.

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