Is Equity Trust Company A Scam? (Updated November 2022)

November 1, 2022

Is Equity Trust Company A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Equity Trust Company A Scam?" review!

(UPDATED November 2022)

In this review, we'll dive into Equity Trust Company. Are they legit? Or is Equity Trust Company just another scam?

Well, let's jump in and take a look:

Equity Trust Company Review Quick Summary

Name: Equity Trust Company


Founder: Richard Desich, Sr.

Price: Varies

Rating: 2/5

Is Equity Trust Company A Scam logo

What is Equity Trust Company?

Equity Trust Company was founded in 1974. It appears to be a company that assists individuals with self directed IRAs as its bread and butter.

Equity Trust Company Products and Services

Self-directed IRAs and a number of other services that you probably do not care to hear about (unless you're a fat cat business owner who owns a company profitable enough to pay its employees enough in 2022 that they can even begin to start thinking about saving up for retirement. A rare feat these days...)

How to get started with Equity Trust Company?

Apparently you have to set up a call with an "IRA counselor". Sounds sales pitchy... no thanks... why can't their website just shoot straight and tell it like it is?

Equity Trust Company Prices and Fees

Depends on the services. Sounds like you have get on the phone with an "IRA counsellor" and "start a conversation" before they give up the goods regarding pricing. More transparency would be nice, don't you agree?

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Ratings and Reviews (Updated Sept 2022)

Trustpilot gives them a rating of 4.3 based on 555 reviews:

Equity Trust Company Trustpilot Review Updated For September 2022

That said, Trustlink gives them just a 1/5 rating! Still not convinced? Well then, close that life-sucking Facebook tab and take a look for yourself:

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Equity Trust Company Trustlink Rating (Sept 2022)

Would you work with a company with a 1 out of 5 rating?

Do pigs fly?

BBB gives them a 4.04 out of 5 based on 121 customer reviews, BUT they are not BBB accredited, as you can see below:

Equity Trust Company BBB Rating Updated For Sept 2022

Moving on...

According to their website, Investopedia named them the best self-directed IRA company of 2022. But what gives about the 1/5 rating on Trustlink? It just does not seem to add up...

Is Equity Trust Company a scam?

To call it a scam would seem unfair. The ratings on Trustpilot seem okay. But why such a difference in attitude compared to the Trustlink reviews? It seems sketchy. Yes, its only 2 reviews left on Trustlink. But still... it just doesn't sit right. Why were so many reviews left on Trustpilot that are positive but not on Trustlink, respectively?


 Be careful. As they say, "buyer beware"...

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