Northern Nevada Coin Review 2024: Danger of Scam?

March 7, 2024

Hi there, welcome to my Northern Nevada Coin Review!

In today's precious metals market, being aware of potential scams is important. 

If you are thinking of entering the world of numismatic investments, particularly in the Northern Nevada Coin company, this review will help you with your decision.

Everything that you will need to know about them is in this Northern Nevada Coin review. So, read until the end to know whether they are the best for you or not.

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Northern Nevada Coin Review Quick Summary

Name: Northern Nevada Coin


Owners: Allen Rowe

Price: Varies depending on your investment

Rating: 3.3/5

Northern Nevada Coin Review

What is Northern Nevada Coin?

Northern Nevada Coin is a precious metals company that is located in Carson City, Nevada. They have built a good reputation as a dealer of rare coins, gold, silver, and other precious metals.

They have been in operation since the 1990s, and have since then grown to become a leading seller and buyer in the industry.

The company prides itself on having a wide selection of rare coins and precious metals.

They house Carson City coinage, Morgan dollars, and even platinum bullion. 

Truly, Northern Nevada Coin is a good choice for all numismatic enthusiasts whether you are an expert or just a beginner investor.

Business Highlights

You may ask, what makes Northern Nevada Coin one of the known precious metals companies in this extensive industry?

Well, it is because of their deep inventory of rare U.S. coins and precious metals.

They offer customers an extensive product catalog including numismatic treasures, gold and silver bullion, and rare collectible currencies.

In addition to this, the company also provides nice services to their customers.

These include appraisals, coin grading, and education.

These, along with the company's transparency and integrity, have earned them loyal customers throughout the years of operation.

Northern Nevada Coin Products

As said above, Northern Nevada Coin offers a wide range of precious metal products.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, their diverse selection will certainly cater to your needs.

The following are what currently is available in their inventory, based on their website:

  • Carson City Coins
  • Morgan Dollars
  • Peace Dollars
  • Silver Eagles
  • Gold Eagles
  • Raw Silver Dollars
  • Eisenhower Dollars
  • Proof and Mint Sets
  • Bullion and Bars

But wait, would you like to see a company that has an even greater catalog and product inventory?

If so, we highly recommend Augusta Precious Metals

This company is certainly one of the best, if not the best, in the industry.

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Services They Offer

Northern Nevada Coin is a company that offers almost to complete range of services so that they can cater to all of the needs their customers are needing.

Aside from buying and selling rare coins, they also provide expert appraisals and precious metal authentication services. 

Smooth transactions for grading are the company's priority. These are some of their strongest core services.

Aside from appraisals, grading, and authentication, they also have educational services such as guidance on precious metal investments. This is a great help for clients who are beginners in the industry.

At Northern Nevada Coin, customers can rely that they are in good hands and receive only trustworthy and reliable experiences.

Services They Do Not Offer

Although Northern Nevada Coin boasts a wide array of services offered, they are not that complete in comparison to the best companies in this big industry.

Northern Nevada Coin does not offer precious metal IRAs nor 401(k) rollovers.

This is something big that they miss as a precious metals dealer.

Another downside of the company is that they do not have transparent pricing and fee structure.

This makes it hard for customers to scroll through the products without the hassle of reaching out to the company.

If you are a precious metal investor looking for such services, we highly recommend you take a chance and inquire about Augusta Precious Metals.

This company is one of the best in the industry, if not the number one leading.

Northern Nevada Amenities

You may be curious about what Northern Nevada Coin's amenities are. They do offer these to enhance customer service and make business with them more convenient.

When you go and visit Northern Nevada Coin, you can enjoy and take advantage of free precious metals evaluations and also get on-site precious metal experts to assist you with your queries.

Most importantly, an amenity that makes customers feel more secure, the company ensures one-on-one help and advice right there to help you make buying or selling choices.

Accepted Payment Methods

Northern Nevada Coin lets you pay in many ways to make things easier and transactions smooth.

You can use cash, credit cards, bank wires, and checks to buy or sell coins and precious metals at any of their places.

They have these different payment options so you can quickly and safely finish your deals.

With their variety of payment options, it's very easy to transact with this Northern Nevada Coin whether you want to buy or sell your precious metals or rare coin collectibles. 

Additionally, the company offers advice on how to process safe transactions, just as a precautionary detail to ensure you are handled well and securely. 

Contact Information

There are several ways in which you can contact Northern Nevada Coin. Reaching out to them is both easy and convenient.

First, if you are near the Nevada vicinity, you can drop by any of their three spots in Carson City, Reno, or Minden to talk directly with someone who knows their stuff.

If you also prefer not to go physically, you can call their Carson Street location or check out their website to learn about their products and services.

Even more convenient, you can just reach out to them via email, or their online accounts.

For fast help, you can also get in touch with them online or by email.

Northern Nevada Coin Service hours

Northern Nevada Coin operates during convenient service hours.

They are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Not only this, but they also offer website and online services to cater to those who are unable to visit their physical locations.

You can do such in the contact ways that were said above.

This allows them to accommodate customers looking to do business with them. 

Does Northern Nevada Coin Have Buyback Program?

On their website, Northern Nevada Coin does not explicitly have information on whether they have a buyback program or not. 

Precious metal and coin dealers usually have some form of buyback for items they sell, and they usually put it on their website as one of their services offered.

Northern Nevada Coin not having this probably means that they do not have such an offer.

It is inevitable that you have a change of mind and want your money back instead of investing in precious metals, but you cannot do this at this company.

Do you know where you can? In Augusta Precious Metals, you can easily avail of their buyback program, for a secured range of time.

Does Northern Nevada Coin Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, Northern Nevada Coin does offer free estimates.

This applies to customers looking to have their precious metals and rare coins appraised.

Clients can receive complimentary evaluations of the items and the company will assist in educating and giving the customers an understanding of the true value of their valuables.

As it is free, it comes at no cost for the customer, while being guaranteed that the team of experts are providing honest and accurate appraisals.

In addition to free estimates, the company also offers market insights to help clients weigh better their investments. 

Does Northern Nevada Coin Offer Eco-Friendly Accreditations?

No, Northern Nevada Coin does not currently hold specific eco-friendly accreditations, and they do not have special green badges to vouch for their company practicing eco-friendly measures.

However, by partnering with reputable refineries and adhering to industry best practices, Northern Nevada Coin minimizes its environmental impact and prioritizes ethical sourcing of precious metals and numismatic items. 

Even without official green certificates, Northern Nevada Coin is serious about being eco-friendly and doing things ethically. 

Does Northern Nevada Coin Offer a Senior Discount?

Yes, Northern Nevada Coin offers a senior discount to eligible customers as a token of appreciation for their continued support and patronage.

If you're a senior and want to buy or sell coins, gold, silver, or other precious metals, you'll get a lower price and some special deals.

This discount shows Northern Nevada Coin wants to be fair and open to everyone.

A deal that helps older customers save more money while enjoying their precious metal hobbies.

Does Northern Nevada Coin Offer Emergency Services?

No, Northern Nevada Coin does not offer emergency services in the 24/7 traditional sense.

They stick with the regular business hours, but they might at times help you out fast if you need quick help, when their team is still in the communication lines.

This is something that you should consider when picking them because when dealing with investments, you want as much as possible, a company that can cater to you at all times.

With that being said, Augusta Precious Metals gives you that. 

You can rely upon that this company will be there to answer you 24/7.

Are Warranties Offered by Northern Nevada Coin?

Yes, Northern Nevada Coin gives warranties on some items and services, making sure you feel secure and protected when you buy from them.

If you're getting rare coins, precious metals, or other collector's items, they guarantee the quality and realness of what they sell with these warranties.

This means you can feel confident buying and selling, knowing that what you're getting is protected from any problems or wrong information.

Northern Nevada Coin cares a lot about making its customers happy and keeping their products top-notch.

When you're buying something or making a deal with them, you can ask about the warranties to see what kind of protection you get. 

Northern Nevada Coin FAQs

Who is the Owner of Northern Nevada Coin?

The owner of Northern Nevada Coin is Allen Rowe.

Is Northern Nevada Coin a Scam?

No, Northern Nevada Coin is definitely not a scam. They are a legitimate business that has been in operation since 1990's.

They specialize in buying and selling of precious metals, rare coins, and other numismatic items.


What Should Clients Look at Before Investing with Northern Nevada Coin?

Before investing with this company, clients should take consideration of a couple factors to ensure a safe and informed decision.

This includes reviews, pricing and fees, products, and customer service. These are the basics that you need to know to ensure you are in good hands.

How is Northern Nevada Coin Overall Rated?

Overall, Northern Nevada Coin is rated fairly good across several reviewing bodies and customer ratings.

To know more, check out the customer reviews part of this article.


Northern Nevada Management Staff

Specific details about the management staff of Northern Nevada Coin beyond the owner, Allen Rowe, are not widely publicized.

Customer Reviews

Frankly speaking, Northern Nevada Coin does not have that solid of a reputation on online review websites.

Listed below are their ratings and reviews which can be found online:

Northern Nevada Coin BBB Rating

The company has an A+ grading in their BBB profile.

But, a major red flag is that they are not accredited with BBB.

This is so unusual for a business that has been established since the 1990's.

Another one is that they have several customer complaints in this reviewing website.

It really is a displeasing sight to see.

Northern Nevada Coin Yelp Rating

The company somehow makes a comeback in this website and has an excellent grade in their Yelp profile.

They have garnered a 4.4 out of 5 star rating based on a very few 32 customer reviews.

But, 32 reviews is a small sample size to really judge whether they are really worth those star grading.

Northern Nevada Coin Birdeye Rating

On Birdeye, their Carson City location has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 star rating out of 226 ratings. This shows strong customer approval for their services and products.

If this says something, I tell you to do your research before going into business with them.

It seems that these are the only reviews I can find of them online. For me, this is a red flag! Unlike our most recommended precious metals company which has received tons of positive reviews and ratings!

Customer Service Complaints

It seems that Northern Nevada Coin has customer service problems. They have multiple bad reviews that customers leave.  

Concerns include perceived rudeness and condescension from staff, as well as dissatisfaction with the appraisal process for coins.

As you can see in the image attached, one reviewer felt their coins were undervalued despite prior research, leading to disappointment with the service received and a resolve not to return.

These complaints highlights the tendencies of Northern Nevada Coin when dealing with their customers, which badly is leaving a stain on their reputation.

With that being said, if you want a company that has excellent customer service and care, you should heavily consider Augusta Precious Metals as a lot of customers have praised them for that.

Company Pros and Cons


  • Fairly wide selection of rare coins
  • Knowledgeable Staff and Multiple Locations
  • Commitment to Quality and Authenticity
  • Trusted and Reliable Dealer


  • Transparency and Pricing Concerns
  • Lack or few number of reviews
  • Transaction Delays
  • Limited inventory for gold and silver bullion

Northern Nevada Coins Alternatives

If you're looking to buy or sell precious metals, it's a smart move to check out different companies before you decide to invest in Northern Nevada Coin.

Companies like Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco stand out in this big industry because they are known for offering the best products and trustworthy services.

Doing a bit of homework to see what each option offers can help you pick the one that best matches your investment needs and what you're looking for.

Northern Nevada Coin Review



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Buying, selling, storage


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Buying, selling, storage


Free shipping for orders over $2500. $45 shipping for orders under $2500.

Nothern Nevada Coin Review: Conclusion

If you read until the end of this Northern Nevada Coin review, you will have known their products and services, and their company information that is crucial for your decision.

While the company it's not a scam and has its unique advantages, it would be best if you would also weigh its shortcomings because there are really more companies that are much better than them.

By exploring alternatives in the market and considering customer reviews and feedback, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and expectations when engaging with Northern Nevada Coin.

With that being said, we recommend you to take a look at Augusta Precious Metals.

This company will give you your money's worth. 

By dealing business with them, you will not only get the best out of your investment through their high quality products, but you can also get to experience excellent services.

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