How Much Is A Gold Brick Worth? Is It Truly Valuable? (2023)

April 12, 2023

How Much Is A Gold Brick Worth

How Much Is A Gold Brick Worth? Is It Really Valuable? In this article, all of your questions and curiosity about Gold, and its dazzling worth in the market.

Gold, among all the precious metals available in the industry, is the most popular and go-to investment asset for willing clients. In this article, we are shedding light to to this valuable asset.

If you are interested in investing in the precious metals industry, specifically to Gold, you must first understand how it works. Although it's fairly regarded as a safe investment, risks will always come when you don't have full knowledge about your investments.

Let us get this article started. You might be find yourself willing to invest in gold after this good read so buckle up!

Value of Gold

Be it in jewelries, coins, or bars, the moment you see that a certain store or shop displays something that is made up of gold, your eyes would seemingly be attracted to it in an instant.

The value it holds is one thing, its corresponding price, another. It is a known fact that gold products and assets have price tags that would constitute of thousands or even millions of worth of money.

Aside from the reality that Gold is one of the rarest precious metals with just a few supply currently in the world, it has established its symbol of power and wealth in the economic system throughout the ages of mankind's history.

Additionally, rookie investors and potential buyers alike would really like to know the answer to the question, "How much is a gold brick worth?" 

What is a Gold Brick (Bar)?

Gold bars, often known as bullions, are precious metals that fluctuate in value on a daily basis. Gold bars are used by investors as a means of storing money or hedging against inflation and other risks.

Additionally, gold bars are appealing to the eye of investors as it is generally invincible when unfortunate national economical problems do occur. Also, they can be easily used for IRA investment purposes.

Gold bricks come in different sizes as you can see below:

  • 1 ounce
  • 10 ounces
  • 1 gram
  • 10 grams
  • 100 grams

Each of these sizes (weights) come with their own benefit and advantages. Smaller weight of gold bricks will be more able to be resold meanwhile larger weights will include bigger discounts.

You can visit Goldco for a comprehensive list and type of precious metals you can include in your collection or in your individual retirement accounts.

With these things in mind, there are some factors that are needed to ascertain the value of certain gold brick. Listed below are the things needed to determine how much economic worth a certain gold brick holds.

Normal Value of Gold Bricks

A gold brick of 400 ounces will usually be priced at $750,000 to $850,000. This is just a standard price but do keep in mind that these prices will vary. As of this writing (April 12, 2023), 400 ounces of gold is worth $807,000 and change.

Factors affecting the worth of these gold bricks will always be accounted. As such, the next section below will tackle these unique circumstances that may or may not increase the value of gold bricks.

Factor Affecting Economical Worth

1. Purity and Weight

 Gold bricks' value will be heavily affected by their weight and purity. Most companies and buyers would require a certification to validate the authenticity and grade value of gold bricks.

Gold bricks are usually either 0.999 or 0.9999 pure, but some brands are 0.995 pure. If you come across a gold brick with a purity that isn't close to these percentages, it's probably not real gold.

As a word of warning, do keep in mind that alloy metals like bronze and copper have a gold-like look. In order to have an inkling of these scams, I suggest reading the common gold IRA scams to avoid.

To be clear, gold bricks do not have the same weight. They may look alike, yet their weight might vary anywhere from a gram to a kilogram. This is also something to think about while pricing gold bricks.

2. Spot Price

Spot price is defined as the price of gold brick that happens once the market opens and closes. The present of price of the gold brick will be its current price, naturally.

Moreover, spot prices is directly reliant on the the value of gold, with respect to its purity, to its troy ounce. You must be wary of these changes that can happen in an interval of at least a day.

3. Included Percentages

It goes without saying that buyers and companies would want profit from being able to sell any amount of gold weight from their hands. And naturally, this will come of as percentages.

This is called as 'premium', an added computation which is added to the melt value (which we will explain next), based on a multitude of factors. 

4. Melt Value

The melt value, or "intrinsic value" is the real value of your gold coins or bars and it is dependent on the actual amount of gold they contain. Knowing the melt value of gold bricks will be based upon a unique computation.

A brick's weight (troy ounces) must be multiplied with its purity. The resulting value is the total pure gold weight. Next, this pure weight will be multiplied to the spot price in order to obtain its melt value.

5. Others

Other sellers implore conditions regarding the brand or company wherein these gold bricks came from, their value versus their coin counterparts, and the market timing.

We can also include factors of currency movements, global jewelry or precious metals demand, and even inflation as other factors that will affect gold's economical worth.

Final Words

Gold is a wonderful investment to add to your portfolio, whether you're a seasoned investor or a novice. This is due to the fact that gold's intrinsic worth is unaffected by short-term market volatility.

However, a good investor will take note of the variables needed to be accounted for when it comes to buying gold bricks. These will heavily affect the outcome of this type of investment.

As the bottom line, gold bricks have their own unique values depending on how the trends of several things go about their way. It is best to check these things first before acquiring a gold asset.

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Thank you very much for reading this "How Much Is A Gold Brick Worth Really?" article. Any comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated. Do leave them in the section below

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