Is US Gold Bureau A Scam? (Safe Or Risky?) (Updated 2024)

March 10, 2024

Welcome to my article entitled "Is US Gold Bureau A Scam?

As a concerned member of a family, you might be wondering for the future of your loved ones.

You think of ways on how to be more prepared for whatever circumstances that might come your way.

As such, you direct your attention to precious metals investing.

You may have already looked at the Internet for possible dealers.

 A name you might have already encountered is US Gold Bureau.

You might be wondering what kind of a firm US Gold Bureau is?

Who are the people or organizations behind them?

What kind of products and services do they offer?

Questions like these are very interesting.

We will be learning the answers to these queries at once.

US Gold Bureau Review Quick Summary

Name: US Gold Bureau

Founder and CEO: John Hutmacher

Price: Varies

Rating: 4/5

us gold bureau

What is US Gold Bureau?

Tackling the question "Is US Gold Bureau A Scam?" will need a lot of reliable and solid information.

So let's start with the background and history of this precious metals company. 

A Texas based company, US Gold Bureau was started in 2003, is an authorized buyer for quality US Mint, and is also an authorized dealer for NGC and PGCS.

US Gold Bureau stands by its claim that it brings trust and reliability in the precious metals industry. 

It is also on their to-do list to have strong relationships with their clients.

Lone Star Tangible Assets, their parent firm, was recently chosen to establish and maintain the Texas Bullion Depository.

The United States Gold Bureau has been able to enhance its ability to provide high-quality and exceptionally safe storage solutions to its customers as a result of this.

Apart from these, US Gold Bureau also aims to educate their client about necessary information regarding their precious metals which directly affects their portfolio.

They offer numerous products and services including bullions (gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars) and precious metals that can be included in individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

The US Gold Bureau Online Platform

The US Gold Bureau is straightforward and illustrative with buttons that with a couple of clicks will help you find what you are looking for.

Not only that, other useful information can be accessed as well.

They have pretty much what encompasses a precious metals company website, ranging from the products they offer (some are on sale), selling and buying tips, and investment suggestions.

For the precious metals that they offer, they have diamond, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. 

Once clicking a product, you will be able to see its features, description, and current prices.

Investors and buyers alike would find their stock of products to be varied and many.

For instance, in their gold section, you can find American Eagle coins, Buffalos, and other international coins.

They also have several commemorative coins, artistic high relief coins, and first spouse coins for those who are looking to create a hobby to collect unique and special minted coins.

For services, they have rollover kits, suggestions and opinions for saving and investing directed to retirees, and the important suggestions regarding Gold and Silver IRAs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are allowed to buy? 

The online platform of US Gold Bureau is designed to attract many people of diverse backgrounds and varied interests.

They mainly want people to be drawn in their wide array of products.

From rookie precious metals buyers, to those who are already experts, enthusiasts, investors, numismatists, and those accumulators are welcomed to take a look at what they offer.

Of course, you need to be an adult to purchase from them so you will be legally held for however you want  to use the coins you purchase from them without harming the company.

2. How to place an order?

Already managed to find something?

Then it is to time to get your wallet out of your pockets and throw some cash out.

And the whole process is relatively easy.

Once you have picked something, simply proceed to the buying procedures and fill out the information regarding your identity and your payment.

Conversely, if you have questions about a certain product before buying, you can contact the company and one from their reliable and competent team would be more than happy to assist you.

3. How are my products shipped?

As soon as a payment is confirmed and all the paper works have been done and dusted, your packages will be securely wrapped and store to avoid anything happening to it.

Delivery would be through FedEx or USPS.

Rest assured that with these delivery companies, your package will be secured and will arrive at your house at the earliest time possible.

Do note that once a parcel leaves their company, you are no longer able to change the address of where it should to be nor can you cancel it due to some reasons.

4. Are discounts present?

For this very important question, the answer would be yes.

You will have a free shipping fee for orders $99 and above.

Also, their are web deals in their website.

Web deals are incurred whenever you buy in bulk.

With this, a discount of some percentage will be highlighted pertaining to a the products you wish to buy.

Sizable orders on a single product can also be discounted.

All you need to do is call the company and ask them for such things and they will surely be able to help you.

5. How much should I invest?

In this certain times wherein you need to be frugal and wise whenever you want to spend, it is important to be realistic and weigh options before committing to something.

True enough, this mentality should also be applied should you wish to invest in the precious metals industry. 

Whether you have only a small portion of wealth or not, you need to be wise.

It is important to be diverse whenever the talk about assets and wealth comes into the table.

Thus, it is imperative to properly divide this into several investments. 

However, it is up to you on how much you are willing to invest.

If you are looking for a top rated gold IRA company that handles precious metals and where you can be satisfied, click here.

If you are unsure on how much to invest, talk to a professional, a financial advisor perhaps, to enlighten you and give you some useful insights before investing.

US Gold Bureau Pros & Cons

Since we are reviewing US Gold Bureau, it is crucial to know the capabilities and exemplary business ethics that these firm have as well as their flaws and disadvantages.



  • Their website, though great, sometimes loads very slowly
  • Shipping sometimes get delayed
  • Not Better Business Bureau accredited
  • Not present in Business Consumer Alliance 
  • Has a sizeable number of customer reports

US Gold Bureau Ratings & Reviews

You are nearing the decision of investing in some precious metals being sold at US Gold Bureau.

But before you do so, you decided to consult their ratings and reviews.

Here are the summary from reputable organizations and websites regarding their own evaluation as well as customer feedback regarding US Gold Bureau.

Looking for a firm that has numerous positive rating and reviews in which you can be assured of safety and satisfaction?

Then this top gold IRA company is just for you.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a private, nonprofit organization whose aim is to advance marketplace confidence, according to its website.

Many individuals examine the BBB before fully committing to a company because many firms are accredited by the organization.

US Gold Bureau is not accredited by BBB, but they still garnered a positive rating of A.

Business Consumer Alliance

Business Consumer Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating honest and straightforward reviews to organizations.

As such, they are consulted by many before making decisions.

Unfortunately, US Gold Bureau is not listed here and thus no rating and review can be viewed or read.


Trustlink is the company which is focused on grading companies and institution by their professionalism and giving them their own ratings in accordance to how well they serve their clients.

US Gold Bureau has been given a 4 out 5 stars rating by Trustlink out of 8 reviews.


Trustpilot is website that hosts and gathers reviews related to a service provider or product seller then collating them to create a useful input for the customers that wants to have transactions with that certain company.

Trustpilot gave US Gold Bureau an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 with 884 reviews.

So Is the US Gold Bureau a Scam?

The clear answer is no.  But it must be noted that they have numerous negative ratings and customer complaints mostly about their shipping.

The company is trying their best to live up to their claims of helping their clients in the best way possible. They have been direct and open to questions regarding their processes.

A good thing about this company is their willingness to conduct business whether you are a complete rookie or a seasoned veteran.

Anybody would appreciate this type of involvement.

Their website is also a thing of beauty for its simplicity and directness.

Buyers would find the process of picking and choosing products up to purchasing to be easy.

Then again, it is best to keep in mind its flaws.

If you want invest in a recommended firm wherein you can be assured of your assets, then please click here.

Thank you for reading this article of mine entitle "Is US Bureau A Scam?"

If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them in the designated section below.

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