Is Money Metals Exchange Legit? [Full 2023 Review!]

May 18, 2023

money metals exchange

Welcome to this Money Metals Exchange Review 

Is Money Metals Exchange a scam? Well... if you're having doubts, you should probably check out the TOP Gold Dealer of 2023 by clicking here first.

That said... If you are still not convinced, feel free to read on...

This spring, quite a few people are wondering if the worldwide economy will ever recover. While no man can know all the future for sure, it seems like it might take quite some time. Countless people are wondering what will happen next. As a result, some are starting to think about whether pivoting into precious metals like gold and silver might be their ticket out... Perhaps you are one of those people.

And perhaps you have heard about a company called "Money Metals Exchange".

So who (or what) is Money Metals? Are they legit? How is their customer support? What do others have to say about them? Are they the right fit in 2023?

WARNING: Before getting started, it needs to be said that you need to do 100% of your own due diligence and research before choosing to work with any company, especially when it comes to precious metals. Do not work with anyone if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

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With that being said, let's jump right in and take a look, shall we?

The Basics:

Name: Money Metals Exchange
Category: precious metals
Price: varies

Products offered:

  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins
  • Silver bars
  • Gold bars
  • Copper coins
  • Platinum coins
  • Platinum bars
  • Palladium coins
  • Palladium bars
  • Rhodium bars
  • How are their reviews? May 2023 Update!

    Well, here is a short blurb from the "reviews" page of their website:

    "At Money Metals Exchange, we take customer service seriously and we want investors, whether beginner or experienced, to feel safe when purchasing bullion online. We welcome customer reviews and have a team of proffessional precious metals experts to tackle any complaints that may arise." -

    The typo in "proffessional" is probably not the most convincing thing you'd wish to see on a company website in an industry where a "fat finger" can cause quite significant financial issues, but perhaps it can be overlooked depending on your point of view.

    According to the third party review site,, they have an "A Plus" rating and have been in business for 10 years.  As of October 31, 2022, they have received 143 145 customer reviews and their average rating has slightly risen from 4.31 out of 5 to 4.33 out of 5...

    autumn 2022 update

    May 2023 Update: As of Spring 2023, Money Metals Exchange rating on sits at 4 out of 5 (based on 16 19 reviews)...

    and 2 out of 4 of the most recent reviews left gave them a 1 out of 5 rating... yikes.

    One of the reviewers left the following comment,

    "Do yourself a favor and buy metals someplace else. Very misleading with their website and advertisements"

    Take that for what you will.

    Moving on...

    Watch this video to learn more about whether they're legit or a scam:

    Here's some "Pros and Cons":


    • Live chat feature on their website
    • Fairly easy to navigate website
    • Offer quite a few more products (like rhodium bars for example)
    • They accept crypto


    • Apparently someone had a payment issue with them, but its a bit hard to say if it was the customers issue or theirs...
    • more negative reviews than in the beginning of 2021...

    Are they a scam?

    Judging by the majority of the reviews left on places like the BBB website, it seems pretty unlikely that Money Metals is a scam. Could a company be in business for 10 years with an "A Plus" rating from the BBB if they were a scam?

    That said, you MUST do your own research before picking someone to work with when it comes to precious metals. You need to do your homework and not proceed with anyone unless you are 100% comfortable with them and with your decision. 

    Are there "better" options out there?

    If you are on the lookout to diversify or just re-up your current stack, Goldco might be a great choice for you. They're a trusted and experienced full-service precious metals firm. They specialize in taking care of gold and silver IRAs.

    Final review

    No precious metals company is ever gonna be "perfect". Some may offer a better fit than others. At the end of the day, it usually just comes down to a matter of which company you feel most comfortable with.

    Hopefully you found this info useful. If you choose work with Money Metals Exchange, please feel free to leave a review in the comment section below so that this article can be updated with your experience, as it could really help out your fellow readers by giving them the most up-to-date info.

    If you have any questions, please do hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

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    1. I have bought and sold coins many times with MME and always had a very good experience. As long as you follow all the rules for buying and selling to them you will have a good experience. They are fair in pricing, very quick to ship, package items very securely, and deliver exactly what you buy from them. I have used MME since they started business around 10 years or so. I highly recommend MME to anyone wanting to purchase or sell coins.

    2. We have dealt with MME for the past year and we have been very satisfied with our purchases. Our items have always arrived in a timely manner and we received exactly what we purchased.

    3. I find that most people who comment are usually ones that have had a poor experience. I have only been working with MME for four months but everything I have purchased has been delivered as expected and has been exactly what I have ordered. I think it is unfortunate that Larry think that one bad review is one too many. He must not want to do business with anyone then because there will always be a bad review from someone.

    4. I have been dealing with Money Metals Exchange for at least 5 years. I have never had a problem with them. They are an excellent company and are one of the few that allow you to buy as little or as much precious metals as you like. Some of the big name companies require you to buy at least $5000.00 or more for a minimum purchase. At money metals exchange you can buy one ounce or 1000 ounces of any precious metals.

      I am not familiar with Goldco and I won't say anything good or bad since I have never worked with them. This reply is not ment to promote or debase any company that deals in precious metals.

    5. Money Metals is an Excellent firm.
      MONEX is good for bulk.
      Asset Strategies is good for advice.
      SD and JD are good.

        1. I think this article is trying to push people to goldco, booooooo and shame on you. play fair and write an article about goldco if you think their so good.

          I have used MME once and they were AMAZING and i even talked to someone on the phone. they were very nice and adjusted my shipment for my personal needs.

          I highly recommend MME……

          1. Hi Luke, I never said that Money Metals Exchange is a scam and I already have an article about Goldco on my website, thanks for dropping by.

    6. I ordered 8 silver rounds and the website said the promotional code entitled me to an additional 1 full oz silver. I expected a 1/2 oz bonus. I received the 8 silver rounds, but no bonus silver of any kind.
      Customer service said I was mistaken regarding their website offering me the 1 oz bonus. (I should have taken a screenshot.) They said they would only send me the 1/2 oz bonus if I bought more.
      I will not do business with these 'company' again.

      George Theders

      1. I bought from them last month, paid with PayPal. I had trouble getting the order placed, I had to do it twice for it to go through. I did get my shipment on time, but, later I got a call from them saying that they were holding my order awaiting payment. I was scolded by the person calling when I told her my trouble placing the order. She said "We will cancel it, but, in the future you will be liable for all orders placed".

        Last night I decided to order some silver from them and put the order on a debit card instead of PayPal. When I went to check-out it said that I have gone over my limit of $1,000 within a 60-day period on a debit card and needed to select a different payment option. I then selected PayPal and again it said the same thing. Both times I had to sign a statement that said that I was liable for payment on the order placed. I now have two identical orders that I signed as liable, but it will not take my payment for either one.

        I called them right after and they were closed for the day. I am awaiting their return call.

    7. Have been buying from money metals since 2015, have had no issues with them..they don't pressure you into buying anything and you get what you buy..

    8. I but small amounts that all i can afford to do so i get a few ounces of metal sent to me göt a small amount over supôt prices. I want to check with you about my options as to find out if your company sales and ships silver on small amounts? Mybe 5 oz's at a Time. I understand you guys saré highly trusted göt IRA accounts but on my case i can not do that just yet. Could i buy only small amouts for

    9. I have worked with Money Metals for three years at this time. I have a monthly investment account for gold. I also purchase silver monthly on the side. I could not ask for better customer service, fair pricing, quick shipping and quality product. Never had a single issue to date!

    10. I have been dealing with MME for about nine years. I have used their automatic monthly purchases, purchased silver & gold on line and grabbed great deals by phone. I received the 1/2oz silver round several times but I made sure I phoned my order in and checked the emailed order confirmation asap which shows what is being shipped. Never had a problem. I also check randomly with a silver/gold test kit- everything, everything is just what I ordered.

      I continue to use them today. I also go to the BBB site and check complaints and find that it has usually been problems with the purchaser not reading the length of time for a check to clear before MME ships and the purchaser expects the order shipped sooner. All the guidelines are there do the "Due Diligence" the old school way- READ and cross reference, slow down and do not get distracted or rushed- Use Your Common Sense.

      MME is the Best I Have Found and my continued purchasing confirm that.

    11. If you are looking to buy coins, go somewhere else, I received a disclaimer after payment and was told the transaction was final. No refunds

      1. Transactions are always final. They may, and have, refunded customers as long as they dont lose money when the value of the purchase goes UP. In that case, deals off.
        This is all explained in the purchase agreement. Purchasing is incredibly simple and easy.

    12. i have done a lot of business and they are great, i have bought a lot of silver dollars from them and im VERY satisfied

    13. MME is a great company to deak with. Very professional. Always answer the phone and respond very quuckly.

      Tge fact tgat you post this in order to try to flip people to buy from goldco is a HUGE RED FLAG!

      Quality companies promote themselves.

      They do not need to bash the competition.

      You may want to reconsider your marketing tactics.

      I have dealt with Money Metals for a couole years and have great service.

      Also anyone tossing out tge race card is the true racist.

      Good day

      1. How am I bashing Money Metals Exchange? I could promote them too and make a commission off them as well, but what I shared are facts and I did not say they are a scam just do your research before you make a decision that goes for Goldco or Money Metals Exchange.

        Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment!

    14. I just got my order today Aug 28. They short changed me one mercury (ordered $5 face).
      I sent an email an hour ago. I will see how they handle my situation before purchasing any more from mme.

    15. I have dealt with MME for only 6 months and I honestly say they are very reputable and you receive exactly what you order. Orders are sent timely, well packaged, insured, and customer service is easy to be in touch with. I highly recommend them as a dealer in gold and silver. Give them an option of fufiling your needs as it comes to your investments in precious metals.

    16. MoneyMetalExchange actually answers the phone, their customer support was very good in the three times I called them, and they only had 34 complaints on the BBB website over the course of 11 years. They worked hard to resolve almost every one of them (except one) and most were the fault of inexperienced and ignorant customers, not MoneyMetalExchange.

      1. Hi there Lisa, yes I do promote Goldco as one of my top recommended gold companies, thanks for sharing with us, glad that Money Metals Exchange is working for you.

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