Is A Scam? (A Review) (Updated Nov 2022)

November 10, 2022

Is A Scam

Welcome to my "Is A Scam" review!

Updated for November 2022.

When we talk about getting into gold or silver in 2022, it is very important to work with people who are trustworthy and to make sure that you are in great hands. Scams abound... look before you leap!

When acquiring precious metals, you need to work with the firm that fits your needs. However, that can be a challenge considering there more than a couple of them out there.

In this review, we shall go through and see if it is a company that you can trust or not. Are they legit? Or is a scam? Let's find out. Review Quick Summary

Name: Golden Eagle Coins


Founder and CEO: Bob Mangels Sr and Richard Stelfox

Price: Varies

Rating: 4/5

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What is Golden Eagle Coins (

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Let's get to know this company first. Who are they?

Golden Eagle Coins is a precious metals company that provides its clients with various kinds of gold and silver bullion products.

Apart from that, there are collections of American Gold Eagle Coins, as well as bars and leafs that are available to be purchased.

Fun fact: In the year 1975, the U.S. government created the very first gold coins.

After 200 years, the first golden eagle coins were minted. Moreover, the U.S. congress gave authorization to these coins.

Basically, these coins hold a very historical value. Each of them possess great features. These include 50 stars, representing each state of the country, the Lady of Liberty's image, and eagles which brings a patriotic message.

Moreover, these coins are 91% pure gold, 5.33% copper, 3% silver and are 22 karats. Golden Eagle Coins are the world's leading bullion coins.

Golden Eagle Coin Sizes

Now, here are the different coin options that you can choose from:



Ounce of gold

Face Value

1.099 troy ounces

1.287 inches

1 ounce


0.5455 ounces

1.063 inches

0.5 ounces


0.2727 ounces

0.866 inches

0.25 ounces


0.1091 ounces

0.650 inches

0.100 ounces


By the way, face value is basically the legal value of the coin as an actual coin of the United States.

Why should someone acquire Golden Eagle Coins?

Is A Scam Golden Eagle Coins

You might wonder why it is good to acquire Golden Eagle Coins. Well, unlike currency and stocks, these coins have maintained their value over time and through the years.

Moreover, it has been shown over time that these coins are very good at serving as a hedge against deflation and other market volatility and complications.

How to buy Golden Eagle Coins?

When purchasing Golden Eagle Coins, you can choose from 4 different types.

Each of these have a specific process for purchases. Here are they.

  1. Proof Golden Eagle - you can get these coins from the United States Mint. When you buy them, you will also get a certificate of authentication and the coins are contained in a protective capsule. However, if you want to invest, you should not opt for this.
  2. Bullion coins - you can purchase bullion coins from different precious metals and bullion companies around the U.S. They are also made for investors.
  3. Circulating coins - just like how it is named, these coins are made for circulation but they are not delivered to the Federal Reserve Bank.
  4. Uncirculated coins - these are made with an additional special process to make it good. Investors can buy them from United States Mint also.

Are there any IRAs?

Yes, offers IRAs. In fact, the Golden Eagle Coins meet the qualifications for IRAs.

This is why more and more people include Golden Eagle Coins in their IRA accounts.

And yes, you will have complete control on your IRAs since most of them are self-directed. To open a Gold IRA account, here are the steps:

  1. Tell IRA custodian that you want to add Golden Eagle Coins.
  2. Provide the information needed in the application form. Afterwards, you can add the precious metals.
  3. Place your funds into your investments. Also, be sure that you won't exceed the IRS limit for IRA contribution.
  4. If you want to sell your precious metals, you only need to call your IRA custodian.

Also, if ever you have an existing IRA account, you can always have to option to have a rollover. 

IRA charges

Currently, the IRS only allows clients or investors to purchase a minimum of $5000 worth of Golden Eagle Coins.

If you plan on making more purchases, you have to make sure that the following orders you will make should be worth more than $1000.

Other fees are:

  • Transaction fees
  • Storage fees
  • Commission fees
  • Administration fees

Is (Golden Eagle Coins) a scam?

This is one of the commonly asked questions about this company. (Golden Eagle Coins) is  not a scam. It is a legit company that offers good products. Moreover, it has disclosed information about its founders and owners, including its address.

If it was a scam, then it would have been probably shut down. However, it has been in business for 46 years, remember?

Golden Eagle Coins Ratings (Nov 2022 Update!)

Below are the updated ratings and reviews of as of November 2022:

  • BBB - 1/5 rating based on 2 reviews, A+ rating, BBB accredited since 2017, with 5 6 complaints... yikes!
  • Trustpilot - 4.3/5 rating with 5199 5,201 reviews
  • Yelp - 2/5 rating with 12 reviews 17 reviews... not good....

Pros and Cons


  • You can trust the company
  • Been in business for over 46 years
  • Offers great products
  • You are given complete control
  • Great customer support


  • The IRA fees are not given on the website
  • Very low BBB rating
  • Lackluster Yelp rating

Final Verdict

Let's end this "Is A Scam?" review with my final verdict.

To be honest, this company seems legit. It provides excellent products and services. Moreover, its longevity is impressive.

But, it somehow lacks other information like the IRA fees. And yes, it did receive complaints from past clients and is given poor online ratings on BBB.

If you ask me, I would rather recommend you a firm that is all-around great. You can check out my best recommendation below!

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