Is Strata Trust Company A Scam? (Legit IRA Firm!?) (2022)

September 14, 2022

Is Strata Trust Company A Scam?

Hello and welcome to my ‘Is Strata Trust Company A Scam?’ article. Do enjoy this good read!

Nowadays, a lot of investors are allotting a lot of their assets to various ventures. Moreover, diversification of portfolios is becoming quite the thing. Hence, investment opportunities such as self-directed IRAs are always a welcome sight.

That is why, many investors are opening their accounts, utilizing several assets. But, the challenge here is to find the most suitable firm for your needs. Additionally, their pros should heavily outweigh the cons.

Furthermore, doing a background check is always an essential thing to do. For that, this ‘Is Strata Trust Company A Scam?’ article will provide you with important data. By using these, you can ascertain if this company if for you.

Without further ado, let us start this ‘Is Strata Trust Company A Scam?’ article.

Strata Trust Company Review Quick Summary

Name: Strata Trust Company


President: Kelli Celik

Account minimum: $50,000

Fees: Depends on account

Promotion: Free silver 

Rating: 3/5

Strata Logo

What is Strata Trust Company?

Strata Website

For its history, Strata Trust Company was founded way back 2008. Formerly, it was known as the Self Directed IRA Services Inc. Under the wings of the bigger company, Horizon Bank, this firm started doing business right away.

Some time later, they re-branded into their current name, Strata Trust Company. By 2010, they positioned themselves securely in the industry by allowing institutional services. As such, they allow investors to invest in self-directed IRAs.

With self-directed IRAs, you are able to invest in properties ranging from precious metals such as gold and silver to stocks and assets. In addition, you are able to monitor movement of other assets on the market. For example, ETFs and mutual funds.

Currently, Strata Trust (re-branded again in 2017) has well over $3 billion in assets. Also, it is good that this custodian has a lot of connections to reputable bullion dealers. As such, business transaction are smoother than other firms.

Next, this company boasts to having ingenious solutions to your IRA problems. For instance, they have many offerings for you in terms of gold IRA. Plus, they employ the usage of the latest technologies to protect your assets.

Nevertheless, this article will unravel everything there is to know about Strata Trust. Put side by side, how does it compare to the giants of the IRA industry.

Moving on, to skip to my recommended firm, do click here. This will direct you to my review about Augusta Precious Metals, the best gold IRA firm out there.

Offered Services

By 2020, Strata Trust empowers their 40,000 investors with knowledge and service pertaining IRAs. Just by this statistic, you can tell that this company is confident about its work ethic and processes.

Are you itching to know what services there are the mostly suits your needs? Well, please take a look at all the offerings Strata Trust have in store for you.

  • Precious Metals IRA – First off, this is among the top IRA accounts that investors wants a piece of. From gold and silver to the more abundant platinum and palladium, you have the power to choose. Admirably, you can buy and sell metals while not incurring taxes! Do remember, however, that there are certain regulations about this set by the IRS. Lastly, metal storage at home is not allowed!
  • Real Estates – For retirees, this might be the best one for you. Essentially, you buy and acquire ownership of several physical assets. To cite, you can invest in a lot, commercial building, large facilities, and public property. Consequently, this requires knowledge and extensive experience about property management.
  • Private Equity – Quite frankly, there are a lot of problems regarding buying and trading stocks. For that reason, private equities exists. This allows one to use the assets of his self-directed IRAs for assets that are not on the stock exchange. Similarly, it operates like the real estate one by which supplemental knowledge is imperative.
  • Others – Commendably, Strata Trust offers their investors a lot of options for their individual retirement accounts. To illustrate, one can invest in private debts, structured elements like government bonds, and crowdfunding.

Prices and Fees

For the IRA-related fees, please take a look at the following image from Strata Trust Company's website.

Strata Fees

How Does It Work?

Being an IRA custodian, Strata Trust Company provides services centered around investment opportunities. Therefore, you must first examine yourself if you have the potential and necessary knowledge needed before starting.

Most importantly, you have to make an effort on understanding the IRA account you chose. For this reason, Strata Trust allows you to gain knowledge using their numerous blogs, articles, and videos.

After everything, if you are sure about your decision, you need to follow these to start investing:

  • Choose and open your account – To start, you have the choices from precious metals, basic, and flex IRAs. If you are unsure about what to pick, I suggest reading this article of mine.
  • Fund your IRA – Coming up next, you need to transfer funds into your account to accommodate your assets. As such, you can either do a direct deposit, a rollover, or annual contributions.
  • Monitor your account – After which, you can now monitor the performance of your account. On top of this, you can now engage in various business transactions such as purchasing metals, acquiring properties, etc.

A quick note, if you are inclined with having a precious metals IRA, you can store them at partner depositories. Strata Trust Company strongly suggests choosing Brinks Global Services or Delaware Depository for this service.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Now, here is something that Strata Trust Company must improve. Right off the bat, one may be dismayed by the lack of reliable and excellent reviews. In my book, that is certainly a big red flag.

Nevertheless, I was still baffled that on a reliable organization, they received a dreary rating while having an entirely different setting on another. These mixed reviews may confuse customers and will lead them to find another alternative due to the firm’s inconsistency.

Pros and Cons


  • Services are varied and commendable
  • Self-directed IRAs’ information are unbiased and simple
  • In the industry for quite a time
  • Secure depositories
  • Transparency is one of their best suits


  • Mixed reviews
  • Inconsistent online presence
  • No reason cited for re-branding
  • Poor customer service
  • High account minimum start-up

Is Investing Here Worth It?

To conclude, this 'Is Strata Trust Company A Scam?' article gives valuable input regarding this firm. Overall, this company is not a scam and offers self-directed IRA services.

First off, they have varied IRA services available. Furthermore, you have the option to invest in several assets such as precious metals and bonds. As such, this becomes a way to diversify your portfolio.

Additionally, they have quite the arsenal in terms of educational materials. Fortunately, they also have partnerships with reputable depositories such as Delaware Depository.

However, there are still some red flags about this company. For its major concern, its online presence has inconsistent reviews. Plus, they are rumored to have poor customer service.

Bottom-line, this company is a legit IRA custodian. But, there are other better alternatives. As an example, Augusta Precious Metals has maintained their spot as the top gold IRA firm in the industry.

As usual, I thank you for reading this 'Is Strata Trust Company A Scam?' article. For any comments and suggestions, do leave them in the appropriate section below.

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