iTrustCapital Review (Can You Actually Trust It?) (Updated 2022)

January 22, 2022

iTrustCapital Review

Welcome to my iTRrustCapital Review.

(UPDATED 2022)

If you are looking for a platform where you can purchase gold and cryptocurrencies, then this iTrustCapital Review is what you need.

It will reveal everything you need to know about this company. Is it a scam? Or can you actually trust this company?

Let's find out, shall we?

iTrustCapital Review Quick Summary

Name: iTrustCapital


Founder and COO: Blake Skadron

Price: Varies depending on your investments

Rating: 3/5

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What is iTrustCapital?

iTrustCapital is a digital asset IRA trading platform created by various industry leaders in the alternative and IRA industry.

It aims to help investors in purchasing cryptocurrencies and gold through their retirement accounts.

iTrustCapital Gold

If you’re going to work with iTrustCapital, you will also come across Kitco Metals Inc.

Kitco is a known precious metals dealer and the best service and device provider that’s famous for refining and understanding minerals.

It is also known to involve itself with high-tech manufacturing processes. 

iTrustCapital makes use of Tradewind’s technology for settlement, ownership of precious metals, and digitizing trading.

Tradewind incorporates top-class exchange technology and VaultChain blockchain made for precious metals.

Royal Canadian Mint Stores keep and secure your physical gold and the ownership will be recorded digitally. You can always visit your precious metals at the storage facility if you wish to do so.

iTrustCapital Costs

There are various fees that need to be paid if you buy gold from a traditional Gold IRA company. For iTrustCapital, you will be asked to pay two fees only, these go for gold investment or crypto.

For starters, there is a monthly account fee of $29.95, this will be billed to your credit card. The first billing will be received after the application is completed. The subsequent fees will reflect on the same day monthly. The fee per transaction is $50 dollars or 1%.

The said fees cover these:

  • Setting up an IRA with iTrustCustodial Services 
  • Tax Reporting
  • Unlimited storage for gold
  • Costs for maintaining and supporting the platform
  • Funding IRA with rollover, transfer or cash contribution

How to get started?

To get started, you first need to set up a free basic account on iTrustCapital’s website. You will see and learn more with your account.

The next thing you’ll do is to schedule a conversation with an iTrustCapital representative, they’ll help you decide whether you need a traditional, SEP, or Roth IRA. 

Once you click the “Start Application” icon, you will need a couple of questions and upload an official statement from the institution used to fund your IRA.

Next, you just need to choose a beneficiary, enter your credit card number, and read all the final documents. Then you’re done. It takes seven days for your funds to be released after they’re clear with Sunwest Trust.

iTrustCapital Ratings and Reviews

iTrustCapital’s Trustpilot rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Facebook reviews give them 2.3 stars.

Although Better Business Bureau has not rated them, the Business Consumer Alliance rated them its superior AAA.

Moreover, the company received a thumbs-up rating from ScamAdviser

There are no discovered complaints towards iTrustCapital, the company often receives positive reviews only. 

iTrustCapital Pros and Cons


  • Fees are posted on the website
  • No storage fees
  • Minimum account of $1000
  • No account set up fee


  • Limited cryptocurrencies
  • Lacks ratings and reviews
  • Not BBB rated

Is iTrustCapital a scam?

To conclude this iTrustCapital review, let's answer this question. iTrustCapital is not a scam. It is a legitimate and genuine company and platform that offers good services.

Moreover, it is founded by professionals and experienced investors in the industry.

iTrustCapital's services and their costs are good and the company overall, do its best to help its clients.

It is quite unfortunate though that it still lacks ratings and reviews since its competitors are very rated online.

If you prefer a company with excellent ratings and reviews, check out my top recommendation below.

Thank you so much for reading my iTrustCapital Review. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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