New Direction IRA Review (Is It A Scam?) (2022)

April 1, 2022

New Direction IRA Review

In this New Direction IRA Review, we look at the company, its products, what we liked and didn't like about them, and whether or not we would use them to invest in gold or a gold-backed IRA.

Without further ado, let's start this New Direction IRA Review.

New Direction IRA Review Quick Summary

Name: New Direction IRA

Founder and CEO: Bill Humphrey

Price: Varies

Rating: 3/5

New Direction IRA Review


New Direction IRA – What Is It?

New Direction IRA was formed by Bill Humphrey and Catherine Wynne, with the latter serving as president and the former as CEO.

Since its founding, the company has amassed more than $600 million in assets, with 8,000 customers as of this writing.

The company primarily provides clients with self-directed IRAs for their investments, but it also offers other products and services such as real estate and precious metals.

As a result, its clients have a variety of possibilities for growing their money based on their retirement accounts in order to prepare for the future.

It's also worth noting that this firm offers an online tool called myDirection, which makes it easier for investors.

This service is used to provide access to new clients who have opened a precious metals IRA account. It enables investors to pay real estate bills online, check transaction history without difficulty, and take use of other incredible features.

As of now, New Direction IRA has met clients' expectations in terms of adequately responding to their inquiries.

Transaction finance and asset documentation are also up to their clients' standards, giving them an advantage over other gold IRA firms.

What Offers Does New Direction IRA Have?

As a self-directed IRA custodian, New Direction IRA focuses on providing investing opportunities to its clients.

You may rely on this company for crucial pieces of information before you invest your time and money in it if you lack the understanding and experience in this type of investing.

After all, it's pointless to take chances when the odds are stacked against you. Most essential, you should not attempt to begin an investment without first gathering appropriate knowledge.

This is why New Direction IRA makes every effort to educate investors before they engage in this form of investment.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding this financial organization is that it allows investors to have complete control over their tax-free retirement savings.

Investors, on the other hand, have the option to put their money in an alternate asset.

Overall, the company's primary purpose is to educate and guide investors so that they can maximize their investment returns.

New Direction IRA Has A Lot of Positive Aspects

If you're looking for a gold IRA firm to deal with, it's a good idea to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various possibilities.

The following are some of this investing firm's advantages:

1. Business Longevity?

This firm has been in the investing business for more than ten years, and its employees are experts at informing potential clients about the products and services available.

New Direction IRA is quite commendable in terms of providing utmost help and imparting knowledge to investors.

2. BBB Rating: Excellent

Those wishing to do business with a firm frequently look up the company's reputation with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB.

New Direction IRA has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is a mark of excellence in terms of product quality, service, and capacity to resolve consumer problems.

3. Processing time is short

Transactions are finalized quickly, which relieves the burden of clients who do not want to wait long after a contract has been agreed upon.

Funding is prompt, and customers are certain that their transactions will be completed as soon as the funds are received.

Few Flaws of New Direction IRA

1. Insufficient Information About The Company

Despite providing clients with the basic information they require before investing their money, the organization fails to provide detailed information about its history and past.

This is critical for potential investors, as they must ensure that they are working with a legal and trustworthy gold IRA firm.

2. Authority Ratings Are Lacking

While the BBB has awarded New Direction IRA an A+ rating, this isn't enough when looking for an investing firm to engage with.

Unfortunately, other respectable sources such as TrustLink and BCA, which investors consult before selecting a company to do business with, do not currently provide reviews or ratings.

Rankings, Complaints and Customer Reviews

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Since September 14, 2004, New Direction IRA has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau. This indicates that the company has met the BBB's accreditation requirements.

Furthermore, the BBB has given it an A+ rating for its ability to resolve and respond to client complaints.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

The Business Consumer Alliance has not yet assigned a rating to New Direction IRA. This is a result from having no customer complaints lodged there.


People use TrustLink to find out more about companies they want to work with. There are currently no reviews from prior customers available.

Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report, an online source for fair and unfiltered business reviews, has received no complaints about this organization.

Final Thoughts on the New Direction IRA

New Direction IRA is a company that focuses on self-directed IRA client education. 

Prompt transactions, free and useful information on self-directed IRAs, and a high BBB rating are just a few of the advantages of choosing this organization.

There are, however, some disadvantages to consider before making any major financial decisions.

There are no reviews or ratings from former customers or authoritative sources for this company. Past client experiences are one of the best indicators to look for in an investment firm, yet they are missing in this situation.

Thank you for reading this New Direction IRA Review. If you have any comments, please leave them on the comments section below.

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