Is Fisher Precious Metals A Scam? (Reviewed!) (Updated 2023)

August 15, 2023

Is Fisher Precious Metals A Scam

Welcome to my "Is Fisher Precious Metals A Scam?" review!

(UPDATED 2023)

If you wish to purchase precious metal products from this company, then you should probably finish reading this review first.

Here, you will find out almost everything you need to know about them. Are they legit? Or is Fisher Precious Metals a scam?

Let's get started.

Fisher Precious Metals Review Quick Summary

Name: Fisher Precious Metals

Founders: John and Lynn Fisher

Price: Varies depending on your investments

Rating: 4/5

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What is Fisher Precious Metals?

Fisher Precious Metals is a precious metals company that was established in 1995 by the married couple, John and Lynn Fisher. This family-run business operates in Florida, USA.

Both John and Lynn started investing in precious metals back in 1993. This proves that they already have nearly three decades of experience in the gold industry.

In the company, they treat all their buyers and clients tight like family; this way, they create a sense of trust with their clients and cultivate that, that's how they want to run their business.

The company strives to focus on the customers' real interest and give them quality service.

They only give out honest advice, ones they really believe in. Moreover, they're very precise with their requirements; for instance, they only accept people in their company who have physical gold or silver.

One thing about this company is its workers don't earn a commission, meaning they don't make extra from what you purchase.

The business has been running for over a decade and won the award for the USA Bullion Dealer of the Year of 2018.

Fisher Precious Metals Products

The company offers these products - investment-grade physical silver, gold, platinum, or palladium.

Fisher Precious Metals' website has a product catalog that shows a complete list of the precious metals that they offer including the following:

  • Gold
    • US Gold Coins
    • Australian Gold
    • Canadian Gold
    • Gold Bars
    • Popular World Gold Coins
    • Certified Gold Coins
    • IRA-Eligible Gold Products
  • Silver
    • US Silver Eagles
    • Australian Silver
    • Canadian Silver
    • Silver Rounds
    • Silver Bars
    • 90% Silver
    • Silver Dollars
    • World Silver Coins
    • IRA-Eligible Silver Products
  • Platinum
    • Platinum Coins
    • Platinum Bars
  • Palladium
    • Palladium Coins
    • Palladium Bars

If you want to step up your game and purchase more luxurious products, they also have diamonds and other jewelries.

How to buy from Fisher Precious Metals?


Currently, Fisher Precious Metals disabled their e-commerce website where you can add products to your "Cart" and order online. This is due to an extremely high demand of their precious metals.

So right now, the only way for you to conduct a purchase transaction with them is to call them via phone.

But you can still check out their product catalog on their website and you can also see the prices of their products.

Payment Methods

Fisher Precious Metals accepts several payment methods which you can find below.

Bank Wire

This is the preferred payment method in Fisher Precious Metals since it providers a faster way of transacting your orders. Bank wire payments must be processed within 24 hours after receiving the gold company's bank information.

They do not accept ACH transfers.

Discount: 4% Discount relative to Credit Card pricing.

Minimum: $1,000

Maximum: $150,000

Credit Card

Fisher Precious Metals accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Credit card orders are cleared once it is recognized as Paid by Fisher Precious Metals' system. This usually happens within one business day.

Furthermore, credit card payments are required to go through Fisher Precious Metals' Fraud Prevention Team.

They do not accept American Express (AMEX) or debit cards as a form of payment.

Discount: None

Minimum: $1,000

Maximum: $2,500


Fisher Precious Metals accepts bitcoin payments through Bitpay. This type of payment clears immediately upon checking out your order.

Discount: 3% Discount relative to Credit Card pricing.

Minimum: $100.00

Maximum: $10,000.00

Paper Check

Since there are a lot of fraudulent money orders and cashier’s checks, Fisher Precious Metals want to make sure that your paper check payments are cleared in their bank account.

It usually takes7 to 10 business days for paper check payments to be cleared. Afterwards, Fisher Precious Metals will then ship your orders.

Paper check payments must be mailed within 1 day after placing your order and must be received by Fisher Precious Metals within 10 days. Failure to do so will lead to the cancellation of your order.

Discount: 4% Discount relative to credit card pricing.

Minimum: $1,000

Maximum: $2,500


Fisher Precious Metals ship large orders via Brinks. As for smaller orders, the gold company uses FedEx, UPS or USPS Registered Mail.

All packages are shipped with full insurance through Lloyds of London insurance policy or through Brinks. So rest assured that you will be compensated if ever your orders are lost or damaged in transit.

As for their shipping handling fees, they depend on the size of your orders.

  • 15 oz.+ of Gold - Free shipping and insurance
  • 500 oz.+ of Silver - Free shipping and insurance
  • All other orders - $9.99 shipping and insurance

Fisher Precious Metals IRA Services

Although Fisher Precious Metals is not an IRA custodian, they can help you with your IRA account through their partnership with their preferred IRA custodian, New Direction IRA.

But if you want to choose a different company for your IRA account, they'll give you that freedom.

Furthermore, Fisher Precious Metals offer various IRA-eligible precious metals for your self-directed IRA.

To avail their IRA services, just contact the company and their representatives will help you out.

Storage Services

Owning precious metals calls for a safe and secure storage for them. Fisher Precious Metals work with renowned depositories to provide storage services for their clients.

Here are the depositories they work with and recommend for storage:

  • IDS Delaware
  • IDS Canada - Toronto
  • SWP (Strategic Wealth Preservation) - Grand Cayman

The fees you will pay for storage varies depending on your chosen depository company where you will store your metals.

Therefore the prices aren't found here. You can ask your depository company for the info. 

Fisher Precious Metals IRA Buyback

If you want to liquidate your precious metals and sell them for cash, you can do so with Fisher Precious Metals. They accept any gold and silver products you have,

Even better, they offer a buyback guarantee when you buy a product from them.

They assure you that you will get the best prices for your precious metals. To get started, you just need to give them a call and inform them. Once you have set a deal and a price for your precious metals, you have to ship them to Fisher Precious Metals.


Fisher Precious Metals is available to assist you through phone or email on weekdays.

They will respond to your inquiries in 48 hours and you can even talk with John, the owner, himself, if you would like him to assist you personally.

A lot of online reviews about the company recommend them and acknowledge the great service the company gives. 

Visit their website, there you will find different reading materials and advice for the precious metals such as the factors you should consider before doing business with a dealer.

Fisher Precious Metals Ratings and Reviews (Updated for 2022)

Fisher Precious Metals appears to have ratings and reviews from just a couple websites. Here are some of them:

  • BBB - 5 out of 5 rating based on 10 reviews, A+ rating, BBB accredited since 2011
  • Yelp - 5 out of 5 rating based on 29 reviews
  • Angie's List - 5 out of 5 based on 14 reviews

Fisher Precious Metals Pros and Cons


  • Great reviews and ratings online
  • Has a wide selection of products
  • Good customer support


  • Still lacks ratings and reviews compared to some other precious metal dealers

Is Fisher Precious Metals a scam?

Obviously, Fisher Precious Metals is not a scam. It is legit precious metals company with a good reputation. Moreover, it provides good products and services.

Its customer support is also very good. Even if it has a few ratings and reviews, they are still good since they are 5 out of 5 stars. However, there are other companies that excel in online ratings and reviews.

If you wish to know my top recommendation, check it out below.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Fisher Precious Metals A Scam?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Anis is a digital marketing expert that enjoys writing blogs and helping people avoid scams online; he is passionate about investing in real estate and gold; in his free time, Anis loves playing football, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends.

By the way, if you are tired of scams and want to invest with a legit gold company, check out my 6 top legit gold IRA companies of 2023!


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