What Is Heartland Precious Metals? (Is It Legit?) (Updated 2022)

March 18, 2022

What Is Heartland Precious Metals

Hello! Welcome to my "What Is Heartland Precious Metals?" review!


Did you just discover Heartland Precious Metals and want to invest in this company? Well, before doing any actions, I suggest that you should read this whole review to find out what you will be getting into.

After all, we are talking about investments. It is very important to entrust it with a trustworthy and excellent firm.

Is Heartland Precious Metals legit? Or is it a scam you need to avoid? Here is the truth...

Heartland Precious Metals Review Quick Summary

Name: Heartland Precious Metals

Website: https://heartlandrarecoingallery.com/

Founder: Paul Montgomery

Price: Varies, depending on your investment

Rating: 3/5

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What is Heartland Precious Metals?

What Is Heartland Precious Metals website homepage

Let's start this review with an introduction of this company. Heartland Precious Metals, as its name says, is a precious metals firm and dealer based in Oklahoma.

It is also known as Heartland Rare Coins and Collectibles since it provides these products for its clients. Heartland was founded by its owner, Paul Montgomery.

If you don't know him, he is a veteran and a professional in the precious metals industry, which makes the company in good hands.

Furthermore, Paul is confident that with his experiences and expertise, he can provide all the needs of the company's clients.

Owner: Paul Montgomery

Since we have established that Heartland Precious Metals is owned by someone who has been in the industry for a long time, let's get some more information about him. What makes Paul different from the others?

Here are 4 things that he promises to anyone who will give their trust to Heartland Precious Metals.

  1. The Heartland Precious Metals team won't be earning any commission from the products that they will sell to you. Their responsibility is to serve you and give you what you deserve and need.
  2. Paul also promises that the company will buy back the products that you bought from them.
  3. You will not receive any invitation to buy any investments that are not fit for you and your portfolio.
  4. The Heartland Precious Metals company aims to be transparent and completely open to its clients about the prices and fees, both buying and selling products.

What are its products and services? How to get started?

Heartland Precious Metals provide two services: selling and buying precious metals. Clients can purchase the products they need to add into their investment portfolios. Moreover, the company offers rare coins and collectibles, which collectors out there will surely be excited about.

Here are the ways for you to get started.

1. Buying precious metals from them

Unlike other precious metals companies, Heartland does not have any means for its clients to purchase products from its website. The way for you to purchase is to contact the company through the number, (405) 696-3358.

Payments are accepted through the following:

  • Personal checks
  • Bank wire
  • Cashiers check
  • Money order

Currently, credit and debit cards are not accepted. Moreover, if you are a U.S. citizen, you can only purchase a maximum of $1000 worth of products. On the other hand, Canadian citizens can buy up to $2500 worth of precious metals.

All orders are sent with a return policy.

2. Selling precious metals to them

You are also given the opportunity to sell your precious metals to Heartland Precious Metals. Again, all you have to do is to contact them.

Moreover, your products must be at least $1000 worth.

If you are asking if it offers IRA services, the answer is no. Heartland only provides products.

How is the Heartland Precious Metals support?

One thing I would like to check in reviewing precious metals companies are their support. In the case of Heartland, the support is quite impressive. Additionally, Paul ensures that the company will really cater to the clients' needs.

You can always contact them if you need help. On the other side of the story, Heartland Precious Metals does not have a live chat feature, which other companies possess.

Ratings and Reviews

As for its ratings and reviews and online presence, Heartland Precious Metals only has BBB. There are no complaints, while there is 1 review.

Moreover, its BBB rating is impressive and is BBB accredited since 2019.

However, the downside is that, that's the only review and rating online! Other companies have a lot of them, which can help you make you decision.

What Is Heartland Precious Metals BBB Rating
What Is Heartland Precious Metals BBB Review

Pros and Cons


  • The support is excellent
  • Free shipping and insurance
  • Buy back program
  • The owner is a professional in the precious metals industry
  • BBB accredited
  • Good BBB rating


  • Does not accept credit and debit cards
  • Not much information on its website
  • Only has one rating and review online
  • The minimum amount of purchase is $1000.
  • The company is still faily small.
  • No Gold IRAs

Is Heartland Precious Metals a scam?

No, Heartland Precious Metals is not a scam. It is a legit company that has been in business for more than 11 years. Moreover, it was created by a professional in the industry, Paul Montgomery.

However, compared to other companies, Heartland Precious Metals is fairly small. In fact, its online presence is composed of only one rating and review. The website does not have much information too.

If you are not pleased or satisfied with this company, you can always check out the top recommended firm today! You can check it out below.

Thank you so much for reading my "What is Heartland Precious Metals?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask them below in the comments section.

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