Alhambra Coin Center Review (Is It A Scam?) (Updated 2023)

May 23, 2023

Alhambra Coin Center Review

Hello! Welcome to my Alhambra Coin Center Review!

(UPDATED 2023)

Precious metals in the form of either coins or bullion is becoming more popular nowadays, especially during these difficult times wherein currencies might be affected as a result economic collapse.

To get these types of precious metals, you must look for a trusted and excellent dealer. One of these dealers is Alhambra Coin Center. However, we still do not know if it is legit or a scam...

That's what we are about to find out in this Alhambra Coin Center Review! Without any further ado, let's get started.

Alhambra Coin Center Review Quick Summary

Alhambra Coin Center Review logo

Name: Alhambra Coin Center

Founders: Malcolm and Jay Varner

Type: Coins marketplace

Prices: Varies

Rating: 4/5

Trust Rating
Customer Support

What is Alhambra Coin Center?

Alhambra Coin Center Review website homepage

Alhambra Coin Center is a dealer and marketplace for coins, numismatics, bullion, jewelry and antiques.

It was founded in 1975 by two brothers, Malcolm and Jay, who are both experts in the precious metals industry, especially in numismatics and rare coins.

Alhambra Coin Center is based in a suburb in Los Angeles called, Alhambra. Since it was created, Alhambra Coin Center has grown to become a central hub for both the public and dealers for these products.

It only started dealing in coins, numismatics and bullion. But because of the business' commitment to professionalism, service and ethics, it has expanded by dealing jewelry and antiques.

Alhambra Coin Center Affiliations

  • Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG)
  • American Numismatic Association (ANA)
  • Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corp (NGC)

Who are the owners?

Now, let's get to know the owners who are behind the creation of Alhambra Coin Center.

Below is a picture of Malcom and Jay Varner, with their descriptions, taken directly from Alhambra Coin Center's website.

Alhambra Coin Center Review owners

Alhambra Coin Center Products

Alhambra Coin Center offers a wide range of coins, antiques, jewelry and watches.

Its website has a catalog that shows the available products that you can buy. Moreover, the website provides the prices of each product, which is very convenient for the customers.

The catalog includes various coins made from copper, nickel, silver, gold and many more.

How does it work?

Alhambra Coin Center designed the process of buying from them. You can either go to its physical address. Or you can buy online.

You just need to create an account on their website then you can gain access to their product catalog. The products are shown, along with their prices.

Similar to other e-commerce websites, you can add the products to your own cart then proceed to your payment.

Once they have received your item, the company will ship your orders. For payment and shipping details, continue reading below.

Expert Selections

By visiting the Alhambra Coin Center website, there is a tab called "Ask The Experts". If you wish to sell a product that the business might be interested in, this is where you should go.

Alhambra Coin Center is also very much willing to buy your coins from you if you want to liquidate them.

They offer fair prices for your products and the process is very simple.

Here is the process that you need to accomplish. You will also see the form below that you need to fill up.

Alhambra Coin Center Review Experts Selection Process
Alhambra Coin Center Review Experts Selection Form

Shipping Information

According to Alhambra Coin Center's website, they offer free shipping on all of the purchases made via the website.

The moment that they receive your payment, your ordered products will then be shipped within 3 business days. Moreover, the shipping company may vary depending on the total value of your order.

Orders with a total value under $500, will be shipped via United States Postal Service. If it goes over $500, then they will be shipped through Federal Express.

Either way, all of your orders are fully insured. Furthermore, an adult's signature is required upon delivery.


As for the payment, Alhambra Coin Center accepts Paypal, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) through secure Paypal processing.

Moreover, personal or business checks are acceptable. However, cashier checks or money orders are not.

Alhambra Coin Center Website

Alhambra Coin Center's website does not just include services, but also educational pages.

They have a blog. However, it is still empty. It is still probably a new feature and hopefully, the company will add blog contents soon.

Other than that, the homepage has an area where it shows the current prices of precious metals, currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Alhambra Coin Center Ratings and Reviews

Below, I shall enumerate the ratings and reviews of Alhambra Coin Center from various websites.

  • BBB - A+ rating, no reviews and not BBB accredited
  • Yelp - 4 out of 5 stars rating based on 68 reviews
  • Birdeye - 4 out of 5 stars rating based on 225 reviews

Here in Your Gold IRA Guide, ratings and reviews of a company play an important role in determining whether they are good or not.

This is because they give you an idea about the company's products and services, as well as their legitimacy. Alhambra Coin Center has a fairly good ratings and reviews. However, it is relatively small compared to other companies.

Moreover, it is not yet BBB accredited.

Check out the best online gold bullion dealers right here which are highly rated in the industry.

Pros and Cons


  • The business has a proven history
  • A lot of positive reviews
  • No complaints so far
  • The owners are experts in the industry
  • It is has excellent affiliations
  • Service is great


  • No IRA services
  • The website lacks information and under-developed
  • Not BBB accredited

Is Alhambra Coin Center a scam?

To conclude this Alhambra Coin Center review, it is time to know if it is a scam or not.

Fortunately, Alhambra Coin Center is a legit precious metals dealer. It has been providing services and products since 1975. If it was a scam, then it would have been exposed and shut down already.

Moreover, there are no complaints about it that you can find online, which is a very good thing. Alhambra Coin Center also has affiliations that really back up its legitimacy.

The only concerns we have are minor, such as the website and BBB accreditation.

If you wish to invest in a better firm, then you have to check out the top recommended company in the next section!

Thank you so much for reading my Alhambra Coin Center Review! If you have any questions, comments or experiences with it, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Anis is a digital marketing expert that enjoys writing blogs and helping people avoid scams online; he is passionate about investing in real estate and gold; in his free time, Anis loves playing football, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends.

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