Bullion Shark Review: Scam or Okay? (Nov 2022 Update)

November 6, 2022

Bullion Shark Review

Hello! Welcome to my Bullion Shark Review(Updated 11/2022)

Is Bullion Shark a scam? Well...

Countless people are starting to look for a reliable and trustworthy firm to source their bullion from this year, especially after all the talk of war in the east and high inflation.

In this Bullion Shark Review, we will get to know their pros and cons and find out if they're actually worth their salt or not.

So, without any further ado, let's jump in:

Bullion Shark Review Quick Summary

Name: Bullion Shark

President: Nicholas Adamo

Rating: 4/5

Bullion Shark Review logo

What is Bullion Shark?

Bullion Shark Review website homepage

We shall begin this Bullion Shark Review by getting some background information about the company:

Founded in 2014, Bullion Shark is a family-run business revolving around precious metals. They offer a wide range of precious metals: bullion bars as well as coins (including collectible, rare and numismatic pieces).

Furthermore, Bullion Shark operates a retail outlet, website and an eBay store.

Apart from its high quality products, Bullion Shark offers various services such as giving advice, organizing your IRA, among others. In addition to that, the company has experienced specialists who can cater to customers' needs.

Bullion Shark Products and Services

Services and Products Available

  • Numismatic coins
  • Bullion coins
  • Bullion bars
  • Investment/Retirement Vehicles

Metals offered: Gold, silver, platinum, copper

Brands: All major brands and numismatics

Pricing: Varies

Online orders

People can order online via Bullion Shark's website. It's safe and secure. Moreover, payments can be made via debit card, credit card, Paypal, check or bank order.

The website has a catalog that contains a variety of bullion and numismatics (modern and classic rarities).

Furthermore, orders above $99 qualify for free shipping! All of the orders are securely packaged and are fully insured.

Gold and Silver IRA?

Bullion Shark also offers help with setting up and organizing your precious metals in your "IRA" profile. They can oversee a smooth rollover.

Apart from that, Bullion Shark has experienced specialists and expert partners to help customers and carry out their needs efficiently.

Free Appraisals

Bullion Shark also offers free appraisals of bullion bars, coins and other products.

They seem to be in a position to pay fair prices for any pre-owned precious metals, whether you bought them from them or from another competitor.

How to get started?

The process of getting started with Bullion Shark is designed to be user-friendly and simple.

First and foremost, you create an account on their website.

Then you can start choosing the products you want and place your order. Afterwards, it's time for the payment. You should wait for a couple of days to receive the products you have ordered.

You can also contact Bullion Shark to ask for assistance.

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Trust Rating (Updated Nov 2022)

So, how are their ratings? Well, according to the BBB, they still have an "A+" rating in 2022...

Bullion Shark BBB Rating (November 2020)

BUT their customer reviews rating has dropped from 4.62 out 5 to only 3.82 out of 5 based on 29 customer reviews... 

...and it appears that 6 reviews have mysteriously disappeared! Perhaps they were deemed fake and removed as a result? We can't say for sure, but it does look a little fishy, does it not?

Reviews and Complaints (2022 Update!)

What about their customer reviews? Do they have any complaints?

Well, take a look for yourself:

Bullion Shark Review (Updated for 2021)

Yikes! Great to know...

Anything else?

2022 UPDATE - Well, we found a new one star review from August of this year (2022), what did they have to say about Bullion Shark? Well, let us take a look...

Bullion Shark BBB Customer Review From August 2022

Sounds sketchy.

Rather work with someone else? Then click here to see a TOP recommended gold dealer with high reviews.

Here are some older reviews that seem a bit more favorable, but they are older... so maybe something has changed since then... take them with a grain of salt-

Bullion Shark Review 1
Bullion Shark Review 2
Bullion Shark Review 3
Bullion Shark Review 4
Bullion Shark Review 5

Pros and Cons

Here are some "pros and cons" of Bullion Shark:


  • Excellent customer support
  • High quality products
  • Offers refunds
  • Free appraisals
  • A+ BBB rating


  • Limited information on their website
  • Not the most trust ratings or reviews
  • New 1 out of 5 rating on BBB

Is Bullion Shark a scam?

To conclude this Bullion Shark Review, let's answer this question:

"Is Bullion Shark a scam?"

Bullion Shark seems to be nowhere near to being a scam. It is a legit precious metals company with great products and services.

Moreover, it has experienced experts in the precious metals industry. Apart from that, we have not encountered any negative complaints about the company! So far, so good.

That said, if you want to see the top recommended precious metals firm, then click here!

Thank you so much for reading my Bullion Shark Review! If you have any comments, questions or experiences with Bullion Shark, feel free to share them below in the comments section!

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  1. If you're planning on purchasing a graded coin from them I recommend verifying the certification code through the respective grading agency. I was looking at a PCGS graded ASE on their site that they have listed as a different type of graded coin than what came back after running the code through PCGS verification service. After closer inspection of the photo, you can clearly see that the grading label had been photoshopped. The item description on the slab label matched the listing on their site for "2021-W Proof Silver Eagle PCGS PR70 DCAM – Thomas Cleveland", but the PCGS code (41721325) below it on the same label was for a "2021-W Proof Silver Eagle Type 1 First Strike PCGS PR70 DCAM – Thomas Cleveland", a coin of lesser value. Very shady and misleading business practice, and I would've been furious had I actually purchased this coin.

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