Invest In Gold Quotes (2022)

April 17, 2022


Even since the dawn of time, humans have been fascinated by the idea of using and owning gold. For some, it is a measure of wealth, status, and power.

While for others, it is something that can be beneficial and useful in a multitude of ways. Whatever reason it may be, gold has been touted as a prized resource of our civilization.

Aside from these reasons, a lot of people are tantalized by gold, specially when it comes in coins and bars, because of their innate economical value.

Take your time reading this article I have written entitled 'Invest In Gold Quotes'. You might be looking at different and potential sellers and investors of gold after this good read!

Gold - A Timeless Resource

The very first explorers of the ancient world, the Spaniards, have met a lot of unique people and culture. And when they arrived at "New World", it was nothing unlike what they saw in all the places they have travelled.

The people had their own culture, a language that the Spaniards can't understand, and several other differences you have think of. The only thing they had in common was their adoration for gold.

Nowadays, gold is continually being partnered with ideals such as wealth, standing, and accolades. They are also an integral part of jewelries that emphasizes beauty and elegance.

The first usage of gold as a medium of exchange, or money, dates back about 6 000 years ago. In our time, gold is present in our bullions (bars), coins, or backing (added element) to some our bills.

It is quite remarkable that gold has retain its reputation as a reliable form of currency all this time.

Gold As Investment

You may already have an investment of some form, which is really great! Any effort to save for the future and generate wealth is always a welcomed action.

If you still haven't invested in gold, then here are some reasons that might persuade you in reading more about gold investements.

1. Powerful and Reliable Hedge

Are you afraid of any trouble that might come when investing in gold? Dreading any inflations, currency fluctuations, and economic upheavals? Then gold truly is suited for you.

Should you choose to invest in gold, you would not worry about incurring major losses should any of these worrisome activities do happen in the future because gold will retain its value.

A top firm can help you better understand this concept. A reputable gold IRA firm is willing to help and answer your questions regarding this unique characteristic of investing in gold.

2. Easy to Manage and Liquidate

You might be thinking about its capability to be liquidated if a need arises in the future. Then worry not because investment in gold forms can be liquidated easily. 

If you require an urgent boost in cash, a lot of gold investors and buyers alike would want to acquire your gold.

3. Tangibility

If you are a complete rookie or just skimming through a lot of websites and organizations for possible ways to invest, you can put your eggs on the gold basket.

It is generally easier when compared to other forms of investments. If you want to start on your journey of investing, gold is the best way to go because it involves lesser risks.

4. Diverse and Wide Array of Options

Investing in gold is not limited to bullions and coins. There are many alternatives that might catch your fancy is these two common forms isn't up your alley.

You can invest in gold by buying shares in gold mining companies or exchange-traded funds (EFTs). You also have the option to trade and developing future contracts. 

Quotes About Investing in Gold

Below are some of the invest in gold quotes I have found that was written and spoken by several people with influence. 

1. "I like gold because it is a stabilizer, it is an insurance policy." - Kevin O'Leary, Canadian businessman and entrepreneur

2. "Gold is forever. It is beautiful, useful, and never wears out. Small wonder that gold has been prized over all else, in all ages, as a store of value that will survive the travails of life and the ravages of time." - James Blakeley, English actor

3. "Because gold is honest money it is disliked by dishonest men." - Ron Paul, American politician and physician

4. "Gold will be around, gold will be money when the dollar and the euro and the yuan and the ringgit are mere memories." - Richard Russell, American politician

5. "When paper money systems begin to crack at the seams, the run to gold could be explosive." - Harry Browne, American writer and politician

6. "The great merit of gold is precisely that it is scarce; that its quantity is limited by nature; that it is costly to discover, to mine, and to process; and that it cannot be created by political fiat or caprice." - Henry Hazlitt, American writer and journalist

7. "Never trust money more than gold." - Toba Beta, Indonesian author

8. "Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves." - Norm Franz, German writer

9. "The beauty about gold, though, is that in all states from uncertainty to conviction, it never for once gives up its luster." - Ufuoma Apoki, Nigerian author

10. "When paper money systems begin to crack at the seams, the run to gold could be explosive." - Harry Browne, American writer and politician

11. "Gold is valuable everywhere in the world and is not dependent on political systems, any specific government policy, or set of policies." - Israeli-Canadian investor

12. "If the world does well, gold will be fine. If the world doesn't do well, gold will also do fine...but a lot of other things could collapse." - Thomas Kaplan, American businessman

13. "Borrowers will default. Markets will collapse. Gold (the ultimate form of safe money) will skyrocket." - Michael Belkin, Israeli entrepreneur

14. "I see a great future for gold and silver coins as the currency people may increasingly turn to when paper currencies begin to disintegrate." - Murray Rothbard, American economist

10. "The Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules." - Ascribed from a 1967 Wizard of Id comic strip

Final Words

Gold is a smart investment because it provides diversification, currency, and liquidity benefits, serves as a store of wealth, and has a lengthy track record of protecting investors against geopolitical threats, inflation, and deflation.

Beginners can invest in gold by purchasing gold bars, coins, jewelry, gold ETFs, and mining equities.

Aside from its intrinsic value, owning and buying gold will diversify your portfolio. It will also beautify your appeal and will allow you to connect with more people of similar interests.

But, you must remember that not a single thing in this world has zero risks and chance of failure. The allure of gold and investing on it might be strong, but be wary!

You need a dependable company that can help you with the ins and outs of gold investing. Please click here if you are interested in buying or owning gold, whether in bullions or coins.

Thank you for reading my "Invest In Gold Quotes" article. Any comments is well appreciated! You can leave them at the comment section below.

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