Is Amagi Metals A Scam? (Here Is The Truth!) (Updated 2022)

April 30, 2022

Is Amagi Metals A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Amagi Metals A Scam?" review!

(UPDATED 2022)

So you are on the verge of deciding whether you will purchase precious metals from Amagi Metals or not. Furthermore, you want to make sure to answer the question, "Is Amagi Metals a scam or not?"

Well, consider yourself on the perfect Amagi Metals review because in here, you will find out and learn everything about the company.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Amagi Metals Review Quick Summary

Name: Amagi Metals


Owner: Anthem Vault (new ownership in 2015)

Price: Varies depending on your investments

Rating: 2/5

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Since getting your hands on gold products these days are quite easier because of eCommerce, scammers are also around the corners.

That is why it is very important to do your very best in researching about companies that you are interested in dealing with.

If you wish to know my review about the TOP RATED COMPANY, click here.

What is Amagi Metals?

Amagi Metals is an eCommerce precious metals dealer that provides products globally. It has branches in Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada and Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Its CEO before was Stephen Macaskill. However in 2015, it had a new ownership because Anthem Vault acquired the company.

The company's main mission is to make precious metals more accessible by making the order process a lot faster and easier.

Amagi Metals Products and Services

Amagi Metals has a wide selection of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They come in bullion and coins. There are also base metals such as copper.

Moreover, Amagi Metals offer collectible products. For now, the company does not offer any IRA services, based on my research.

If you want those IRA services, you can check out Augusta Precious Metals as it is one of their specialty!

Its website has a complete product catalog that shows all of the available products that you can buy. Moreover, you can see their respective prices.

If you still don't know your way around this industry, Augusta Precious Metals is a precious metals company that really values education.

This means that they always help their clients fully understand the industry. Moreover, they always tailor the precious metals that fit to their clients' portfolio!

How to get started?

To order from Amagi Metals, you should create an account on its website.

You will then be able to add products to your cart and purchase them. There are several payment methods accepted including check, Paypal, cryptocurrency and bank wire.

It usually takes 7 to 10 business days for your orders to arrive on your destination. While international orders take 6 weeks. Moreover, orders over $5000 receive free shipping.

Amagi Metals Ratings and Reviews (2022 Update)

Amagi Metals does not really have much ratings and reviews online. Here are the only ones that I found.

  • BBB - Not rated, not BBB accredited
  • Yelp - 3.5 out of 5 rating based on 19 reviews

Amagi Metals Pros and Cons


  • Free shipping on orders over $5000
  • Has a wide variety of products
  • Can order online


  • No IRA services
  • Lack ratings and reviews
  • The available ratings and reviews are not impressive
  • Not BBB rated and accredited

Is Amagi Metals a scam?

Amagi Metals is not a scam. It is a legit company that has been providing services and products for quite some time.

However, when we take ratings and reviews into consideration, you might want to find a better company. Amagi Metals does not have much ratings and reviews.

Moreover, it is not even BBB accredited, even if it received an A+ rating. If you prefer a company with excellent services and reputation, check out my top recommendation below.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Amagi Metals A Scam?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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