United Gold Direct Review (Scam?) (Updated Nov 2022)

November 18, 2022

United Gold Direct Review

Welcome to my United Gold Direct Review. (UPDATED NOV 2022)

If you are thinking of purchasing precious metals from this company, but you are still unsure of it, then you are in the right place.

This United Gold Direct Review contains all the vital information you need to help you with your decision.

Let's get started.

United Gold Direct Review Quick Summary

Name: United Gold Direct

Website: http://www.unitedgolddirect.com/

Price: Varies depending on your investments

Rating: 3/5

United Gold Direct Review logo

What is United Gold Direct?

United Gold Direct is a leading precious metals dealer in all 50 states of America.

This company’s corporate office is based in Westlake Village, California - a place where gold has been loved for decades.

What I found out about it

According to the review I found when I did my research, the first step to do is to invest in precious metals and the timing is crucial.

If you’re wondering when the best time is, now is the answer. The process would last for a week, sometimes it would last for three weeks, it varies depending on the IRA custodian assigned.

Paperworks are completed in United Gold Direct’s office but clients can check everything else online; if they have other concerns such as quarterly reports, they can call the company as well. 

United Gold Direct has been in business since 1996, there have been no complaints ever since its first year and for that reason, they are popular and well-respected.

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However, the records from the California Secretary of State states that the company was founded in 2009.

United Gold Direct is not like the other companies that use sleek advertising and strategies to pressure people into investing with them, instead, they advised people to always be updated on the news, specifically with the US’ economy.

The company does honest work, all transactions made between them and their clients are transparent. Commissions aren’t a thing in the company also as all their employees are salary-based.

If you ever think of investing in precious metals, be wary of scammers. The precious metals industry is swarming with them and you could be one of their victims if you don’t know what you’re doing.

United Gold Direct is one of the three approved precious metals wholesalers in all the states, their price rates are relatively lower because of low overhead.

The company does not advertise to maintain low costs, they get clients from referrals. But when you search their company on Google, advertisements will come up, that’s one thing that should be clarified in the future.

United Gold Direct Fees

Annual Storage Fees

$100 – $250 (Scaled Rate)

Initial Setup Fees

$75 or more

Minimum Purchase Amount


Annual Admin Fees


Preferred Depository

Delaware Depository

United Gold Direct Ratings and Reviews (Updated Nov 2022)

Below are some ratings and reviews of United Gold Direct as of Nov 2022:

  • BBB - A rating, 1/5 rating based on 1 review (yikes!), and they are still not BBB accredited:

And get a load of what the BBB is reporting... it sounds like the company did something really dodgy, see below:

Sounds likes they "used client funds to pay for operating expenses and other expenses"... would you want to work with someone who did something like that? This guy wouldn't...

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  • Trustlink - 5/5 rating based on 21 reviews and complaints
  • Ripoff Report - 4 reports


Let me conclude this United Gold Direct Review.

Ever since United Gold Direct has been founded, they’ve done a great job in their field, they’ve excelled, and have overcome milestones in their company.

They satisfy their customers with their precision and the zero record of complaints says a lot about that information.

However, there are some shortcomings from the company that can damage their credibility and people’s trust, one is their agent’s dishonest claims.

Another issue here is their storage fees. Despite being a wholesaler, their storage fees are strangely higher than expected.

Also, the company has some allegations of being a scam. You can check out its ratings and reviews.

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Thank you so much for reading my United Gold Direct Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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