What Is Cornerstone Bullion? (Is It A Scam?) (Updated 2023)

March 13, 2023

What Is Cornerstone Bullion

Hello! Welcome to my "What Is Cornerstone Bullion?" review!


If you are planning to start hopping in precious metals, it is of utmost importance to research first and find out whether a dealer is legit or a scam.

In this review, we will be talking about Cornerstone Bullion. What are its products? Is it legit? What is Cornerstone Bullion?

You are about to find out all of the answers right here. Without any further ado, let's get started.

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Cornerstone Bullion Review Quick Summary

Name: Cornerstone Bullion

Founder: Chad Roach

Price: Varies depending on your investment

Rating: 4/5

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What is Cornerstone Bullion?

Cornerstone Bullion is a precious metals dealer that was originally created by Chad Roach from its parent company, Cornerstone Capital Investment, Inc. in 2008.

It provides a wide variety of precious metals and because of its excellent services, Cornerstone Bullion received an A+ BBB rating. Moreover, it is a member of Industry Council on Tangible Assets (ICTA).

Chad Roach is no ordinary owner. He is a well-decorated entrepreneur that has experiences in different industries including precious metals.

This family-owned business headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado, not only provides precious metals, but also IRA services that will help clients set up their investments for their future and achieve their dream retirement lives.

And of course, the company really puts effort into making sure that their clients are well-equipped with the knowledge about this type of investment and about how it works by providing various learning resources.

Cornerstone Bullion Management Team

The company was founded by Chad Roach. His precious metals journey was quite long. He stated that he is one of us, wanting to expand our precious metals and believe in their worth.

However, he had the difficulty of finding a great dealer who would offer the best products at competitive prices and high-quality services.

Instead, he stepped up and decided to be the dealer of his dreams, establishing Cornerstone Bullion.

He has an extensive specialty background on alternative investments such as real estate, tangible assets and of course, precious metals. Moreover, he views gold and silver as a great hedge fund that can protect us from the risk and uncertainty of fiat currency.

Chad really acknowledges the strategic investment behind these precious metals.

Cornerstone Bullion Products and Services

Cornerstone Bullion offers different precious metals. They come in different comes such as coins and bars. Based on its website, the company offers the following:

  • Gold
    • American Gold Eagle
    • American Gold Buffaloes
    • Canadian Gold Maples
    • South African Gold Krugerrands
    • Austrian Gold Philharmonic
    • Gold Bars
    • Other Gold Coins
  • Silver
    • American Silver Eagles
    • Canadian Silver Maple
    • Austrian Silver Philharmonic
    • 1 Oz Silver Rounds
    • 1 Oz Silver Bars
    • 10 Oz Silver Bars
    • 100 Oz Silver Bars
  • Platinum and Palladium
    • 1 Oz Canadian Palladium Eagle
    • 1 Oz Palladium Bar
    • 1 Oz American Platinum Eagle
    • 1 Oz Australian Platypus Platinum Coin
    • 1 Oz Platinum Bar
    • 1 Oz Platinum Maple Leaf

As for the pricing of these products, Cornerstone Bullion does not provide any upfront information about them. You should contact the company to find out the fees and prices.

But rest assured that the prices are competitive. Cornerstone Bullion stated that their pricing are averaged of only 1% to 2% or sometimes even less, over their cost. This is compared to the other companies who add 5% to 10% over their cost for the commission of their dealers.

Moreover, another reason why they have competitive pricing is the fact that the company doesn't use paid ads. This means low expenses, which leads to low prices.

Cornerstone Bullion also offers IRA-approved precious metals. However, since it is not an IRA custodian, Cornerstone Bullion partnered up with IRA custodians to help its clients with their IRA services needs.

How to buy from Cornerstone Bullion?

Buying precious metals from Cornerstone Bullion

  1. Contact Cornerstone Bullion by phone to notify them that you are interested in buying precious metals from them.
  2. A representative will then assist you in locking your order and setting up your account. You need to provide the necessary information to complete the set up. Moreover, orders are only taken through the phone.
  3. Pay for your order through bank wire, check, cash or cashier’s check. Your products will usually be shipped 1 to 3 days after the payment.
  4. A tracking number will then be sent to you.
  5. Receive your order either through USPS, UPS, or FedEx. All orders are insured.

How to sell to Cornerstone Bullion?

Apart from buying from Cornerstone Bullion, you can also sell precious metals to them! Below are the steps you need to do.

  1. Contact Cornerstone Bullion and tell them that you want to sell a precious metal to them. Then they will send you a quote for your product. Once you already agreed to the price, Cornerstone Bullion will set up your account.
  2. You will then receive a written trade confirmation through email. You need to print this email because you are going to ship it with your product through using a USPS box or envelope to the given address.
  3. Send the receipt of the shipment or tracking number to Cornerstone Bullion to confirm your shipment 1 to 2 days after Cornerstone Bullion receives the product, they will send you a check as their payment.

Cornerstone Bullion IRA services

Although Cornerstone Bullion is not an IRA custodian, it is partnered with several custodians and depositories to provide the best IRA services to its clients.

The process is quite simple. First, you need to choose a custodian of your choice. The company has partnered custodians which you can also choose from.

The custodians will help you set your account. And when it is done, you can start funding it by purchasing IRA-eligible precious metals from Cornerstone Bullion

You can choose a depository that will safely store your precious metals for you. Below are Cornerstone Bullion's partner custodians and depositories.

Partner Custodians

The table below shows the custodians that Cornerstone Bullion is partnered with, along with their fees and prices.



The Entrust Group (preferred)

  • $50 for account set-up fee
  • $199 for the annual account maintenance fee

GoldStar Trust Company

  • $50 for account set-up fee
  • $75 minimum annual account maintenance fee
  • $100 for the annual storage fee

New Direction IRA Inc.

  • $30 for the online account set-up fee
  • $150 for the annual account maintenance fee

The Kingdom Trust Co.

  • No set-up fee
  • $120 for the annual storage fee

Partnered Depositories

Below are the partnered depositories of Cornerstone Bullion and their vault locations. Take note that storage fees will vary depending on your custodian and the size of your account.

These fees will range from 0.1% to 0.5% of your account value of each year.



Idaho Armored Vaults, LLC

Nampa, Idaho

CNT Depository, Inc.

Boston, Massachusetts

Dakota Depository Company (DDC)

Fargo, North Dakota

Delaware Depository Services Company (DDSC)

Wilmington, Delaware

Brink’s Global Services USA Inc.

  • Springfield Gardens, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Jackson, Ohio
  • Salt Lake City, Utah

Cornerstone Bullion FAQs

Is there a minimum/maximum order requirement?

Cornerstone does not have any minimum or maximum order. However, they do recommend you to buy products at one time so that you can save up from the shipping costs.

What do you buy from your clients?

Basically, Cornerstone Bullion will buy back any of the products you bought from them. Moreover, there accept several forms of gold and silver bullion. You just need to give them a call to start the transaction.

What are the shipping charges?

Cornerstone Bullion will grant a free shipping for all silver orders of 500 oz. and above, as well as all gold orders of 15 oz. and above.

In every order you have, shipping charges will be included in the final quote that will be sent to you.

Can I cancel my order?

Cornerstone Bullion has stated that once your sales and purchase orders are placed over the phone, they are final and are legally bound by contracts with the company.

However, there are certain cases in which you need to cancel. With that, you have to contact Cornerstone Bullion and negotiate with them.

Ratings and Reviews

Cornerstone Bullion has good online ratings. However, it did not receive any reviews or complaints in BBB and BCA. But there are 3 reviews in Trustlink. Here they are:

  • BBB - BBB accredited since 2010, A+ rating, with no reviews or complaints
  • BCA - AAA rating, with no reviews or complaints
  • Trustlink - 5-star rating based on three reviews

As you can see, Cornerstone Bullion received high ratings from these three review websites.

It is just a shame that there are only a few reviews we can read. Meanwhile, other competitors have a lot of reviews which show you how other clients are very satisfied with their services and products.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers various kinds of precious metals
  • Has a good reputation
  • IRA-approved metals
  • Interested to buy metals from clients
  • OK ratings


  • No price information on its website
  • Not an IRA custodian
  • Not the most reviews online

Is Cornerstone Bullion a scam?

Let me conclude this Cornerstone Bullion review by answering this question. Of course not. Cornerstone Bullion is not a scam. It is a legit company that has a good reputation. Moreover, it offers legit products and services.

But it is not that transparent about the prices and fees. Customers tend to prefer to have upfront information. Moreover, they offer IRA services through a partner IRA custodian. Which means, the services, legitimacy, prices and fees are all different and separate from Cornerstone Bullion.

If you are not impressed by this company, you can check out the top recommended precious metals firm below!

Thank you so much for reading my "What Is Cornerstone Bullion?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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