What Is Fortress Gold Group? (Scam Exposed?!) (Updated 2023)

July 14, 2023

What Is Fortress Gold Group

Hello. Welcome to my "What Is Fortress Gold Group?" review.

(UPDATED 2023)

Have you just found out about Fortress Gold Group this summer, but you want to find out more about them? Well, you are in the right place, my friend.

I shall give you almost everything you need to know about them. What is Fortress Gold Group? Are they legit or a scam? Well, here are the answers...

Fortress Gold Group Review Quick Summary

Name: Fortress Gold Group

Founder: Not disclosed

Price: Varies depending on your investment

Rating: 1/5

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What is Fortress Gold Group?

Fortress Gold Group is a company based in California that mainly deals with precious metals. It was founded 1995 and then became a privately held corporation in the year 2007.

There are no available information on who the founder is and who are leading the management team of the company.

Moreover, it specializes in the ownership of precious metals. However, currently, Fortress Gold Group is not accepting any new customers.

UPDATE (2023): The company's website is no longer searchable. So we can assume that Fortress Gold Group is currently not in business.

What Is Fortress Gold Group website

Fortress Gold Group Products and Services

Fortress Gold Group mainly offers different kinds of precious metals, including IRA-eligible ones.

There are gold, silver, platinum and palladium, in the forms of bars or coins. As for the prices and fees, Fortress Gold Group does not provide any upfront information on its website.

Clients should contact the company to find out. Brinks takes care of the storage services for Fortress Gold Group. Depositories are available in 3 cities: Los Angeles, New York and Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, Fortress Gold Group is not providing any IRA services since it is not an IRA custodian.

How to get started?

To get started with Fortress Gold Group, you will just have to contact them and notify that you are interested in availing their products and services.

One of their representatives will assist you until your needs are met.

IRA Services

Before the company's website shut down, Fortress Gold Group was also known to offer IRA services. Although they are not an IRA custodian, they can help you set up your IRA with a trusted IRA custodian.

Once that is done, Fortress Gold Group can provide you with IRA-eligible precious metal products for your account.

Storage Services

As per the IRS rules, investors cannot store their IRA precious metals at home. They are required to be stored in a secure depository that is also IRS-approved.

Fortress Gold Group was in partnership with Brinks Global Service, a renowned company for its good storage services.

Pricing and Fees

When the company's website was still operational, Fortress Gold Group still lacked the transparency to reveal the prices and fees of their products and services to their clients.

This proved to be a challenged to the customers since they did not have an easy time to compare prices between their precious metal company options.

Fortress Gold Group Ratings and Reviews

Fortress Gold Group has OK ratings although it does not appear to have the most impressive BBB profile. You can check for yourself below:

  • BBB - 1 out 5 rating, B- rating based on 1 review, not BBB accredited
  • BCA - AAA rating, no reviews 
  • Trustlink -  5 rating with 23 reviews 
  • Trustpilot - 1.4 rating with 39 reviews 

Now, these ratings and reviews are not exactly something to be proud of. Further research found out that there were some complaints that should not even be ignored.

Like the one in BBB, in which the client lost a huge amount of money. As you can read it below.

What is Fortress Gold Group complaint july 2023

Fortress Gold Group Pros and Cons


  • Has been in business for a very long time
  • Offers a variety of precious metals


  • Currently not accepting new customers
  • The website is currently down
  • Not much information on its website
  • No IRA services
  • Not that many reviews compared to other precious metals companies...
  • 1.4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot

Is Fortress Gold Group a scam?

Let me conclude this review by giving my final verdict and answer to this question. Fortress Gold Group may not be a scam before since it did offer products. There were customers who expressed their satisfaction with their service.

However, with the shutdown of the company as well as some serious complaints, it is safe to say that you are better off with another company that is highly rated and recommended such as Goldco

Thank you so much for reading my "What Is Fortress Gold Group?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section. Make it a great 2023

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