What is Atlantic Precious Metals? Are they still around? (2020)

June 10, 2020


Perhaps you are looking to dive into precious metals and have heard of a company called “Atlantic Precious Metals”, but you do not really know much about them or what they do.So, who (or what) is Atlantic Precious Metals? Are they still around? How great is their support? Can they give you a hand?





Come and take a look!



Name: Atlantic Precious Metals
Category: precious metals
Website: apmgoldbulliondealers.com
Price: varies



The company should not be confused with “Atlantic Precious Metal Refining”, a whole other business, just with a somewhat similiar name.

Before begnning, it should be said that you are strongly encouraged to do your own research before you choose anyone to work with. Stay aware and do your own due diligence. You need to stay on top of the ball. This is the internet, after all.



Without further ado, lets take a look:



Atlantic Precious Metals is a small, family-run precious metals dealer. The founder, Ron Miller, works alone and is able to answer just about every call that comes in to their number.

According to Better Business Bureau, they have been in business since 2011.



From the look of their site, they seem to be more focused on serving “high net worth individuals”. What they seem to consider a “high net worth individuals” does not seem to be explained clearly.



Products offered:
⦁ Silver bullion
⦁ Gold bullion
⦁ Platinum bullion



What about fees?



Could not find the most info on fees…



How’s the support?



It looks like you can give them a jingle by phone or drop them a message online via their online support form located on a separate page of their site.

Any red flags to be aware of?



You should always review and compare different companies against each other before you even begin to think about making decisions.

Here are some of the most trusted review and rating sites and the scores they have given Atlantic Precious Metals, respectively:



Trust Pilot Score: N/A
Yelp Score: N/A
BCA Score: N/A



And here is a short blurb from the Atlantic Precious Metals website:



“Our goal is to differentiate our family owned and operated precious metals business from the large corporate Precious Metal Dealers that dominate this marketplace.- Ron Miller, President and Founder”





Here are some “pros and cons”



⦁ A+ from the BBB.



⦁ Not the most company info could be found online…
⦁ Not the newest-looking website either…

Is it a scam?

It would be hard to say if Atlantic Precious Metals is a scam or not. The website does seem to lack some info, such as a street address and info about shipping costs.

Atlantic Precious Metals seems like a real company, but there just doesn’t seem to be the most info out there about it. As always, you should do your own due diligence.



Are there better options?



If you are on the lookout to diversify or just continue stacking, Goldco might be a great choice. They also offer crypto if you’re into that sort of thing. But their “bread and butter” is gold and silver. They know how to “walk the talk” when it comes to precious metals and are “no nonsense” type of people. Who doesn’t like that, right?





Goldco (also known as Goldco Precious Metals) is a trusted and experienced full-service precious metals firm. Moreover, it is specialized in taking care of gold and silver IRAs. Also, they offer precious metals to be sold directly to their customers. You can check out detailed review of them by clicking here



Any final words?



No precious metals company is perfect. Each one of them can offer a different approach to things. The goal is to find something that adheres to your standards as well as something that offers the exact thing you are on the lookout for. Feel free to give Atlantic Precious Metals a run for their money if you believe they are more than capable of providing an excellent service. Its just important to know ALL the risks by reading every review that is given.



Atlantic Precious Metals appears to be a family-owned business that seems to build up the idea that they are a REAL and honest family business that cares. They very well could be. However, there just does not seem to be the most info available on them on the world wide web.



For example, there was hardly any online reviews from people who have worked with them.



There also did not seem to be a clear “street address” on their site. Who knows, maybe they just overlooked that small detail. It happens, right?

So, as always, you should do you own due diligence and make sure you are comfortable before making any decisions. Getting into gold and silver or adding to your stack is no small choice and you need to be 100% sure you have your questions answered before you even begin to think about making a decision.




Hopefully this information was of some help to you. Please, make sure and share your experience in the comment section below as it might be of great help to others. Also, if you have any questions at all, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. More than happy to take a gander and see if they are answerable.



Please, if you think this info could be helpful to someone,feel free to email them a link to the article. You never know how much they might appreciate it.



Wishing you all the best on this journey called life.



Top Recommended Precious Metals Firm!



Goldco has received am absurd amount of rewards and recognition. Moreover, they probably offer the most relevant “Gold IRA” service there- not to mention their storage options are some of the most sophisticated you can find. After all, storage is something you will have to consider- having a large truck pull up to your house with a stack of shiny gold bars and the delivery guy leaving them on your front porch might not be the best idea ever.



If you are on the fence about who you should work with when it comes to getting into precious metals, feel free to give them a ring and they can answer any questions you might have, all for free. They even have a nifty little “gold kit” they can ship to you completely free of charge (no strings attached), which you can request by hopping over here.




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