Augusta Affiliate Program Review (Is It The Best?) (2022)

July 18, 2022


In our society today, a lot is going on regarding the precious metals industry. This 'Augusta Affiliate Program Review' will help you understand the makings of a marketer. Hence, this good read is a must for you!

Augusta Precious Metals is a leading gold IRA dealer in the industry. Furthermore, they are a reputable precious metals dealer. Arguably, with this pieces of information, they are the best affiliate program for gold affiliates.

Thus, if you are looking for the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer, now is the best time! Provided you have the necessary knowledge and drive, the sky is the limit!

Without further ado, let us start this  'Augusta Affiliate Program Review'!

Augusta Precious Metals

Name: Augusta Precious Metals

Affiliate Application Website:

Founder and CEO: Isaac Nuriani

Account minimum: $50,000

Services: Precious Metals, IRAs, Retirement Plans

Rating: 4.9/5

augusta precious metals

What Are Gold Affiliate Programs?

Normally, precious metals company such as Augusta Precious Metals, handles big revenues per month. And when I say big, I mean very big revenues. We are talking about potentially earning millions in one month!

Also, investors of both self-directed IRAs or those that are just collectors and buyers shell out a lot of cash. One individual may invest or buy more than $100,000 in one sitting! 

Undeniably, these types of investments generally require a huge minimum account deposit. And for most cases, it may require you from $10,000 and upwards!

To illustrate, an investor of precious metals may opt in to deposit $50,000. In the case of Augusta Precious Metals, this is the minimum account. This deposit will result to a sizeable commission for the affiliate marketer.

Also, this gold affiliate programs encapsulates every other precious metals there is. Silver, platinum, and palladium are often under the affiliate program too. 

The neat thing about this is you also will earn a commission on the sales of these metals. Overall, it is generally a win to have earnings coming from these various metals.

Other Takeaways

One common question from aspiring affiliate marketers are the target demographic. Well, the most used answer is that of retirees or those that are nearing retirement.

This is due to the fact that they are more willing to invest their money. Add to the fact that they see gold IRAs and precious metals as a generally safe investment.

Moreover, they have no trust in the newer forms of investments today such as cryptocurrency. Apparently, gold and other precious metals are gaining traction among the newer generation.

Some, if not all, of the younger investors have no intentions on playing the wild chances in the stock market. Relatively speaking, it is too volatile as seen on reliable news. Therefore, the prospect of investing in precious metals is an open thought to them.

But, all of these premonitions and hopeful musings of becoming an affiliate marketer relies on being approved. Naturally, the approval process and requirements will vary from program to program.

Different companies will also have different ways to verify your qualifications. For the most part, it will be a tedious and long process because it takes a lot from the company to accept a marketer.

Approvals for affiliate programs under Augusta Precious Metals are in the succeeding sections.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate Website Page

First and foremost, you need to apply and send an application online. In this, you will be required to give out personal information, contact details, affiliate experience, etc. You can send an online application here!

If, through thorough verification and you get an approval, it is time to do some work. Augusta Precious Metals will provide you with the necessary resource materials and other complements to aid you.

For example, they will give you a unique personal link with your affiliated ID and other important documents. Also, you will have access to other important materials needed for affiliate marketing, banners, educational videos, etc.

Once you start marketing and promoting the products and services of Augusta Precious Metals, you will be able to monitor your performance. 

To illustrate, you will have live control and observe your stats, leads, clicks, traffic, and generated commissions. Surprisingly, this will be at the comfort of your home or your workplace! Really hassle-free!

Benefits And Advantages

Since 2012, Augusta Precious Metals have been building a reputation of being among the best gold IRA firms in the industry. At any case, almost all investors have heard of this company.

I suggest reading our review regarding this company here! All in all, it will be a great pleasure, both for you and Augusta, to have an amicable relationship.

With that, these are the expected benefits and advantages that you will enjoy under Augusta Affiliate Program.

  • Highest commission rate (8 - 10% commission rate on all sales. 1% commission for 2nd tier affiliates. 2nd tier affiliates earn 1% on any sales referred by affiliates that they’ve referred. Lastly, a $100-$200 for qualified leads.
  • Easy to manage and readily available affiliate tools. Also, you will receive ample educational tools and materials to aid you into becoming a better affiliate marketer.
  • Unique and helpful sub-programs such as monitoring tools and auto-commissions.
  • Relatively high conversion rate
  • 90 day long cookie duration
  • Fast payouts for affiliates

Final Words

In conclusion, using all the provided information about Augusta Affiliate Program, all I can say that it is the best! Because of that, I suggest filing for an application!

First, it covers a lot of ground especially for those of you that has a niche when it comes to precious metals. Generally, you will find it pleasurable to work with what you are comfortable with.

Second, you are in for a great ride. If, by any chance, you are not still sure if you want to become an Augusta affiliate, you will be missing a lot! You will miss out on a ton of benefits and advantages!

Third, Augusta is aiming to provide excellent service not only to their customers, but also to their affiliates. Hence, it would be a learning and fun experience for both you and Augusta!

Rest assured it is not a scam. However, it will not also be an easy coasting. With enough dedication, you will be able to see the fruits of your labor as one of Augusta's affiliates!

As usual, I thank you for reading this 'Augusta Affiliate Program Review' article of mine. For any comments and suggestions, do write them at the appropriate section below.

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