IGR Halach Gold Review (Legit Dealer?) (2022)

October 9, 2022


Hello! You are reading my ‘IGR Halach Gold Review’.

In our time, investing seems the go-to financial venture for many. As such, industries like precious metals are coming into light. This ‘IGR Halach Gold Review’ will allow you to become knowledgeable about this precious metals company.

Furthermore, we will be tackling its business structure as well as how it executes its transactions. Additionally, we will be taking a look at the products and services they have. After all, a company’s worth in this industry largely depends on its offerings.

For starters, investing in precious metals have been around for too long already. But, it seems that only a few folks around have the information and courage to participate in it. To a certain degree, this is an acceptable action.

However, investing in gold and other metals will prove vital in the future. As we all know, we are still recovering from the past pandemic. To add, our global economy is still far from its glory days. That is why, you need to secure your future as early as today!

Are you interested in investing in these physical assets? What is your knowledge pertaining self-directed IRAs? Then, this ‘IGR Halach Gold Review’ will prove to be a good read. Therefore, I suggest sticking for a couple of minutes or so.

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Without further ado, let us start this ‘IGR Halach Gold Review’.

IGR Halach Gold Review Quick Summary

Name: IGR Halach Gold (Parent Company: IGR)

Website: www.mygoldgram.com

Accounting Manager: Basak Guldal

Account minimum: Undisclosed

Fees: Undisclosed

Promotion: Buyback Policy

Rating: 1/5 (Not recommended)

igr logo

What is IGR Halach Gold?

To start, IGR Halach Gold is an authorized precious metals dealer and IRA company. IGR, which stands for ‘Istanbul Gold Refinery’ is a globally-known refinery. As an extension, IGR Halach Gold provides investment services to the American people.

Situated in the heart of New York City, IGR Halach Gold is one of the many smaller companies under IGR. To state, there have companies in 16 countries such as Turkey, Spain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, among others.

As such, one can describe this company as a reputable and big one. On top of that, there services are more than commendable. To cite, they have IRAs, precious metal refining, stone recovery, and other specialized businesses.

Not only that, they join the multitude of the bullion dealers around that offers bars and coins. Their offerings are, but not limited to, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Consequently, they sell these metals at a competitive price.

Already mentioned, they are a reputable company known around the globe. As a testament, they are accredited by LBMA and COMEX. Because of this, IGR Halach Gold  has stayed afloat in the industry since their founding in 2008.

As a small company, having only 8 employees, the work would tend to get hectic. Nevertheless, there were no reports of having slacking contact support from them. On top of that, they have excellent ratings to back that up. More on these in the upcoming sections.

Continuing, there online presence needs a total makeover. Frankly speaking, their website is really dull and only has buttons that leads to other sites. By all means, this is the worst website interface I have seen over my years of creating these reviews.

By the points above, it would seem that IGR Halach Gold is a neutrally-good company. Perhaps, it is good enough for a handful of investors, but what about you? Because of this, let us dive deeper on how this company really conducts its transactions.

But before that, if you want to skip to my preferred precious metals company, do visit Goldco. Among other competitors, this company alone is at the top of the standings!

Product and Services

By this time, you might be wondering what made IGR famous. To some degree, the sheer quantity of services they offer tops most companies around. Please take a look at the list below:

  • Gold Minting and Refining – first, IGR Halach Gold allows refining of gold products through machines. Also, they allow melting of bullions and bars and then minting them into coins.
  • Precious Metals – second, this is the most sought after offering of any metals company. By its nature, they sell various metal products ranging from bullions to coins. On top of that, some of this are eligible for IRA-usage.
  • Jewelry – typically, jewelries can only be purchased at accredited shops. However, IGR Halach Gold has this in their inventory. Do take note, however, that this are not on par in terms of quality when compared to shop-bought jewelries.
  • Self-Directed IRAs – fourth, self-directed IRAs are business ventures wherein you can store you metals at an accredited custodian or depository. Normally, this investment opportunity gives benefits from taxes imposed by a country.
  • Selling and Trading – up next, this service is open to all clients of IGR Halach Gold. Selling and trading happens 24/7. Remember, these transactions are done at the spot price at that certain day.
  • Gold Exchange Option – sixth, this service is for those who are experts when it comes to determining the most optimum time to sell their metals. Essentially, one can buy a metal at this day and sell it afterwards at the time wherein a profit is available.

From what you can see, they have a lot to offer. For that, IGR Halach Gold deserves some praise and recommendation. If you remember, they only have 8 employees as of this writing. Therefore, it is more than exemplary for a firm to be able to perform this many services.

One praiseworthy thing is the authenticity of their product. As the number of scammers continue to, the risk of you running into also increases. Fortunately, IGR Halach Gold has never received complaints for fake and rip-off products.

Sadly, the process of actually arriving at these services is rather complicated. For one, their website is not really helpful. To add, I was only able to ascertain these services after clicking the links they have at this website.

Which brings me to my next point. As a potential client, it would do me a solid one if their online platform actually extends aid. Perhaps, they can create some changes in the future to further fragrance their name in the industry.

Prices and Fees

For its prices and fees, IGR Halach Gold is not transparent about it. As previously mentioned, they have a dull website which leads to other websites. To cite, if you want to buy gold bars, you will be directed to MDC Monaco.

Now, these three new websites have a similarity: the need for account creation. Due to this, clients will not be able to ascertain the value of a certain product if they will not call them. To add, their customer service is not that great, so that adds to the problem.

Apart from this, they have no indications and reports about fees. For example, I was unable to find information about the fees they have for their IRA services. In my book, IGR Halach Gold falls at the lowest portion of my company list because of this.

Therefore, I suggest conducting business with a transparent company. One more thing, I am very certain that clients and buyers are looking for fair and competitive prices. That is why, you should only purchase from Goldco.

How Does It Work?

Sadly, this part will contain little information on how the company truly works. First off, there are no reports on how to buy precious metals from them. Although, a call to their representative would solve this one.

Up next, to enjoy their other services such as melting and minting, I suggest also calling them. Unfortunately, there are also no news about their buyback policy.

Now comes the most intriguing part. They have paraded that they have IRA services, but there are no essential points about it. Data about custodians, depositories, and financial portfolios are unavailable.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

For a global company such as IGR, it is very unlikely for them not to have customer’s ratings, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it seems that they have none of this available.

To start off, the companies that I have reviewed until this article have at least a single website talking about them. Moreover, the better companies are listed and accredited by organizations such as BBB and BCA.

Meanwhile, IGR Halach Gold fails on this area. To be honest, I was quite surprised to find out to how they have virtually zero online presence. Presumably, this may be the reason why there are no report of their client base and held assets.

In another light, this is a good time to promote a company that has immaculate ratings and accreditations. Goldco is a well-known company that has over a thousand of good reviews online.

Pros and Cons


  • Numerous products and services
  • Coins and bullions are eligible for IRA
  • Globally-known company
  • Claims of having a free shipping policy worldwide


  • No reviews available
  • No accreditation from companies and institutions
  • Does not provide refund
  • Customer support is very poor
  • Online platform is messy and unintelligible
  • Company does not practice transparency
  • No valuable information available about their management

Should You Invest?

To conclude, this ‘IGR Halach Gold Review? distinguishes this company as a legitimate one and is not a scam. Although, its negatives far outweigh its positive aspects. Truly, this company wastes a lot of potential.

As a start, some of its advantages include a wide range of products and services. Also, their name is present in many countries worldwide. As such, you might have strolled down one of their stores already!

However, there are some major red flags they have on board. One of which is their online presence and platform. Virtually, they are invisible and have zero ratings. For their platform, it only displays dullness, to put it mildly.

Perhaps, IGR Halach Gold has plans to re-structure their company in the future. But for now, I do not suggest conducting business with them. There are some things about their firm that are kept in the dark. Better not take any risks and suffer major losses.

For those of you that wants to skip to a recommended company that has a good track record, conduct business with Goldco. For a secured future, call a representative of theirs today!

As usual, I extend my gratitude to you for reading this ‘IGR Halach Gold Review' of mine. For comments and suggestions, do leave them in the appropriate section below.

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