Best 10 Online Bullion Dealers! (Updated 2022)

April 8, 2022

As we advance to a more technologically literate world, most consumers are doing their finances and buying powers online. Some have taken interest in purchasing gold.

Since gold has been viewed as a commodity, and becoming more popular too, a lot of people wants to have their piece. This may be in the form of coins, gold bars (known as "bullion"), and ingots. 

With this new trend, a lot of bullion dealers have sprung to entice you in becoming part of their client base. For some, gold is a leverage against inflation and to diversify their portfolios.

And since the list of online bullion dealers continue to expand after each day, finding a respectable dealer can be difficult for both rookie and experienced buyers. 

What are the best online bullion dealers? This article lists ten online dealers and reviews them. These online services are evaluated carefully to help you in choosing the dealer for for you.

Here are some of the pointers you must pay attention.

Selecting Reputable Bullion Dealers: A Quick Guide

1. The older the gold dealer, the better.

Many trustworthy merchants, such as Kitco and Monex, have been in operation for more than thirty years. These reputable merchants have already solidified their name in the industry.

2. Think physical.

It is imperative for an online bullion dealer to also have a physical store that can be visited during particular work hours. Look for them in the dealer's website, including their contact number.

3. Keep track of customer reviews.

A good suggestion for new investors would be to collect information about a certain online bullion dealer that has caught your attention. You may ask about their activities, reputation, and even prices.

Reading reviews online about past and present customers would give a general feedback about their performance and if they have strong and healthy relationships with their clients.

4. Consider buying locally.

There is a lot of advantage when you buy locally. First, and arguably the best incentive, is the amount of money that can save. You can check physically their offers and consult with them.

Second, the risk of wrong delivery, or even no-delivery, will never cross your mind. You will be at ease knowing that if you decide to purchase that day, you will receive it the same day at the same time.

Lastly, you can keep your anonymity. Just enter the store, pay with cash, and be done with it. You will have no need for further requirements that confirms your identity.

5. Diversification is important.

Have you ever lost money because of a terrible transaction? Does it come from one store? Has the store incur such mistakes in the past? Then you might need to widen your choices.

Being diligent in your research about an online dealer is important, but it will not reduce the risk of receiving phony bullions to zero. Thus, you must be practicing this tip.

Furthermore, by being diverse in your selection of dealers, you will also be introduced to better things that was not present in your previous dealer. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Top 10 Best Online Bullion Dealers

You may already have an experience regarding these coin stores in your locality. And some of these can also be located within short and long travel distances from your home.

In social media, you may already have seen announcements and news of them, or maybe your friends are already into it and are persuading you to join them.

Whatever it is, the fact that buying bullions through online means is undeniably spreading and influencing a lot of people to buy and invest in these valuable resources.

With these in mind, we have listed ten online bullion dealers that might interest you. Take a closer look at the last number since it is the dealer that we recommend, Augusta Precious Metals.


The American Precious Metals Exchange is known as APMEX.

APMEX works by the principle of 'little but many'. Each small transaction they have will accumulate and thus give them significant profits.

Because of this volume, APMEX has solidified itself as one of the best bullion traders in the world. Its prices are competitive, albeit not guaranteeing low costs for its clients.

APMEX offers a huge selection of items. It offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as well as other precious metals. IRA items, discounts and deals, and gift ideas are all included on the APMEX website.

APMEX also are capable of planning for any financial services. They are very cooperative and has a good communication-based relationship with their valuable clients.

Buying gold and silver from consumers is also up their alley. They utilize simple and fast transactions in order to be efficient. APMEX also claims to be committed to protecting their client's assets.

APMEX is also known for its dependability and availability. Their clients are always informed on how their assets will be utilized and how it would affect them in the short and long run.

The firm has received fifty-one complaints from Better Business Bureau over the last three years, which is measly when compared to the volume of transactions they have completed every year.

With this, Better Business Bureau has given APMEX an A+ rating for their exemplary business ethics and their fast resolution of any complaints they may have with their clients.

2. Money Metals Exchange

Since being established in 2010, Money Metals Exchange has achieved exponential growth, placing themselves on the list of the leading online bullion dealers.

This can be attributed to the principle their CEO, Stefan Gleason, has with their customers. He constantly emphasizes the importance of content leveraging in order to interact with their customers.

Money Metals Exchange has a lot to offers for IRA and distinct programs. These includes loans, vault metals, monthly plans, referral programs, and even scholarships.

A investor kit would be the first among many to be introduced to you should you choose Money Metals Exchange. In line with this, a monthly savings plan is optional.

They have many bullion options which are popular to investors. One can start even with a $100 a month wherein the firm will be informed of your choice to either send or store the bullion.

The only downside is that a free shipping fee is only available for any transactions above $1,000. This may discourage some investors because it is a significant amount of money.

3. Provident Metals

One of the leading retailers of bullion in the market today, Provident Metals entices their customers with their wide array of products and services, specially investment-grade metals. 

Customers are satisfied with how Provident Metals continue their exemplary commitment towards providing quality products, thus helping them become one of the leading online destination for bullion products.

Because of their fast and comprehensive service, as well as highly-intuitive communication, Better Business Bureau has given the firm a rating of A-.

Their excellent job can also be backed up by garnering only six complaints, all of which are settled in a formal and just manner which resulted to catering to the favors of the customers.

In their website, they have a portion of the page dedicated to the most popular as well as for the new arrivals. Customers can view these products and add them to cart effortlessly.

They offer products such as the 1 oz. Silver Cybermetals Round New for less than $30. One of their more expensive ones is the Great Britain Gold Sovereign Coin Mixed Types as less than $500.

Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper goods are also a Provident Metals sells U.S. and foreign coins, as well as wholesale bullion and IRA metal.

4. JM Bullion

JM Bullion, a newcomer to the bullion market, has made waves with their quickness, service, and sales in a short period of time. Their website is also astoundingly simple and straightforward.

JM Bullion offers the most user-friendly shopping experiences. They display their most purchased product while explaining their worth as well as how many in stock are available.

They also have these products at competitive prices. Generally, their prices for the same precious metals are a couple of dollars less than what the other firms priced theirs.

Customer feedback for JM Bullion is still average. Customers give JM Bullion a below-average rating, despite the fact that the Better Business Bureau offers it an excellent rating.

Even if their prices are relatively cheaper when compared to other competitors, some customers are still dismayed by how long their products are delivered to their homes.

True enough, as of this writing, they do not offer international shipping (limited only to USA). Their new products are also put on their website by Monday morning each week.

5. Amagi Metals

It's convenient to be able to purchase the majority of your bullion from a single source. Amagi Metals, like many other merchants, offers free shipping on large orders. 

To qualify, your order must total at least $5,000 in their case. In any case, thanks to the dealer's extensive inventory, crossing that threshold is relatively simple.

Their website is also among the most unique yet simple design. All of their products are displayed on the page, together with the title designation and their corresponding price.

Once the customer clicks a certain product, they are then redirected to a new page which gives the product description and reviews. Pretty handy for those who want feedbacks on a product.

6. SD Bullion

The Silver Doctors network created SD Bullion (aka Silver Doctors) in 2012 as an online precious metals trader ( Their website has a large selection of gold, silver, and platinum bullion.

Similar to other online dealers, they offer a variety of products ranging from low to high prices. What puts them above their competitors is that shipping fee is free for orders above $199.

Their motto, as seen from this website, is 'The Lowest Price. Period.' Their products can never be lower and if you want an alternative, SD Bullion is your place to go to shop at lower prices. 

They also display their best seller. This is a great tactic to encourage buyers to look at this certain product and ascertain as to why this belongs in their best sellers.

They have been reviewed by Better Business Bureau and was given a rating of A+ and obtain an accreditation since 2014. Other reputable organization also has high reviews for SD Bullion.

7. Gold & Silver, Inc.

Gold & Silver, Inc. is the parent company of, which is owned by Mike Maloney, a gold and silver expert and marketer.

Maloney is most known for his book Rich Dad Advisors' Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, which is unquestionably one of the best publications on the subject ever written.

Gold-Silver is unique in that it is a corporation focused on education, offering free knowledge and education on gold, silver, and money.

Gold-Silver is more than just an online bullion portal; it's also an investment firm that invests in gold and silver together with their customers. In addition, the organization provides secure storage and IRA services.

Gold-Silver is selling 2012 American Gold Eagles for $104 over spot, or around $16 more than APMEX. Fractional Gold Eagles, gold Buffalos, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Austrian Philharmonics, and numerous bars are among the gold items available at Gold-Silver.

Silver Eagles are available in twenty-ounce increments, with prices around $1.50 per ounce more than APMEX as of March 11. The Rich Dad silver round is an intriguing product offered by Gold-Silver.

The Better Business Bureau has given Gold-Silver an A rating. It has received only five complaints in the last three years, all of which were resolved to the satisfaction of the consumer.

Because of the firm's lack of experience of experience, however, the BBB denied it an A+ rating.


People with additional funds should consider investing in gold and silver., which stands for Buying Gold and Silver Coins, is one online market where gold and silver investors can turn.

A free shipping happens when an order of $5,000 and above is incurred. The prices of the produce are ultra-competitive and the customer can rest easily knowing that there are no hidden fees.

The firm also stands proudly on their claim that there are no commissioned sales and phone solicitation calls. Packages are also done securely and discreetly.

Their website also contains storage and supplies portion, in which they explain how much this method costs and how each have different properties and ways of utilization. 

9. is one of the newest, but it shouldn't deter you from giving it a shot. The site, which was founded in 2014, has swiftly established a good reputation and name. also offers some of the most competitive shipping costs, which are always fully insured.

Sales between $0 and $299 are $5.95 to ship; orders between $300 and $999 are $8.95 to ship; and orders between $1,000 and $2,999 are $12.95 to ship. Finally, orders of $3,000 or more receive free shipping.

Although it is not as old as its competitors, one of its leading characteristics is that it is an excellent alternative for casual investors and collectors.

10. Augusta Precious Metals (Recommended)

Augusta Precious Metals is arguably one of, if not, the best among the precious metals company in the industry. They are also one of the leading online bullion dealers in the industry.

One of the best features that Augusta Precious Metals have is their transparency. Once you place your orders, you can check on any transaction updates and any possible updates on your order.

Also, there are no hidden transaction fees and under the table solicitations. Capable agents can also be contacted continually for any queries you might have.

Augusta Precious Metals also practices simplicity. From product selection to buying process and paper works, you will be amazed as to how smooth and fast the transaction is.

Lastly, capable people from the organization would help you at every step of your way. Need suggestions on how to save more efficiently? Worry not cause you will be aided by professionals.

Opening and creating an account will not give you a headache since the process is not complicated, and they will make sure that your needs, from the smallest to the biggest, are met.

Augusta Precious Metals strongly holds on to the idea that exploring and widening your financial portfolio is a must. Therefore, they are willing to help you achieve this in the most effective way possible.

They have A+ and AAA ratings from the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance, respectively, as well as thousands of top consumer ratings and hundreds of top reviews on reputable rating websites and organizations.

They have strong passion in what they do, which reflects on the products and services they offer. So what are you waiting for? See for yourself how Augusta can help you better your financial life.


There are a lot of online bullion dealers nowadays. Some are more favorable than the others and will have that certain factor that would put them above everybody else.

If you are looking for the best online bullion dealer, then we recommend clicking here. This is a dealer that has low number of complaints with solid reviews from reputable organizations.

When you have chosen a certain online dealer, make sure to be wary still for any possible missteps and always think through between any financial actions you may undertake.

That would be all for this list of the best online bullion dealers. If you have any comments and reviews of your own on these dealers, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Anis is a digital marketing expert that enjoys writing blogs and helping people avoid scams online; he is passionate about investing in real estate and gold; in his free time, Anis loves playing football, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends.

By the way, if you are tired of scams and want to invest with a legit gold company, check out my 6 top legit gold IRA companies of 2023!


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