Is Pinehurst Coin Exchange A Scam? (January 2023 Update!)

December 14, 2022


Hi there! This review of Pinehurst Coin Exchange should help you sort out whether this company might be the right fit for you.

Is Pinehurst a scam? Or legit? Well...

Without further ado, lets jump into the review...

Pinehurst Coin Exchange Review Quick Summary

Name: Pinehurst Coin Exchange


Ebay store:

Founder and CEO: Vincent Wade

Prices: Varies

Promotion: Free shipping on all orders

Rating: 4/5


What is Pinehurst Coin Exchange?

pinehurst website

Founded in 2004, this North Carolina-based coin distributor is one of the well-known names when it comes to numismatics. Moreover, they have an extensive reach when it comes to their services. 

Next, it is really admirable that they have exceptional and reputable affiliations and partnerships. To name a few, they are associated with the NGC (Numismatics Guaranty Company) and PCGS (Professional Coin Grading System). Also, their business contacts are nothing short of amazing.

As for their business team, they are also known to be expert and educated. Additionally, all of them are qualified and are willing to extend help to you. 

Next in line is their products and services, as well as how they handle them. Admirably, in their online platform, they boast their ‘fast and free shipping on all orders’ message. From a neutral buyer standpoint, this is one of the traits of a good company!

And by fast processing and shipping, I mean really fast! Most orders are shipped within one business day. One of the advantages of Pinehurst Coin Exchange is their commendable business etiquette.

Who Owns Pinehurst Coin Exchange?

The man behind Pinehurst Coin Exchange is named Vincent Wade.

Vincent is a numismatic enthusiast, his passion for the latter made him build Pinehurst Coin Exchange from nothing and make it reach the success it has today.

Vincent Wade started Pinehurst Coin Exchange in 2004 as an Ebay store where he was selling simple coins online, with passion, hard work and discipline he turned it into a top bullion dealer!

Here is a video interview of Vincent where he talks into details on how he started Pinehurst Coin Exchange and the reason for its success.

Products and Services Offered

Currently, Pinehurst Coin Exchange has an enormous inventory of physical products that you can purchase. Furthermore, they also have other essential products on display.

Listed below are the categories of product you can find on their platform:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Rare Coins
  • Others (Jewelry, Books, Supplies, Watches)

If you fancy visiting their website, this generalized categories will yield to a longer options of items. For example, gold will display American Eagles and Buffalos.

It is worth noting that these items can be scraps, coins, rounds, and bars, depending on your specific need.

This is a bullion dealer that is capable of meeting your needs.

For the section of rare coins, you will find a ton of exciting coins there for your taking. Specifically, they have coin sets, coins of varying currency, error coins, and ancient and medieval coins. So for the collectors out there, this company is a haven for you!

Also, they are willing to buy from you! Pinehurst Coin Exchange is an advocate for an efficient two-way market. Thus, they indicate a ‘Buy Price’ for the items you ought to sell.

Do note that this price has a minimum transaction of $10,000. Anything less than this is up to the discretion of the company’s traders.

Unfortunately, this company has still yet to introduce an IRA service. Nevertheless, there are a lot of excellent gold IRA companies out there. You might want to check out Augusta, a reputable precious metals dealer that can help out with "Gold IRAs" and has excellent customer reviews.

How Does Pinehurst Coin Exchange Work?

For customers that are looking to purchase from Pinehurst Coin Exchange, here are the steps you can do.

  • Contact one of their representatives to inquire, or
  • Visit their physical store, or
  • With their online platform, choose and pay for the precious metals you want

Now, there might be some who is willing to sell to this company. Firstly, selling to them is entirely different from purchasing. It is suggested to first visit their online platform to see the items listed there.

In most cases, these items are the ones that are eligible to be sold. On the contrary, you can still contact them if the item you want to sell something not on their list.

For payments, there are a variety of options to choose from.

  • Cards from financial institutions
  • Bank wire
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Money orders
  • Cryptocurrency

Fortunately, this company accepts a lot of payment options. For customers fearing the leakage of their personal information, they can opt to pay using cryptocurrency. Really, this company is giving all the green flags possible!

Other Features

Generally, coin brokerage company allow its customers to have an access to educational materials regarding coins and metals. Thus, it is duly expected that this company has a section related to this.

True enough, they have an ‘Educations’ lane for those of you who wants to learn more about precious metals and coin buying. This section includes coins and bullions, numismatics, and history of precious metals.

On the other hand, they also accounted for possible questions from their valued customers. Also, in their ‘Customer Service’ panel, they have FAQ, contact, shipping, and their company policies.

All in all, Pinehurst Coin Exchange really does have most of the things you would want from a coin company. In comparison, it measures up to the standards set by Augusta, one of the TOP precious metals company out there.

Pinehurst Coin Exchange & JM Bullion?

If you have purchased precious metals from Pinehurst Coin Exchange you have probably noticed that it was shipped by JM Bullion from Las Vegas.

Is JM Bullion trustworthy? We have written a JM Bullion review already for you to read.

Just like Pinehurst Coin Exchange, JM is a good company, but it has a lot of critics that cant be overlooked! Thats why many people prefer our #1 Rated company Augusta over it!

Also note that Pinehurst Coin Exchange probably just uses the same depository that JM bullion uses and the latter may not be even involved.

Customer Ratings and Reviews (Updated November 2022)

  • Better Business Bureau – accredited since 2007, A+ rating, 5 out of 5 based on 7 customer reviews.
  • Business Consumer Alliance – no rating available apparently
  • Trustpilot – 4.9 out of 5 based on 12,022 reviews...

This sizable amount of reviews on Trustpilot seems questionable... why? Well, because it appears that they've only received 3 new reviews during 2022... why would a company receive over 12,000 reviews and then only have 3 new reviews added in almost 1 year? Just doesn't seem to add up, now does it?

--> The Precious Metals Company with the best reviews! Click here!

  • Yelp – 3 out of 5 based on 9 reviews... the most recent review gave them a poor rating of 1 out of 5. Sounds like someone working there had an attitude issue according to the reviewer... have a look for yourself:

If you don't like working with disrepctful people, you might want to check out another company called Augusta who has loads of positive customer reviews.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide inventory of product
  • Free shipping
  • Privacy is important with them
  • Excellent reviews and ratings
  • Allows two-way market
  • Has many partners and affiliations
  • They offer coupon codes
  • They sell rare and certified coins like the certified Morgan dollars coins.


  • Does not offer IRA
  • Strict policies with regards to purchasing from customers


Is Pinehurst Coin Exchange A Scam? Well, the company seems a little questionable with the fishy amount of reviews left on Trustpilot, as laid out above...

Augusta Precious Metals seems like they might be a better choice...

Why? Simple - they have seven 5-star reviews left on Trustpilot just in November 2022 alone... far more than what Pinehurst got in over 11 months!

Make your choice wisely.

Click here to learn more about Augusta!

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