Is It Safe To Buy Gold Online? – Best Way To Shop? (2022)

June 1, 2022


Hello and welcome to my article entitled 'Is It Safe To Buy Gold Online?'

Almost everything can now be done online. From your finances, groceries, to even buying gifts. However, is it safe to buy gold online? In this article, we will be answering this seemingly recurring question.

Additionally, I will be listing down my suggestion on where to buy legitimate gold online. So, this good read is beneficial whether you are just collecting or using gold for investments.

Without further ado, let us get this 'Is It Safe To Buy Gold Online?' article started!

Benefits of Owning Gold

Gold, among the precious metals group, has many unique properties. As such, many are inclined, or are already investing in gold. Here are some of the things that might interest you in purchasing gold.

  1. Great way to diversify your portfolio - a diverse portfolio  would lessen the risk of you incurring losses. In terms of asset, gold is not correlated to other kinds such as stocks and bonds.
  2. Inflation and Deflation? - should any of these two national problems occur, are you secured? Truth is, gold is a good investment since it will not lose its value.
  3. Supply and Demand - as time passes by, available gold will continue to decreases. Thus, owning it in the future would be relatively hard since the demand will be high.

These are some of the things that I can share to you about the benefits of owning gold. As for purchasing, is it safe to buy gold online? The succeeding sections would explain the answer.

What Is An Online Gold Seller?


Purchasing of gold online would require two participants: (1) the dealer and (2) the buyer. Of course, the buyer would be you or someone else interested in gold. As for the dealers, there is a plethora of them in the industry.

These dealers, or sellers, will always have an inventory to present to you. Naturally, some of this is purely for collection, and some can be used as assets in an IRA. They will have different items for their gold, silver, and other metal products.

As a word of caution, let me just say that not all companies are legit. True, the precious metal industry is a trustworthy one, but there are some deviants that come every now and then.

These companies will do everything to delude someone into their scams. As such, they tend to advertise their fraudulent products to rookie or unsuspecting clients. 

If you are looking to purchase gold online, look for reputable firms and organizations. One name, that has been in the industry for too long, is Goldco. Read more about this company here!

Online Purchasing Process

The actual process of purchasing online will differ from company to another. Essentially, they would have stages from choosing, paying, and delivering.

Scams, in this step, cannot be differentiated from the real ones because of how similar they also operate. Unfortunately, should they send your item, you will be immediately confronted with the truth!

To give you a peace of mind, ask any representative of theirs if their company is employing SSL encryption. Alternatively, always look for a company that is PCI compliant

Since we are talking about online platforms, it would be as easy as clicking and adding to the cart. Almost anyone can do this with ease. Generally, purchasing gold online is a fast transaction.

Next, the website would ask for some of your payment information. Asking for the verification of your identity and your bank associations is the key element here. However, be wary if this gold dealer is asking for way too much of these things. 

What To Look For In Dealers?

Undeniably, you have the greatest part to play when it comes to choosing the company you want to purchase and invest in gold at. However, that responsibility is not yours alone.

Each and every dealer must also be transparent. Consequently, they must also have good transaction records and reviews from previous customers. This is one of the many things you should look at.

Listed below are some of the traits a good company must have. Take a look at your list right now and filter them out one-by-one if they display these proper traits.

  • Good reputation
  • Length of business in the industry
  • Availability of physical office (having none is not a detriment, however, it is a plus)
  • Purchasing process is smooth
  • Customer information security is held to the highest regard
  • Transparent about the item's descriptions
  • Competitive prices
  • Return and buyback policies are easy to follow
  • Affiliations and accreditations from reputable organizations
  • Excellent customer ratings and reviews

Final Words

Truth is, buying gold online increases the risk of someone being fished of their money. However, if the buyer conducts research, he can avoid the dismay and unhappiness once the item arrives.

To answer the question, it is safe to purchase gold online, provided that you are knowledgeable and cautious. Next, you should understand that even if a company is legit, there may be times wherein the item is not to your satisfaction.

Look for companies that protects your identity while buying. As mentioned above, look for companies that employ SSL encryption and are PCI compliant. In this way, you are provided with the greatest degree of security.

Next, do some research regarding the best dealers to buy gold. I recommend sellers such as Goldco. This firm is a great place to shop since they have competitive prices and your items are insured! 

As usual, I extend my gratitude to you for reading this article of mine. Is Buying Gold Online Safe? are among the many articles I have written. Any comments or suggestions can be written down below.

Anis is a digital marketing expert that enjoys writing blogs and helping people avoid scams online; he is passionate about investing in real estate and gold; in his free time, Anis loves playing football, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends.

By the way, if you are tired of scams and want to invest with a legit gold company, check out my 6 top legit gold IRA companies of 2024!


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