Is Vaulted Gold A Scam? (New Way To Buy Gold?) (2022)

August 28, 2022

Is Vaulted Gold A Scam?

Hello and welcome to my Is Vaulted Gold A Scam?’ article!

Nowadays, people are using technology to buy almost everything. Also, with a click on their phone, they can do tasks. This ‘Is Vaulted Gold A Scam?’ article will help you better understand a company that has a phone application.

Moreover, if you are currently investing in gold, this is a great chance to assess your methods. Additionally, will this company be able to really diversify your investing options? With these, we can fully review if Vaulted Gold is a scam or not.

Without further ado, let us start this ‘Is Vaulted Gold A Scam?’ article!

Vaulted Gold Review Quick Summary

Name: Vaulted


CEO: David McAlvany

Minimum Transaction: $10

Fees: 1.8% of every purchase

IRA Services: Not availabe

Rating: 4/5

vaulted gold logo

What is Vaulted Gold?

vaulted gold website

To start, Vaulted Gold provides a new way for investors and precious metals lover to purchase assets. Distinctively, they are operating through a mobile app. In this way, clients can purchase metals in a simple, affordable, and transparent way.

During 1972, the International Collectors Associate LLC (ICA) started promoting gold as a hedge against economic shifts. As such, they continuously involve themselves in providing guidance in regards to this economic venture.

Over time, they managed to circulate and use well over $2.5 billion worth of assets. Consequently, they also aim to educate and help their clients in any way possible. For example, they have a unique chart to direct customer’s courses and needs.

On another note, their current reach of financial new is very deep and reliable. For this, you can visit their YouTube channel and watch their educational videos. Admirably, Vaulted Group really is keen in providing essential info to their clients.

Take note, Vaulted Group is a specialist company. With this, it is best to remember that they only conduct business in relation to physical bullions. If, by chance you want to diversify your portfolio, I suggest visiting Goldco.

With all of these being said, is Vaulted Group a legit name in the precious metals industry? What about the products and services they offer. To answer these, take a look at the succeeding sections.

Why Invest in Gold?

Since then, people have been tiptoeing around the the concept of using gold. In contrast to other metals like silver and bronze, gold is used to measure and define wealth, rank, and power.

To further explain, gold also provides financial benefits. Unsurprisingly, gold was used as currency in ancient times. In modern culture, gold still fulfills a comparable function, particularly in the field of finance.

As mentioned, these metals are now used in more practical ways. For example, Gold IRA is one of the more well-liked investing activities in the industry. Unfortunately, not many dabble on this investment venture.

That is why, Vaulted Gold works tirelessly to provide the best bullion bars to its clients. If, by any chance, you want to open your own gold IRA, then look no further. Goldco, the top gold IRA company, is willing to help you.

Products and Services

As for their products, Vaulted Group focuses on gold bars. Unfortunately, they have yet to implement other services such as self-directed IRA. Furthermore, as of this writing, they don’t have any offerings for silver, platinum, and palladium.

Going back, their gold bars are of legit quality. First and foremost, their coins and bars are produced and stored by Royal Canadian Mint. By the way, this firm is an ISO-9001:2000 certified refinery.

What’s more, on the off-chance that something happens to your gold, it is insured by Lloyds of London. Commendably, Vaulted Gold also keeps record of all customer’s holdings.

If you want to keep and store your gold at home, Vaulted allows you to do so. However, you’ll need to wait 60 days if you paid for your gold with an ACH transfer. Shipping and handling fees also apply.

How Does It Work?

To illustrate, Vaulted Gold claims that investing in gold is easier than ordering a pizza. Using their app, an investor can purchase 99.99% pure gold kilo bars. Admittedly, these bullions can be used for self-directed IRA services.

Albeit not offering gold IRA directly, they focus their company towards providing customers with quality gold bars. However, there are some steps you need to follow to start purchasing.

As a start, you need to download their app in order to create an account. Next, you will link this account to a checking account. In this way, you will be able to purchase fluidly using the funds from your financial institution.

After this, you can now browse and start purchasing gold bars. Take note, a minimum transaction of $10 is required. Furthermore, there is a 1.8% transaction fee every time you make a purchase. In addition, there is a 0.4% annual maintenance fee.

For concerns and queries, you can always reach out to them. As of the moment, you can avail of their 24/7 emailing services. Aside from this, you can contact them at their telephone number, 844-288-8024.

Now, if you are looking to sell to them, the process is quite similar. Fortunately, you can sell anytime during the New York Stock Exchange hours. Quite frankly, this is a good investment venture especially to those savvy and seasoned ones.


Lastly, they have a feature called ‘VaultPlan’. In this way, you can manage your assets at a timely manner. You are given options on how often you would like to buy and sell gold. Consequently, you can monitor your performance over time.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Now, what about their customer ratings and reviews? Sadly, there are no reviews as of this writing.

As previously mentioned, Vault is offering a new to for investors to buy their gold. Moreover, they are currently utilizing a phone application. As a result, there are currently no reviews from reliable sources.

But I haven't come across even one instance of a report regarding them engaging in fraud or scams. Therefore, one may contend that their little online presence is to blame for their poor reputation.

Whatever the case, I will continue to update this site as soon as I locate an insightful evaluation. I advise doing business with a reputable precious metal company for the time being.

Among the top providers of gold IRAs is Goldco, which is well-known in the sector.

Pros and Cons


  • Good inventory of gold products 
  • Allow two-way market
  • User-friendly and intuitive mobile app
  • Low fees
  • Minimum transaction is at $10
  • Safe storages


  • Few ratings and reviews since it is still new
  • No IRA offerings
  • No silver, platinum, and palladium
  • Their online platform does not show product offerings

The Verdict!

To conclude, this 'Is Vaulted Gold A Scam?' article arrives at a resounding no for an answer. Why? It is due to them having their own way of offering their products.

Next, their online platform advocates clientele education. To be frank, many companies in this industry leaves their customers in the dark. Put side by side, Vaulted gets a commendable review on this part.

But, there are also some things that needs improvement. For one, Vaulted needs to up their presence to receive more reviews. Moreover, they need to have a more diverse inventory of products.

Nevertheless, Vaulted is offering a new way to purchase and sell gold in the market. Albeit being relatively unknown, its unique way of conducting business get a definitive plus!

On the other hand, if you want to skip to my recommended company, do check Goldco. Truthfully speaking, this is one of top-rated gold IRA firm in the industry.

As usual, I extend my thanks and commendation to you for reading this 'Is Vaulted Gold A Scam?' article. For any comments and suggestions, do leave them in the appropriate section below.

Anis is a digital marketing expert that enjoys writing blogs and helping people avoid scams online; he is passionate about investing in real estate and gold; in his free time, Anis loves playing football, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends.

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