International Precious Metals Review (Is It Good?) (2023)

January 20, 2023

International Precious Metals Review

Welcome to my International Precious Metals Review!

Investing in precious metals is one of the best ways to diversify and protect your investments. This is true especially during economic crisis like the inflation that occurred in 2022.

For you to get started, you need a trustworthy and excellent precious metals dealer that provides the best products and services. Is International Precious Metals the one?

Well, we are about to find out! Here in Your Gold IRA Guide, we aim to guide investors in finding the best companies through our unbiased reviews.

In this International Precious Metals Review, we will dissect the company and see if it is legit or not. Without further ado, let's get started.

International Precious Metals Review Quick Summary

Name: International Precious Metals


CEO: Mr. Barry Jepson

Cost and Fees: Varies depending on the investments

Rating: 3/5

International Precious Metals Review


What is International Precious Metals?

International Precious Metals is a full-service precious metals firm that was founded in 1995. It also provides IRA services, along with its partner, New Direction Trust Company. Moreover, it is partnered up with SWP Cayman Depository to provide international storage services.

Apart from providing products, International Precious Metals assist investors in the market, giving them educational resources to guide them in the industry.

The company is headquartered in Silsbee, Texas. Information on its management team is not provided in the website. However, according to my research, a Mr. Barry Jepson is the current CEO of the company, according to his LinkedIn profile.

For more than 20 years, International Precious Metals has been helping its clients gain access to rare coins and products, to diversify their investment portfolios, as well as providing them the knowledge on minimizing the risks and making the best of their investments.

Moreover, International Precious Metals is partnered with several organizations like the ones below.

International Precious Metals Review organizations

International Precious Metals Products

International Precious Metals' website has a e-commerce service which gives access to its clients to the products that it sells.

With this, clients have the option to shop conveniently online. They will see all of the products available for purchase in the website. Moreover, the live prices of each product are shown.

For those of you who did not know, this is kind of a big deal since there are other companies that do not disclose the price of their products. Clients still need to contact them to know.

The product categories listed in the website are the following:

  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Platinum Bullion
  • Palladium Coins and Bullion
  • Ancient Coins
  • World and Foreign Coins
  • Modern Coins
  • Pre-1933 Coins
  • Rare Coins
  • U.S. Mint Coins
  • Special Coins
  • IRA-eligible coins

As you can see, International Precious Metals offers a wide range of products, giving its clients a lot of options to choose from. For the beginners out there, if you are unsure of what to get, do not worry.

International Precious Metals has experts who can assist you in choosing the best products for your portfolio.

International Precious Metals Services

Apart from selling precious metals, coins and bullion, International Precious Metals also offer various services for its clients. We shall discuss it below.

International Precious Metals IRA services

Through its partnership with New Direction Trust Company, International Precious Metals offers IRA services to its clients.

An Individual Retirement Account is a tax-advantaged way of saving for your future. It is a long-term savings account that can help you diversify your investments.

Moreover, International Precious Metals offer IRA-eligible precious metals. These are products that you can use for you IRA. Below are some of the important IRA information about International Precious Metals.

Available Metals

Gold, silver, platinum, palladium

Annual Cost


Scaled or Flat Fees?

Flat fees

Partnered Custodian

New Direction Trust Company

Partnered Storage Vaults

SWP Cayman Depository, Money Metals Depository, International Depository Services Group, Delaware Depository, Loomis International, CNT Depository, Dakota Depository Company 

International Precious Metals Storage services

To provide security for your precious metals, International Precious Metals is partnered up with several storage vaults.

You can check all of the recommended vaults above. Take note that the storage fees will vary depending on the depository.

International Precious Metals Buyback Program

Lastly, International Precious Metals has a buyback program. They will gladly buy all of the precious metals that you bought from them, in case you decide to.

Let me be clear on this one, the only precious metals that you can sell to the company, are the ones that you originally brought from them.

The process is straightforward. You only need to give them a call or contact them through their website.

Then you need to ship the products and fully insure them. International Precious Metals provided instructions on how to make sure that the products are safely shipped to them. You can check the image below.

International Precious Metals Review Shipping to them

How to start buying?

To start buying precious metals from the company, you need to create an account on its website. You will be able to access its product catalog, and then add products to your cart.

There are not much information about the company's payment methods. However, upon reading the terms and conditions, it seems that they accept cash, including check, bank wire, or money order,

For online purchases, it is unclear whether they accept credit card, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. You will probably find out once you check out your cart.

Once your payment is received, IPM will send your products via UPS 2nd day air, with its full value insured. Moreover, take note that the company name for the return address will be IPM. This is to avoid any cases of theft.

How to start your IRA with IPM?

To start opening your IRA account with International Precious Metals, you just need to contact them. A representative will help you and guide you through the process.

Furthermore, you will be able to choose which trust company with the best services that will match your investment needs.

Then that company will provide you with the instructions for your application. Again, the IPM representative will help you. So you don't have anything to worry about.

After that, you will choose your precious metals for your IRA! Simple as that.

International Precious Metals Fees

Other information regarding opening an IRA account with IPM are the fees associated with it. Based on my research, on application, clients should pay for a one-time fee that will be charged by the NDTCO.

Moreover, there will be set-up fees that will vary depending on which trust company you will choose. But expect that you will pay around $100 for the first year.

Lastly, there will be subsequent annual fees that will be based on the value of the assets you have in your IRA. These fees will range between $50 to $500 for the biggest accounts.

International Precious Metals Ratings and Reviews

In this section, we will be checking out the ratings and reviews that International Precious Metals garnered from several authority websites.

This is very important because it gives you an insight on the various experiences that customers had with them. It will show you whether the company is good or not.

Below are the ratings and reviews of International Precious Metals.

  • BBB - 5 out of 5 rating, A+ rating, based on 3 reviews, BBB accredited since 2006
  • BCA - B rating based on 0 reviews
  • SiteJabber - 0 rating with 0 reviews
  • Yellowpages - 0 rating with 0 reviews
  • Facebook - 0 reviews

Although International Precious Metals received a 5 out of 5 rating and an A+ rating in BBB, it lacks a good amount of reviews. This is kind of a let down, especially for a company that has been in business for 28 years.

With this, it is quite difficult to find out the experiences of its customers with its products and services. There are several companies in the industry with a good reputation and an excellent number of ratings and reviews, such as Goldco.

International Precious Metals Pros and Cons


  • Has been in business for 28 years already
  • Offers a wide range of products and services
  • Has a 5 out of 5 rating and A+ rating, BBB accredited
  • Partnered with various organizations


  • Lacks ratings and reviews even though it has been around for a long time
  • Unclear information about fees
  • Slow shipping times

Is International Precious Metals legit?

To conclude this International Precious Metals Review, let us answer this question.

Without a doubt, International Precious Metals is legit. This is a company that has been in the industry for 28 years. Moreover, it is BBB accredited, and has an A+ and 5/5 rating.

International Precious Metals is also a member of various organizations in the coinage and precious metals industry.

If it was a scam, these things wouldn't even be possible! However, this does not mean that it is the best company for you. It lacks enough reviews to share to us what other customers experience with them.

In the end, it is still up to you. Your Gold IRA Guide is simply here to show you which companies are good or not. But if you want, you can check out our top recommended precious metals company today by clicking the button below.

Thank you so much for reading my International Precious Metals Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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