Is Bullion Exchanges Legit? (Legit Bullion Dealer?) (2022)

August 21, 2022


Hello and welcome to my ‘Is Bullion Exchanges Legit?’ article!

In our present times, owning bullions is becoming a trend. In fact, many dealers are now present in the industry. Thus, this ‘Is Bullion Exchanges Legit?’ article will investigate if this company is the right one for your needs!

Additionally, we will be taking a peek at how they work. Moreover, we will examine if the excellent ratings they have speaks truthfully on how they conduct business. Lastly, a comprehensive and fair conclusion will be made.

Without further ado, let us start this ‘Is Bullion Exchanges Legit?’ article!

Bullion Exchanges Review Quick Summary

Name: Bullion Exchanges


Founder and CEO: No information available

Account minimum: Not stated

Fees: Not stated

Promotion: Buyback policy


bullion exchanges logo

What is Bullion Exchanges?

bullion exchanges website

Bullion Exchanges, a New York-based precious metals dealers, started conducting business in 2012. With investors in gold and other metals as their niche, this company is sure to excel in the industry.

Apparently, Bullion Exchanges allow all of its clients to to view and avail of the best purchasing method available. Commendably, customers can either buy their bullions in their physical store, online platform, or their eBay seller page.

In addition, they have this philosophy to provide their customers with as much advantageous features as possible. For example, they have employ a diligent customer service and rewards programs.

Apart from their impeccable outlook on how to tend to their customer, they also employ a guarantee of authenticity. With this, Bullion Exchanges makes sure that what you pay is what you get. In other words, you are guaranteed not to experience any scams!

Also, if all these features are still not enough, they have a two-way market. Meaning, they can purchase back the metals you bought from them! Honestly speaking, only a number of precious metals dealer has this kind of buyback policy.

Now, with all these good points, is Bullion Exchanges the best bullion dealer for you? In comparison, how does it stack up against some of the big companies such as Goldco? Take a look at what I have found.

Precious Metals Offerings

bullion exchanges bullion products

In this part, I actually visited their own online platform and their eBay seller page. First off, I will start by listing my observations regarding the former.

To start, their online platform offers a lot of precious metals. One thing to note here is that most of the items they offer are IRA-eligible.

Meaning, they can be used as assets for self-directed IRAs. How neat is that!

As for their products, they have gold, silver, and platinum. Once you hover on their respective button, a drop-down menu will come into your screen. Next, from the categories presented, you can narrow down your choice.

To further elaborate, these are the major coin item to look out for:

US Mint

  • American Eagles
  • American Buffalos
  • U.S. Commemorative Coin
  • Pre-1933 Gold Coins

Australian Mint

  • Lunar Coin Series
  • Kangaroo Coin Series

Royal Canadian Mint

  • Maple Leaves
  • Call of the Wild Series

Furthermore, they also offer a wide-range of gold bullions.

  • PAMP Suisse Gold Bar
  • Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • Vacambi Gold Bar
  • Scottsdale Gold Bar
  • Among others

To continue, their eBay seller page more or less offers the same items. As a member since 2013, they have amassed a lot of positive reviews. Therefore, shopping from any of the mediums available is recommended.

Self-Directed IRAs

Admirably, Bullion Exchanges offers precious metals IRA. Furthermore, the assets you have can be stored in their partner depositories, GoldStar Trust Company and Equity Trust IRA.

However, if you want to store your metals in other depositories, Bullion Exchanges recommends these three options. IDS Delaware, IDS Canada, or Cayman Islands.

To continue, you can open your IRA in your convenient time. If you choose to do so, you will be part of their 37,500 clients. What’s more, you will be contributing to their asset volume of more than 2.5 billion dollars.

As per standard procedure, these are the steps you need to follow to open your own individual retirement account.

  • Open your Self-directed IRA – fill out the necessary forms and participate in any of their preliminary consultations.
  • Fund your Account – once you have your own account, you can funds through your approved method. For rollovers, there is no mention whatsoever of this feature on their website.
  • Approve Trade and Purchase – you can now start adding IRA-eligible assets to your account.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

  • Better Business Bureau - accredited since December 2015, A+ rating
  • TrustPilot - 4.4 out of 5 rating based on 996 reviews
  • SiteJabber - 4.5 out of 5 based on 16,262 reviews
  • eBay - 99.9% positive feedback with 40,635 individual positive reviews

Pros and Cons


  • Good inventory of items
  • Offers IRA
  • Privacy is important with them
  • They can buy back the metals you purchased
  • Numerous and excellent customer review and ratings
  • Partnered with reputable depositories and firms
  • Rewards programs
  • Authenticity guarantee


  • No fee information for IRA services
  • No relevant information regarding their management team

Final Words

To conclude, this 'Is Bullion Exchanges Legit? article comes up with a resolute answer. All in all, this company is a legitimate bullion dealer and has no repeat of scam and fraudulent activities.

Needless to say, this bullion dealer has a ton of excellent reviews from their clients. In a way, this speaks volumes on how they operate and conduct their business.

Consequently, the items are well-priced and competitive. In addition, they are of great quality and can be utilized as assets for investing on gold IRAs.

On the other hand, they lack heavily on some essential information. To cite, I was unable to find relevant information regarding their team. Also, IRA fees are only available by contacting them.

Overall, this company is a good bullion dealer that carries a heavy sense of reputation. But, there are other companies that are more transparent. As an example, the best company, Goldco!

As usual, I give out my thanks and appreciation to you for reading this 'Is Bullion Exchanges Legit?'. For comments and suggestions, do leave them in the appropriate section below.

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