Is Silver Gold Bull USA A Scam? (2023 Review)

June 23, 2023

Is Silver Gold Bull A Scam

Welcome to my "Is Silver Gold Bull USA A Scam?" review! To find out the answer to this question, please do read the whole article!

Precious Metals have been valued for centuries as a store of wealth. Today, it has become one of the more popular investments for folks who are looking to diversify their portfolios and protect their savings.

If you are considering investing in a precious metals, there are a few things you should keep in mind. One of that is doing your research before you invest. You should understand the risks involved and choose the right investment options for your individual needs.

So, are you thinking of getting precious metals from Silver Gold Bull USA? Well, before that, coming here to know more about this company is a very good move.

Are they legit? Or is Silver Gold Bull USA a Scam? You will get to know the answer to this in the end of this read!

Silver Gold Bull USA Review Quick Summary

Name: Silver Gold Bull USA


Owners: Bobby Belandis

Price: Varies depending on your investment

Rating: 4/5

Is Silver Gold Bull A Scam logo

What is Silver Gold Bull USA?

Silver Gold Bull USA is a precious metals dealer company that was founded way back in 2009.  Silver Gold Bull sells a wide variety of precious metals products and also offers a variety of services, such as storage, IRAs, and financing.

Since its start of operation, Silver Gold Bull has grown rapidly. In 2016, they were named one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada by the Financial Post. 

Their biggest achievement to date was in 2017. The company was awarded as the "Best Online Precious Metals Dealer" by the International Precious Metals Institute. This is how they show their investors how serious they are with their craft.

Silver Gold Bull has a good reputation in the industry. Customer satisfaction is excellent as they do their job efficiently by sharing what they know about precious metals to clients.

Where Is Silver Gold Bull USA Located?

Silver Gold Bull started in 2009, founded by Bobby Belandis. The company opened its first office and operated originally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

At present, the company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. In just a span of 10 years, they have opened multiple offices and have formed a network of authorized dealers located in other countries.

Silver Gold Bull USA Products

Silver Gold Bull has a wide variety of high-quality precious metals products. Claimed to have a 100% authenticity guarantee, the company has prices that are competitive in the market.

The following are better look at their catalog:

  • Gold: American Gold Buffaloes, American Gold Coins, American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf, and other gold coins.
  • Silver: American Silver Eagle, the Mexican Peso, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and other coins, bars, and rounds.
  • Platinum: Silver Gold Bull USA offers Platinum bars and coins for sale including Australian Lunar Series Coins and Austrian Philharmonics.
  • Copper: Silver Gold Bull USA offers Copper bullets for target shooting and hunting
  • Collectibles: A variety of rare and collectible coins and bullion, including ancient coins, proof coins, and high-relief coins.

The following are some of the most popular products on Silver Gold Bull USA's website: 1 oz American Silver Eagle, 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, 1 oz Gold American Eagle, 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, 1 gram Gold Bar, 10 oz Silver Bar, 100 oz Silver Bar

Silver Gold Bull USA Services

The company as well offers good services for their precious metals investors. I'd say they have the essential services that a company in this industry should have.

  • Precious Metals IRA: First, they have IRA services, meaning you can transfer your precious metal purchase in your self-directed IRA account. But this is given that you already have an account open with a custodian.
  • Education: Silver Gold Bull USA has free educational resources about precious metals investing. This includes articles, ebooks, webinars, videos, and blogs. All of these can help you make informed decisions upon investing.

Moreover, the company offers more different services that may help investors. One is they can give you an account portfolio. Its purpose is to regularly check your gold and silver's value assets and see their current state.

Another, they can give you market updates through text message, phone, or email if the spot price of the metal that you like hits a target price. If you make an account on their website, you are allowed to set the target price.

Storage Services

The first thing you should know is they do not allow home-storage. Silver Gold Bull offers a unique option of storage solutions for those who want to store their precious metals in a secure and safe vault. The following are below:

Allocated: Your precious metals are stored in a specific allocated account and that the account is solely owned by you. can track the exact quantity and location of your metals. The cost of allocated storage starts at $10 per month for the first 100 ounces and then goes up by $0.01 per ounce per month for every additional ounce.

Unallocated: Your precious metals are stored in a common pool of metals. You do not have the ability of tracking the location of your metals. The cost of unallocated storage starts at $2 per month for the first 100 ounces and then goes up by $0.002 per ounce per month for every additional ounce.

Prices, Costs, and Fees

Generally, Silver Gold Bull product prices and fees depends on the amount you are purchasing. Of course, current market price of the precious metal plus sales tax depending on your location is what you'll only pay for.

However, Silver Gold Bull seems to have a premium in some their products. It still depends on what specific product but the premium is typically around 2-5%.

The following is an example of the prices of some products as shown in their website as of June 23, 2023

  • 1 oz American Silver Eagle: Spot price: $23.98, Premium: $3.00, Total price: $26.98
  • 1 oz Gold American Eagle: Spot price: $1,959.23, Premium: $100.00, Total price: $2,059.23
  • 10 oz Silver Bar: Spot price: $219.90, Premium: $15.00, Total price: $234.90
  • 1 oz Platinum Bar: Spot price: $1,002.39, Premium: $50.00, Total price: $1,052.39

Overall, Silver Gold Bull Precious Metals are not necessarily expensive. However, the premium that they charge on their products can add to the overall cost of your investment

Silver Gold Bull Shipping

Silver Gold Bull has decent shipping services and are partnered with reputable, global reach carriers. They also have insurance and tracking in all of their shipping. Plus, for security purposes, they require a signature upon receiving the order.

  • Orders above $199 = Free
  • Orders below $99 = $9.95
  • Expedited shipping = $24.95
  • Overnight shipping = $39.95

The shipping duration depends on the type of shipping you have selected. Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days, expedited shipping takes 1-3 business days, and overnight shipping takes 1 business day.

Buyback, Returns, and Cancellations

Silver Gold Bull USA do have buybacks. You can sell your precious metals back to them at market price. As per usual, the product must be free of damage and returned with its original packaging. 

As for cancellations, the company is quite strict with it compared to others. According to their Return Policy, you can only return any product you've purchased within two (2) business days of delivery. This is a short span compared to Goldco where there is a 30 days allowance.

How To Get Started?

Silver Gold Bull uses their website as a medium for their business. I suggest you create and account with them because having one will make it easier to track your orders and manage your account information. Plus, you can avail their promos and coupons.

Clients can browse for all their products and they can also place their orders in the website. Once you are ready with your order, you can then easily choose a shipping and payment method.

The placed orders are shipped two days from the payment clearing date. All the orders shipped by the company are completely insured. 

Silver Gold Bull USA Coupons

To make customers really get enticed to make purchases and create accounts on their website, Silver Gold Bull often offers coupons. These coupons make investors save money through discounts  on their purchases.

The coupons can be found on the actual Silver Gold Bull USA website, on their social media accounts, in emails if you subscribe with them, or even in local newsletters.

  • Percentage off: These coupons give you a percentage off of your purchase. For example, a 10% off coupon would save you 10% on your order.
  • Flat rate discount: These coupons give you a flat rate discount off of your purchase. For example, a $50 off coupon would save you $50 on your order.
  • Free shipping: These coupons give you free shipping on your order.
  • Combo deals: These coupons offer a discount when you buy multiple items together. For example, a combo deal might offer a 10% discount when you buy a silver coin and a gold coin together.

To avail the coupons, you just simply enter the code during your order checkout. The coupon will be automatically entered and you will enjoy your discount pretty straightforwardly!

Payment Options

Silver Gold Bull accepts a variety of payment options to make it easy for your to transact with them. The following below are choices:

  • Credit card: Silver Gold Bull accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB.
  • Check: You can pay by check, but there is a 4-6 business day clearing period.
  • Wire transfer: Wire transfers are a fast and secure way to pay for your order.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a convenient and secure way to pay for your order.
  • BitPay: BitPay allows you to pay with cryptocurrency.

Customer Service and Support

For convenience, their company has a website that's user-friendly. If you wish to have your questions answered, their website has a live chat option. The website also provides you with necessary resources about precious metals. 

Your inquiries will be answered online. But if you prefer a conversation over the phone, you can call their phone number and be forwarded to a sales representative. 

Their customer service is considered helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. Their representatives are available 24/7 ready to answer to your queries or assist you with your transactions.

Executive Team and Management

Silver Gold Bull was founded by Bobby Belandis. He is also the current President and Managing Partner of the company. Through his hard work, along with the other executive team, Silver Gold Bull has reached its success today.

The following are the members of the executive team:

  • Bobby Belandis: Founder, President, and Managing Partner.
  • Ryan Smith: Chief Operating Officer.
  • Jeff Brown: Chief Financial Officer.
  • Scott Anderson: Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Chris Belandis: Vice President of Sales.

Silver Gold Bull USA Against Competitors

Before you invest in precious metals, it is important to do your research and understand the risks involved. There are many reputable precious metals companies, but there are also some scams out there.

The following below is how Silver Gold Bull USA fares against major competitors like Money Metals Exchange, Goldco, and US Money Reserve.

Is Silver Gold Bull USA a scam



Gold, platinum, silver, and copper


Buying, selling, storage


Free shipping on orders over $199 Shipping fee depends on orders under under $199.

Money Metals logo



Gold, Palladium, silver, platinum, and rhodium


Buying, selling, storage, loans


Free shipping for orders over $500. $7.97 shipping for orders under $500.

Goldco Logo



Gold, platinum, silver, rare coins, and palladium


Buying, selling, storage


Free shipping for orders over $25k. Shipping fee depends on orders under $25k.

US Money Reserve Logo



Gold, platinum, silver,  palladium


Buying, selling, storage


Free shipping on orders over $25k Shipping is $15 for orders under $499.

Silver Gold Bull USA Ratings

If you are a constant reader of our website, you will know that we really are keen on showing how these precious metals companies are rated by trusted experts in the industry.

We're going to see how Silver Gold Bull USA is rated and reviewed from two reputable websites. You can see the following below (UPDATED JUNE 2023).

Silver Gold Bull USA BBB Rating

Is Silver Gold Bull USA A scam

The company has an A+ grade in their BBB profile and has been accredited since 2012. They have received a 4.03/5 star rating out of 31 reviews. In the last 12 months, Silver Gold Bull has had 2 complaints from customers.

Frankly, the company has very few reviews in BBB compared to the other leading competitors in the market. 

Silver Gold Bull USA Trustpilot Rating

Is silvergold bull usa a scam

The company has an excellent grade in Trustpilot and is a verified company under the website. As of this time of writing, they have a 4.8/5 star rating out of 3644 reviews. 

The reviews are generally positive, explaining the high rating. Customers have praised the Silver Gold Bull with its excellent services, but some also have complaints regarding the products.

Silver Gold Bull USA Reddit

Potential customers wondering whether Silver Gold Bull USA is worth their money or not, have often come to Reddit and discussed their personal experiences with the company. Here are the following:

Reddit Comment
Reddit Comment
Reddit Comment

Overall, the reviews of Silver Gold Bull USA on Reddit are positive. It seems that most customers are satisfied with the company's business, prices, and customer support.

Silver Gold Bull USA Complaints

Although as you have read that Silver Gold Bull USA has an overall good reputation in the precious metals industry, complaints and dissatisfaction from customers are truly inevitable. As you can see below, here are some recent complaints from customers.

Complaint 1
Complaint 2
Complaint 3

The customers have complained about receiving damaged products, delayed or wrong shipping, and problems with resolving a concern regarding a product.  

These are just some of the complaints the company has received. Before you completely make a purchase from them, be sure to read other reviews because it will give you a good idea of what to expect from them.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of products
  • Free shipping for orders above $199
  • Secure storage
  • Excellent customer services
  • Live chat feature in website
  • Good BBB profile


  • Not an IRA specialist
  • Lack ratings and reviews
  • No physical stores
  • Strict cancellation policies on orders once placed

Is Silver Gold Bull USA a Scam?

To conclude, Silver Gold Bull USA is a legitimate precious metals company. It has a good reputation and products and services. Moreover, their customer support is very responsive and helpful.

They have been in business for over 15 years. They have received prestigious awards and have over 1 million customers. They are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

However, compared to other companies out there, Silver Gold Bull USA lack ratings and reviews. In addition, they don’t specialize in gold IRAs, in case that is the type of account you want to take advantage of tax benefits.

Final Verdict - Are They Worth It?

Buying precious metals online is not something to be taken lightly. After all, we are talking about investments, right? That is why it is of huge importance to do your thorough research first on different companies that you hope to deal with in the future.

As for Silver Gold Bull USA, they are a legitimate and proven company. They have built an excellent reputation that got them multiple awards and loyal customers. But, there are still some risks associated with investing in them.

So, whether or not Silver Gold Bull USA is worth investing for, depends on your individual goals. If you are not highly sold on this company, we have reviewed over 200+ companies and you can easily read them in our website.

We highly suggest the company Goldco as the best precious metals dealer company as they've got excellent products and services. Feel free to check them out and compare Silver Gold Bull against them.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Silver Gold Bull USA A Scam?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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