Goldco vs. Augusta Precious Metals Comparison Review (2022)

June 24, 2022

goldco vs augusta precious metals comparison review

2022 is the best time to invest in the precious metals industry! Hence, this 'Goldco vs. Augusta Precious Metals Comparison Review' article is the best read to look at two of the most famous IRA firms.

Additionally, we will be looking at their capabilities and other services on their arsenal. Also, their reviews and ratings will give us a hint on which company is the better one for you!

Furthermore, if you are a savvy investor, take your time internalizing the information in this comparison review. Accordingly, we will be talking more about their products, such as gold and silver.

Naturally, a well-constructed conclusion will be available at the last section. Whether you are an investor or someone who is looking to further their knowledge, then this article is for you!

Without further ado, let us start this 'Goldco vs. Augusta Precious Metals Comparison Review'!

Quick Summary of the Companies

Name: Augusta Precious Metals


Founder and CEO: Isaac Nuriani

Account minimum: $50,000

Prices: Varies

Rating: 4.9/5

augusta precious metals

Name: Goldco


Founder and CEO: Trevor Gerszt

Account minimum: $25,000

Fees: $175 - $225 per year

Promotion: 5% back on metals over $50,000 (10% if over $100,00)

Rating: 4.8/5


What is Augusta Precious Metals?

augusta website

This Wyoming-based company is a top-rated gold IRA firm. Founded in 2012 by Isaac Nuriani, it has continually been serving its clients with impeccable quality.

Aside from its inventory which encompasses a lot of precious metals, it boasts a reputation above everybody else. Specifically, it has affiliations and accreditations with other reputable organizations.

Mainly, their investors and clients love their commitment towards giving financial education. Mostly, Augusta Precious Metals have numerous videos and articles regarding self-directed IRAs and investing in gold and silver.

what to expect from augusta

As seen above, you will be under competent and highly-qualified employees and professionals. What better way to invest in a company that knows how to handle their customer, as well as handle the customer's business with them.

Mentioned already is their willingness to divulge and share educational news regarding financial literacy. Next, these two will give way to smoother business transactions.

To illustrate, those that are willing and looking to invest in IRAs will be met with simple and straightforward instructions. The processing is as smooth and as fast as it gets. No unnecessary chitchats and gimmicks!

Lastly, their assistance and confirmation steps are exceptional. Apart from their team of experts, you can monitor the movement of your assets with a simple click from your gadget! Moreover, your orders will not give you any glint of stress.

Centrally, opening an account and contacting them can be done with ease. As such, you will not be plucking out your hair while waiting for your account or for someone to call you.

Augusta Precious Metals believe that it is essential and vital to diversify your portfolio. Thus, they constantly make assure you that your IRA assets are safe with them and you will garner benefits.

Due to them inclining their transactions with gold and silver IRAs, you will be mostly working with precious metals. Historically, gold is a natural hedge against inflation.

What is Goldco?

goldco website

Goldco, aka Goldco Precious Metals, is a leader in the precious metals industry. Started in 2006 by Grevor Gerszt, this California-based firm has over a decade of experience regarding investments.

Specializing in IRAs such as 403(b) and 401(k), as well as doing rollovers, this company has it all! Meanwhile, their inventory of precious metals is no joke either!

In their online platform, a shrewd investor would be happy to know that Goldco has a dedicated section about IRA. Virtually, they contain almost every essential thing about investing in precious metals.

Firstly, they will help you understand the 'ins-and-outs' to gold IRA, essentially a guide to beginners. From there, you will work your way towards understanding the vast world of investing.

As for their products, they only offer gold and silver. Similarly, Augusta Precious Metals has yet to offer platinum and palladium to their customers. Here's to hoping that some time in the future, there will be offerings of said metals.

Regardless, their inventory of product is also tantalizing and admirable. Fortunately, they also have IRS-approved assets. These can be used for your IRAs.

On the other hand, their customer ratings and reviews are also extraordinary. Meanwhile, they also have been on features on several media outlets and websites such as Fox News and Red Voice Media.

Offered Products and Services

In this part, we will be talking about their products and services. Naturally, we will comparing whether or not they have a certain offerings not present on the other company.

Consequently, we will also be comparing them on their quality and prices. Listed below are some of the products and services you will be expecting to be offered onto you.

1. Precious Metals Offering

As already mentioned, Augusta Precious Metals has a very diverse list of products and items. Starting with gold and silver items, these ones will surely get the attention of any willing client.

Unfortunately, they still have to add platinum and palladium in their online platform. Historically, many people also want to have these metals in their portfolio.

On the other side of the coin, Goldco also has a massive inventory of products. Similarly, they only offer gold and silver. Regardless, the choices you have in these two companies will leave you scrolling and buying for more!

To start, Augusta Precious Metals has these products for you!

  • Gold Bars
  • Silver Bars
  • Gold Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Coins for Gold and Silver IRA

To lay it all down, Augusta Precious Metals gives their customer the most outstanding service in terms of the sheer quality and quantity of items.

For the common gold and silver bullions, you have the following items in varying characteristics (e.g. weight, fineness, etc.).

  • American Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • Gold Philharmonic
  • Standard Gold Bars, among others

Up next, you can expect a lot, and I mean a lot, from the coins section. Individually, you can take a look at more than 20 coins in website. 

Lastly, for the IRA-eligible coins, Augusta Precious Metals will help you in picking the best suited for you. Keep in mind, these coins cannot be stored at home! Read more about this and other type of scams by clicking here!

Now, we will be tackling the same thing for Goldco. Once you visit their website to buy for gold and silver, you will be directed to a page with a plethora of options.

What I like about their product page is the simplicity and straightforwardness of it. To illustrate, they have the product description and characteristics of the said item.

From American Eagle to Maple Leaf, you can take a look at virtually everything there is to be offered. If you are an IRA investor, do not fret because Goldco shows whether an item is IRA-eligible or not.

To make a quick summary, Augusta Precious Metals has a bigger inventory. Although, Goldco offers customers smoother transactions with how they manage their product page.

2. Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts are stirring a buzz in the financial industry today. As more investors take up assets and putting them on IRAs, here are the most important points about them.

In Augusta Precious Metals, the thing you need to remember is it is not an IRA custodian? This means that they will not help you or your account. Rather they have these partner custodians to aid you.

  • Equity Trust
  • Gold Star Trust 
  • Kingdom Trust

In Goldco's case, they share the same disposition as Augusta's. To become eligible for a gold and silver IRA, you must have considerable income and must be under 70 and a half in age.

Also, they are not an IRA custodian. Hence, they trust their partner custodian, Equity Trust, to help you. The storage for these items is also under a trusted depository of theirs.

Prices and Fees

For precious metals, the prices are not disclosed in Augusta Precious Metal's case. With that, you need to contact one of their representative to inquire about this.

However, we do know that a start-up fee of $50 is needed to open an account. After that, a $100 storage fee and $80 custodian fee must also be paid. The minimum investment is $50,000, which can be too much for some eyes.

On the other side, Goldco's prices and fees can be seen on the picture below.

goldco fee

In Goldco, precious metals IRA starts at $260 annually. For non-segregated storage, you will be presented with the same cost for the first year and $180 for each succeeding year.

However, if you insist on having segregated storage, you will pay a fee of $310 for the first year and $230 for the next years. For business transactions not involving IRA, no fees are needed.

Augusta Precious Metals Against Others

augusta traits

Goldco's Unique Features


As mentioned already, Goldco has lower operating and starting fees when compared to other companies. Also they make sure to give their clients the opportunity to choose what course of action they like

Admirably, they display a great degree of transparency, whether it be on their products or services. In addition, non-IRA related transactions have no fees!


Following IRS regulations, Goldco has its trusted depository partners. Clients have the choice whether or not to entrust their assets it segregated or non-segregated storage types.

For segregated, you will be under the protection of IDS Texas. Segregated option will distinguish your assets from other client's through physical separation.

Meanwhile, you have Brink Salt Late City and Delaware Depository (preferred one) for non-segregated type. In this storage option, your assets will be grouped together with other client's assets.

Of course, you have the final say in this one. You can choose your own depository if you'd like!


If you have an existing IRA, you can rollover it in Goldco. After opening your own precious metals IRA in Goldco, they will aid you in funding your account through your old one.

Bullion and coin options will then be available and presented to you afterwards. This whole process takes about 10 business days.


Goldco is not only capable of selling to their customers. In another way, they also accept buying from them, provided that those assets came from their company.

Consequently, this will give clients a chance to have a fair and competitive pricing for their items. Moreover, this will help you avoid getting scammed or being offered low pricing for your assets.


Lastly, Goldco offers a lot of educational resources to help their investors have a good grasp of nearly everything. 

From these, clients have online materials, blogs and written articles, live-tracker of metal prices, and videos.

Customer Ratings and Reviews



Pros and Cons



  • Multitude of good reviews and ratings
  • Accredited and partnered by numerous organizations
  • Inventory of products and services is massive
  • Abundant in terms of educational resources
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Unique one-on-one educational web conference
  • Offers free shipping, handling fees, and transit insurance
  • Excellent IRA services
  • Named “#1 Most Trusted In The US” at & “Best Of” by TrustLink


  • No cash orders
  • Minimum investment is quite high



  • Multitude of good reviews and ratings
  • Accredited and partnered by numerous organizations
  • Inventory of products and services is massive
  • Abundant in terms of educational resources
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Special offers for new customers
  • Free storage for non-IRA


  • No online setup application
  • IRA minimum deposit is quite high

The Verdict!

To conclude this 'Goldco vs. Augusta Precious Metals Comparison Review', we will summarize all of the points I have listed in the previous sections.

First off, both of them have gold and silver products. Similarly, they still have yet to offer platinum and palladium to their customers. It must be said that Augusta Precious Metals has wider range of products than Goldco.

Next, both are not IRA custodians, which means that they cannot help you in your IRA. Hence, they have trusted companies and organizations to aids you in this one.

In terms of prices and fees, Augusta Precious Metals has higher account minimum deposit than Goldco.

Customer ratings and reviews favors the two companies. They have good standing in terms of customer relationship and business-related transactions, which is a good sign!

Fortunately, as a customer of them, you will also be provided with a lot of educational resources. A company that does well in providing needed knowledge is a good company.

Overall, both company are excellent bullion dealers and IRA company. If you want more products and services, I suggest Augusta Precious Metals. If you want items at competitive and relatively lower prices, go for Goldco.

With that, I extend my gratitude to you, our readers. This article is a lengthy one for sure but I thank you for taking the time to read this good article. Comments and suggestions can be written below.

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