Hero Bullion Review (Legit or Not?) (Updated 2023)

January 26, 2023

HeroBullion Review

Welcome to my Hero Bullion Review! (UPDATED 10/8/2022)

This review should answer your doubts... Is Hero Bullion a scam? Well...

Are they really the best bullion dealer out there? Can their products be trusted in terms of it authenticity? How about their prices? Are they competitive yet reasonable? These are type of questions I will be answering to satisfy your curiosity.

So sit back and enjoy this good read! Without further ado, let us get this 'Hero Bullion Review' started.

Hero Bullion Review Quick Summary

Name: Hero Bullion

Founder: Jake Haugen

Prices: Varies

Promotion: Free shipping for orders above $149

Rating: 2/5 (Not recommended)


What is Hero Bullion?


Hero Bullion believes that owning gold and silver, among other precious metals, should not be a complicated process. Choose, pay, and have it delivered; it should be as easy as that!

Together with a couple of bullion veterans, Jake Haugen founded this small-tier firm. Being founded in 2019, a lot of wary and undeciding eyes are upon this company.

In comparison, Hero Bullion is one of the youngest among the bullion dealers in the industry. To compensate for this, they sell their precious metals at relatively lower prices than competitors.

Consequently, if you want to skip to a reputable company that has been in the industry for a long time, I recommend Goldco

Inventory of Precious Metals

To put it simply, Hero Bullion has a rather extensive inventory categories. Among their precious metals, they have gold, silver, platinum, and even copper. For these categories, they have coins, grains, rounds, and bars.

If you are looking to invest in gold, or any precious metals for that matter, Hero Bullion can help you! It has products coming from different mints worldwide. Their list of sample mints are listed below:

  • The Perth Mint
  • Germania Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • United States Mint
  • Asahi Refining

Admittedly, heir list of mints is not as big as some of the other bullion dealers or gold IRA companies, but it does its job. The list above is small, but is indeed comprised of world-renowned mints.

Also, the availability of products needed for coin care and storage is a definite plus! Items such as boxes, bins, glass displays, among others are available on their website.

But, I suggest looking for a company with a bigger inventory and various mints. With this, I suggest looking at Goldco with their excellent team and competitive prices, this company has everything for you!

Account Creation and Purchasing Process

First and foremost, you need to create an account in order to purchase from Hero Bullion. During this process, you will give out personal information as well as bank associations.

Next, you can browse through their inventory. If something catches your fancy, you can add them to your cart. Purchasing more will give you more price breaks and discounts!

Lastly, you proceed to paying for the items you added. An online receipt will be then be generated about your purchase. The package will be delivered in a couple of business days.

As for your package, you need not to worry about it being fake. Scams and other fraudulent activities are strongly disliked by this company. Rest assured, your items are real and can be sold or traded if you like!

A picture below shows the payment methods you may use.


Pros and Cons


  • Straightforward buying process
  • Security of personal account as well as items
  • Precious metals and accessories are available
  • Availability of price breaks and discounts


  • Incomplete information about their team
  • Limitedness of stock and product
  • Relatively new in the precious metals industry
  • Does not ship worldwide
  • Few ratings and reviews
  • No physical store and only operates online

Customer Ratings and Reviews (Updated October 2022)

This is the part wherein Hero Bullion must improve, one way or another. I was surprised as I was looking for ratings and reviews about this organization. This is due to the fact that it does not have any at all!

SEPTEMBER 2022 UPDATE: It appears that Hero Bullion now has a 4 out of 5 rating on their Facebook page based on 9 reviews:

Hero Bullion Facebook Rating Updated September 2022

And a few ratings have popped up on Trustpilot since the last update here:

Hero Bullion Trustpilot Rating Updated September 2022

That said, its only 2 reviews and they only give them an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. Pretty lackluster, no?

Its hard to say whether or not to recommend this bullion dealer. Although their products and items are genuine, the lack of reviews and ratings leave much to be desired.

Goldco is a trusted precious metals dealer with thousand of excellent reviews, is my top precious metals dealer. 

Final Verdict

To conclude this 'Hero Bullion Review', the company is a legit one. It is a bullion dealer that is in the industry for a couple of years now. Furthermore, their products are appealing and genuine.

However, being legitimate is not enough to be recommended. Their disadvantages outweighs heavily their good points! To put emphasis, their customer ratings and reviews are non-existent!

Add to the fact they only operate online, buyers that are still willing to purchase from them should be careful. Although, if the item you brought from them is satisfactory, a good review wouldn't hurt.

For better recommendations, I suggest looking at other bullion dealers. Look for a company that has been accredited and reviewed many times already, for example, Goldco.

With that, I give you my thanks for reading this review of mine. 'Hero Bullion Review' are among the many articles I have written. As usual, any comments and suggestions are welcomed! Do leave them below at the appropriate section.

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